"The cornfields promise a good yield this season."

Deck Overview

Hello! Welcome to my Saproling deck. This is a deck that is very special to me. My first ever experience with Magic was Time Spiral's Fun with Fungus deck - and though I spent the next five years without touching a magic card, it stuck with me. When I got back into the game, my second deck was a Fungus-based Saproling deck. It was slow and awkward, but I had so much fun counting spore counters and watching my board grow.

Fast forward a few years since that, and I now have this deck. It's quite different from its early incarnations - an easy to see difference is the complete lack of Thallids. Saprolings are now created mostly with spells - a safer and faster alternative.

This deck uses early-game mana ramp to cast high-cost enchantments that will either give my Saprolings more power, or allow their numbers to spiral out of control. The additional mana can then be used either on "X" mana costs or to repeatedly cast Buyback spells.

Is this meant to be competitive?

Well. I want this deck to be as good as it can be, and would like to take it to tournaments every once in a while. However, keep in mind while making suggestions that this must remain a Saproling deck. Completely changing it so as to make it more like preexisting top-tier decks is not something I'm at all interested in. If I was, I'd just be playing those decks instead. Winning is fun, but it's a lot more fun to win with unique and creative decks. If I win with a deck everyone else is playing, I feel like it's not really my victory anymore.

Card Overview


  • Arbor Elf: The mana dork that makes this deck shine. By untapping enchanted forests, he generates all the mana I could wish for and more.

  • Voyaging Satyr: Due to the higher mana cost she is not as efficient as Arbor Elf, but once she's in play, she'll do the exact same job as he does and just as well.

  • Champion of Lambholt: She may not seem like a huge threat on her own, but as soon as the tokens start coming in , she'll grow out of control and make every creature on my side of the board unblockable.

  • Verdeloth the Ancient: This deck can produce a lot of mana. And what better way to spend that mana than a creature with a kicker of ? The ability to generate as many Saprolings as I have mana is his main attraction, but a 4/7 body that happens to be a Saproling Lord is nothing to scoff at, either.


  • Fertile Ground: A budget version of Utopia Sprawl . With the help of Arbor Elf and Voyaging Satyr, it allows me to generate 6-8 mana on turn 3, depending on how turn 2 went.
  • Fists of Ironwood : Two mana for two tokens is already a great deal, but what makes this Saproling generator better than cards such as Dragon Fodder is that it doesn't stop there - it also gives one of my creatures trample. While that's not always necessary or relevant, it definitely does not hurt either.
  • Quest for Renewal: Gives my creatures pseudo-vigilance, but even better than actual vigilance, as it allows elves and satyrs to untap and give me even more mana.

  • Overgrowth: A heavier, slower Fertile Ground. Once Utopia Sprawl is added to the deck, this will probably be removed, but until then, it does a good job of getting me the mana I need.
  • Beastmaster Ascension: This card is a beast, pun intended. Attacking with seven creatures is usually no problem - and to avoid removal, it's a good idea to only play this after I already have seven or more saprolings in play - and once I do, all those 1/1s become 6/6s, ready to annihilate the opponent.

  • Parallel Lives: A very straightforward card, this doubles my Saproling production.

  • Sandwurm Convergence: I'm not going to lie, is a lot of mana, and I would not consider playing this card on most decks. But as I've already shown, this deck can have that much mana available by turn 3, and will most likely have it by turn 4. I have a hard time deciding what I like better, between the complete immunity from fliers and getting a 5/5 Wurm every turn. With Parallel Livess in play, you can make that two Wurms, and they're also great with Populate effects.


  • Sprout Swarm: The deck's number one token generator. While a Buyback of might seem like a lot, five mana per Saproling is actually quite reasonable when you factor in Convoke, which allows creatures to tap for mana while paying this spell. Unless my opponent can counter or make me discard this card, they better be prepared to lose the game.
  • Echoing Courage : Bringing all Saprolings up to 3/3 is often what you need to finish the game. Besides that, it can also be used to save them from an opponent's Pyroclasm.

