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"The cornfields promise a good yield this season."

Deck Overview

Hello! Welcome to my Saproling deck. This is a deck that is very special to me. My first ever experience with Magic was Time Spiral's Fun with Fungus deck - and though I spent the next five years without touching a magic card, it resonated with me. When I got back into the game, my second deck was a Fungus-based Saproling deck. It was slow and awkward, but I had so much fun counting spore counters and watching my board grow.

Fast forward a few years since that, and I now have this deck. It's quite different from its early incarnations - an easy to see difference is the complete lack of Thallids. Saprolings are now created mostly with spells - a safer and faster alternative.

This deck has four different types of cards it needs for a win. Land Untappers, Land Enchantments, Saproling Generators, and Finishers, respectively. The first two combine to generate massive amounts of mana, which are then used on the Saproling Generators to create a ridiculous numbers of creatures, which are then buffed by a Finisher to end the game. While the odds of having all four combo pieces may not seem so great, there are multiple different cards of each type, and Harmonize helps make sure I'll draw what I need.

Is this meant to be competitive?

Well. I want this deck to be as good as it can be, and would like to take it to tournaments every once in a while. However, keep in mind while making suggestions that this must remain a Saproling deck. Completely changing it so as to make it more like preexisting top-tier decks is not something I'm at all interested in. If I was, I'd just be playing those decks instead. Winning is fun, but it's a lot more fun to win with unique and creative decks. If I win with a deck everyone else is playing, I feel like it's not really my victory anymore.

Card Overview


  • Arbor Elf: The mana dork that makes this deck shine. By untapping enchanted forests, he generates all the mana I could wish for and more.

  • Voyaging Satyr: Due to the higher mana cost she is not as efficient as Arbor Elf, but once she's in play, she'll do the exact same job as he does and just as well.

  • Champion of Lambholt: She may not seem like a huge threat on her own, but as soon as the tokens start coming in , she'll grow out of control and make every creature on my side of the board unblockable.

  • Thelonite Hermit : Giving this guy a chance after a couple years of not having him in the deck. Ideally, I want to have eight mana available so I can play him face down and activate Morph on the same turn. Being a Saproling lord is great, but getting four Saprolings at once is even better. And by having those four + Thelonite Hermit himself in play, I can pay the full cost of either of my Convoke cards.


  • Utopia Sprawl: The greatest card in the deck. With the help of Arbor Elf, this allows for 4 mana on turn two, which is enough to, say, play a Garruk Wildspeaker, untap lands, and still do something else! And don't get me started on all the amazing turn three plays that can come after this.

  • Fertile Ground: Utopia Sprawl's slower sibling. Still a pretty good card!
  • Fists of Ironwood : Two mana for two tokens is already a great deal, but what makes this Saproling generator better than cards such as Dragon Fodder is that it doesn't stop there - it also gives one of my creatures trample. While that's not always necessary or relevant, it definitely does not hurt either.

  • Beastmaster Ascension: This card is a beast, pun intended. Attacking with seven creatures is usually no problem - and to avoid removal, it's a good idea to only play this after I already have seven or more saprolings in play - and once I do, all those 1/1s become 6/6s, ready to annihilate the opponent.

  • Parallel Lives: A very straightforward card, this doubles my Saproling production.

Instant & Sorceries

  • Sprout Swarm: The deck's number one token generator. While a Buyback of might seem like a lot, five mana per Saproling is actually quite reasonable when you factor in Convoke, which allows creatures to tap for mana while paying this spell. Unless my opponent can counter or make me discard this card, they better be prepared to lose the game.
  • Echoing Courage : Bringing all Saprolings up to 3/3 is often what you need to finish the game. Besides that, it can also be used to save them from an opponent's Pyroclasm.

  • Harmonize: One of my favorite cards, it allows me to replenish my hand after using all that mana ramp to cast everything in it.
  • Second Harvest: Doubling all of my tokens at instant speed? Yes thank you!

  • Scatter the Seeds : Five mana for three creatures is not that great of a great deal. But thanks to the power of Convoke, this spell doesn't actually require you to pay five mana! Being an instant also means you can wait until the end of your opponent's turn, or cast this right after announcing blockers, allowing my existing Saprolings to help me out one last time before they die stopping whatever threat is currently swinging at us.


  • Garruk Wildspeaker: Combined with the land enchantments, this Garruk is one of the best mana ramp options available. His Ultimate is Overrun, which in this deck is always a win. Pretty nice card!

The Sideboard

Important note: yes, the sideboard is a bit of a mess! I'm planning on fixing that next time I have money to spend on cards.

To-do list

  • Figure out the ideal amount of lands. Priority: High.
  • Fix the sideboard! Priority: Medium.

Final Thoughts

This deck is by no means perfect. It's extremely weak to enchantment and land removal, and any blue deck packed with counterspells can completely ruin its strategy. Outside of this, however, it does kick plenty of ass, and I believe it's as good as a Saproling deck can be - and that is all I can ask of it. It's a deck that, for me, has a lot of nostalgia attached to it, and being able to score victories with a gimmick token deck that nobody else uses gives me as much satisfaction as I can possibly get from a game of magic.
Thank you for taking the time to read this massive description. If you enjoyed this deck, please take the time to Upvote and share it with your friends. Feel free to leave a comment, and most importantly, have a great day!


Next week I'm finally going to get 4x Utopia Sprawl, 2x Garruk Wildspeaker, and a couple other cheaper cards to tweak the deck. I've been playtesting this build on cockatrice with a friend and I'm very happy with the results.

I think this is the last big change I'll be making in the deck for a while. Can't really see much that'd improve it at this point - but I'll still be keeping an eye out for tweaks that can be made, especially when it comes to figuring out the best number of certain cards already in the deck - and suggestions are, as always, still welcome!

But I'm pretty happy with this build and once all those cards finally arrive, I'll be very excited to take this to to the LGS again and see how it does!!

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ellie-is says... #1

Been playtesting and trying to figure out what to cut, if anything. The more I play, the more I find that I'm really happy with every card in the deck and that each one of them has a job to do and has been doing it well. I think from now on, unless any strict upgrades are printed, this deck won't really be changing much - other than the sideboard, which really needs work, but that's not as much of a priority right now.

The card I came the closest to wanting to remove is Beastmaster Ascension, which felt a bit redundant at times as even though it often wins games, its +5/+5 bonus isn't significantly better at winning the game then Echoing Courage's +2/+2 is. But ultimately, I still like Beastmaster Ascension and don't have that much trouble triggering it, so it stays for now.

Another card that I was slightly unsure about is Parallel Lives, as it often slows down the game due to its high mana cost and creating no tokens while entering the battlefield. But it's a ten dollar card that I've owned for years and taking it out would just feel like a massive waste of money, so I don't want to do that. xP

Finally, the lands. While I do feel that 18 lands is probably too few, I haven't really had any trouble with it while playtesting, and there's just so much ramp in the deck that as long as I get the first two drops in, it has no trouble with mana. So far, I've been getting those first two drops in consistently, so I'm going to keep it at 18 for now.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, or any suggestions in general, those are welcome as always!

August 1, 2017 12:17 p.m.

Second Harvest could be a help

September 3, 2017 12:23 p.m.
September 3, 2017 12:29 p.m.

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