"Don't mistake my creations for mere vegetation. They are my children, loyal and fierce."

Deck Overview

Hello! Welcome to my Saproling deck. This deck is very special to me. My first ever experience with Magic was Time Spiral's Fun with Fungus deck, and though I spent the next five years without touching another magic card, I still had fond memories of it. As soon as I got back into the game I tried building a Fungus-based Saproling deck of my own. It was slow and awkward, but even then I had a lot of fun counting spore counters and watching my board grow.

A few years later, and this is where it's at. It's gained a second color, and no longer uses spore counters and Thallids, relying instead on spells to create Saprolings — a safer and faster alternative. But most importantly, it's a long stronger than it used to be.

Is it meant to be competitive?

Kind of. Just keep in mind while making suggestions that it has to remain a Saproling deck at its core. Completely changing it so as to make it more like existing top-tier decks is not something I'm interested in. We all like winning, but I'd rather win with a deck I came up with on my own, instead of playing the exact same thing everyone else is already playing.

Card Overview

Mana Sources


  • 14x Forest: Having plenty of basic Forests ensures Canopy Vista has the best possible chance of coming into play untapped. Plains are not run because all the nonland cards that generate white mana require to cast.
  • 4x Canopy Vista: Not only are they a source of white mana, these are Forests, allowing them to be untapped by Arbor Elf and enchanted by Utopia Sprawl.
  • 2x Scattered Groves: Additional Forest/Plains, they can be cycled mid/late game when playing lands is no longer necessary.


  • Arbor Elf: On its own, a Llanowar Elves. Combined with Utopia Sprawl, however, it becomes the strongest mana dork in the game, allowing for 4-drops to be played on turn two, among other things.
  • Utopia Sprawl: Extremely powerful when combined with Arbor Elf, it's still strong by itself, upping mana production by one and being a source of white mana.
  • Song of Freyalise: Turns Saprolings into Birds of Paradise for two turns, then gives them the power to finish the game.
  • Garruk Wildspeaker: Similar to Song of Freyalise, Garruk ramps in the early game, then ends it later with a powerful finisher. Untapping lands goes great with Utopia Sprawl, and triggering its +1 even once is enough to pay for its Ultimate on a later turn. This combination of Arbor Elf and Overrun makes Garruk into an excellent card, and if it keeps performing well, I might have to look into adding a second copy to the deck.

Saproling Generation

  • Tukatongue Thallid: A chump-blocking Fungus that creates a Saproling as it dies.
  • Saproling Migration: At worst, Dragon Fodder. At best, four bodies out of a single card. Either way, excellent.
  • Spore Swarm: Despite its high mana cost, three bodies out of one card is an excellent deal, especially when cast on turn two.
  • Scatter the Seeds: Though weaker than Spore Swarm on an empty board, Convoke makes this card shine once there are already a couple creatures in play.
  • Supply/Demand: An awkward draw early game, this card shows it's true power later on, when there's enough mana available to can generate truly ridiculous amounts of Saprolings.


Other Spells

  • Glare of Subdual: This can allow for complete control of the board, especially against decks that go tall rather than wide. But since multiples are redundant and it's not necessary for winning the game, I'm playing it safe by running only one copy.


Working on it!

To-do List

  • Rebuild the Sideboard.

Final Thoughts

Though this deck is by no means perfect, I believe it's as good as a Saproling deck can be, which is all I can ask of it. Saprolings are my favorite creature type and it feels amazing to lead them into victory, especially against more expensive and popular decks that are traditionally seen as more powerful.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you enjoyed it, please Upvote and share the deck with your friends. Feel free to leave a comment, and most importantly, have a great day!


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