  • Second Harvest: Doubling all of my tokens at instant speed? Yes thank you!

  • Scatter the Seeds : Five mana for three creatures is not that great of a great deal. But thanks to the power of Convoke, this spell doesn't actually require you to pay five mana! Being an insant also means you can wait until the end of your opponent's turn, or cast this right after announcing blockers, allowing my existing Saprolings to help me out one last time before they die stopping whatever threat is currently swinging at us.

The Sideboard

  • Blunt the Assault is for, I don't know. Token mirror matches or any other decks that plan on having a lot of creatures in play.
  • Druid's Deliverance and Sundering Growth are chosen over their one-mana counterparts Fog and Natural State due how powerful Populate is, especially when a Wurm is in play.
  • Fresh Meat can be used against decks that carry board wipes to turn them into a rather advantageous situation.
  • Ghost Quarter for decks that rely on strong nonbasics.

Important note: yes, the sideboard is a bit of a mess! I'm planning on fixing that next time I have money to spend on cards.

To-do list

Final Thoughts

This deck is by no means perfect. It's extremely weak to enchantment and land removal, and any blue deck packed with counterspells can completely ruin its strategy. Outside of this, however, it does kick plenty of ass, and I believe it's as good as a Saproling deck can be - and that is all I can ask of it. It's a deck that, for me, has a lot of nostalgia attached to it, and being able to score victories with a gimmick token deck that nobody else uses gives me as much satisfaction as I can possibly get from a game of magic.
Thank you for taking the time to read this massive description. If you enjoyed this deck, please take the time to Upvote and share it with your friends. Feel free to leave a comment, and most importantly, have a great day!


The first big change is the description. It is now very large and describes in detail the role of each card - I think some people might appreciate that, especially those wanting to build their own saproling decks.

Sixteen cards in total were swapped out - a little over one fourth of the deck. The deck now has a lot more enchantments, with the obvious downside of being much weaker to enchantment removal. But it can now produce mana very fast (easily 5-10 on turn 3 - take that, Tron), and has great things to spend that on.

I can't wait to test it out, in theory it should play much better, but going to need some actual games first before I can be sure. It's a big change and the deck will be a bit different, but I'm really excited to try it. I am one step closer to my dream of having the greatest Saproling deck that has ever existed. (and I will be even closer once I finally get a playset of Utopia Sprawl .)

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ellie-is says... #1

Small update on top of the big update:I'm going to try replacing Quest for Renewal with two more Forests for a while and see that goes. I do appreciate the pseudo vigilance and the extra mana from elves, but making the deck more consistent might be a good idea - and I also had a couple games where I ended up with both copies of Quest in my hand and they are completely useless together, haha.

Something else I want to try out, also in the spirit of increasing consistency, is take some 2x cards and make them into 3x - though I'm not sure what I will be taking out to allow that.

The final thing that I need to do is work on the sideboard, which is right now a bit of a mess and doesn't even have 15 cards. While we're at it I also need to figure out which things I need to be taking out in which match ups to make room for the sideboard cards during games - this part is pretty tough!

Well, that is all for now I guess!

July 6, 2017 7:48 a.m.

ellie-is says... #2

Follow up: 22 lands is too much, I keep getting mana flooded. Going back to 20. Thinking replacing Quest for Renewal for something more aggressive would be good, perhaps a different source of Saprolings - something like Jade Mage might work, though she is very weak to removal. I'll have to think about that and see what is best for the deck.

July 7, 2017 7:28 p.m.

Fungreatmario says... #3

From what I am aware of, there are a few matters for me to point out to make this more competitive in the current meta modern is in. 1) Reduce the land count to 19. Upon play testing (and I have play tested 20-30 times now) i tend to end up flooded, and your CMC is 3.05 (spike due to Sandwurm Convergence). Based on what the rest of this essay has to offer, 19 is more than sufficient. 2) You need to find faster responses to Pyroclasm and Anger of the Gods. I feel that Fresh Meat is too slow for this. 3) Your best removal spell you have open to you is Beast Within. There are stronger removal spells you may have over looked that will be mentioned soon. 4) You rely so much on your mana combo that just dies to Lightning Bolt or Path to Exile. And lastly, 5) you have no game 1 shock or Tron answers.

So how can ths be fixed? Well, first the 19 mana drop is possible upon dropping Sandwurm Convergence and running White and playing Sprout. First off, Sprout is the reset. It is the answer to Pyroclasm and Anger of the Gods. Secondly, I know what you are thinking. "Why White?" "This is mono green, why would I ever consider white?" Well, for starters white has the best removal spell in modern, Path to Exile. Sure, it's 7 dollars but it holds that price tag for a reason. It kills everything but BW Tokens. Delver? Path. Any Tron creature baddie? Path. Infect? Path. Path. Path. Path. Now Dismember is a cheaper cost and can keep you mono green, you just have to pay 4 life to kill something. White also includes (but not limited to) Intangible Virtue and Anointed Procession. These 2 cards can turn your saps from a sap tribal into a GW Token Stompy type strategy that includes, Rhonas's Last Stand, Thragtusk, Call to Arms and Voice of Resurgence. White also holds the power to provide strong side board options like Qasali Pridemage, Nevermore, Stony Silence, Rest in Piece and the white COUNTERSPELL Mana Tithe. This will require you to pick up Windswept Heaths, Temple Gardens, Canopy Vista, Fortified Village, and maybe Scattered Groves. This will drop the CMC to about 2.5 or so which makes 19 lands fine.

Other ideas: Mainboard Ghost Quarter, Add Primal Vigor and Coat of Arms, Side Board a Choke or 2. As for Jade MageI don't think it is something to think about, she just dies way too quickly, and costs 3 to even make a sap.

I will construct a GW Token Stompy list and post it in a future comment. You can friend me on tappedout if you wish bu clicking follow on my profile to get the update on when the list is posts as well as updates to the list. I will play it in a few modern events and will post result upon being able to afford it.

Thank for taking time to read all this, I am sorry it is so long.

July 10, 2017 3:55 a.m.

ellie-is says... #4

Hi, I appreciate you taking the time to write that.

But I'm going to lead by saying I do not have $200 to spend on cards, which is about the price of what you're suggesting. As the description and updates of the deck state, I'm already struggling to have $16 for a playset of Utopia Sprawl.

19 lands might be a good idea. I'll see if I can play around with that. I do enjoy Sandwurm Convergence though, and in the games where it came up, I didn't have trouble casting it.

I really do not get how Sprout is an answer to Pyroclasm. Did you link the wrong card? However, I want to get Heroic Intervention as soon as I can, which's a better answer to it than Fresh Meat.

I've considering splashing white for some cards - I often end up with the ability to create white mana anyway - but I've yet to find something where the benefits would outweigh the problems. Path to Exile would of course be great, but you yourself mentioned the price, and that is money I simply do not have.

Anointed Procession is great for mostly white token decks, but it is literally a copy of Parallel Lives, of which I'm running two - if I wanted more, I could just add more of that.

"These 2 cards can turn your saps from a sap tribal into a GW Token Stompy type strategy" - yes, but I don't actually want that. x3 I want to improve this deck - but not at the cost of turning it into a different deck. There's plenty of GW stompy out there, but I've never seen anyone else play with a Saproling deck. I fully realize that Saproilngs are not the strongest archetype, but all I want is for this to be the best Saproling deck it can be. If I just wanted to play the best deck I'd be building myself a Burn deck instead - my favorite playstyle out of the Tier 1 lists. But that's not this deck's aim.

Finally, your other ideas: I think mainboarding Ghost Quarter might not be a bad idea, I'll try that when I next play and update the list accordingly. As for Primal Vigor... For someone as tournament focused as you are, I'm surprised you linked to a non-Modern legal card :P Did you mean Doubling Season? To which I'd say, I'd rather just run more copies of Parallel Lives, cheaper in mana and money (the counter thing is nice, but this deck costs $40 and doubling season is $60 each). I do not actually like Coat of Arms, because it can give your opponent such a big advantage too. Whenever anyone else plays it against me, it always gets me the victory, so I feel that it's not really a card I'd want to play myself, and risk doing the same for the opponent. Choke is a good sideboard addition, and I'll try to get some next time I have money for deck changes.

Have fun building your GW Token Stompy. I had a cousin who used to run something just like that, and it was quite fun. It's not what I want for this deck, but there's nothing wrong with it.

July 10, 2017 6:43 a.m.

Fungreatmario says... #5

I linked the wrong card all together. I meant to attach Primal Rage not Primal Vigor. My appologies. Coat of Arms is worth the play as tribal isn't the meta so it will really just help you. If you run into Merfolk, you can sideboard it out. Sprout is the answer to Pyroclasm because it is the beginning of the board reset for you. It makes making saps after the hard boardwipes hit giving you something to work with. Heroic Intervention is an option, but if you don't have it in hand at the time they drop, what is the point of it being there?

Some other sideboard choices: Back to Nature

July 10, 2017 8:17 a.m.

ellie-is says... #6

"if you don't have it in hand at the time they drop, what is the point of it being there?" applies to literally any card ever, so it's not the greatest argument. :p It's also worth adding that Heroic Intervention stops enchantment and land destruction - it might even be worth mainboarding.

I used to have Sprout, but got rid of it when I bumped Fists of Ironwood up to 4, among other things. One Saproling at instant speed is nice, but a greater number of saprolings is usually nicer - and by the time a board wipe comes, I'll usually have more than a single mana to spend.

Primal Rage is a nice card but I can't really see it improving this deck enough to make it worth the inclusion. Because either the Saprolings are 1/1 and trample is useless, or I can be using that mana to make them bigger, at which point trample is nice but not entirely necessary due to numbers.

Back to Nature is nice and strong, but a global enchantment board wipe doesn't really fit a deck that's 25% enchantments x3

Aand, finally. Beast Within. I think I might actually try to get that one. Permanent removal is extremely useful to have, due to versatility. Honestly, I'd rather use that to destroy a nonbasic land and give them a beast, than use Ghost Quarter and set myself back a land while they get a free basic. Not to mention I can use it on my own permanents if I really need a beast or have Parallel Lives in play and would like two beasts. Just a very good card all around.

July 10, 2017 10:47 a.m.

Fungreatmario says... #7

See Sprout can also be used to spawn instant speed blockers on things like Goblin Guide. When it attacks the reveal trigger will resolve before declare blocker so you may just get a free land for 1 green.

July 11, 2017 2:24 a.m.

Fungreatmario says... #8

Also, if you like some cheesy decks check out

Winning with Lands EDH Edition

Commander / EDH Fungreatmario


Budgetcoil Weird (Turn 2 win for less than $70)

Legacy Fungreatmario

SCORE: 111 | 36 COMMENTS | 13091 VIEWS | IN 88 FOLDERS

July 11, 2017 3:04 a.m.

Mannu_1978 says... #9


You are right about unique decks, that's the greatest fun to crush a metagame deck with a rogue one.

Would you consider a blue splash for Intruder Alarm (even only 2)?

It's... deadly with sprout swarm... It even can go infinite very easily. Not speaking about synergies with arbor elf and satyr that you already have in...

July 13, 2017 5:34 a.m.

ellie-is says... #10


I'll have to think about that!! Going infinite with Sprout Swarm this easily is definitely nice, not to mention the other synergies or the fact it can really disrupt the opponent's game. The main problem with it is not a deckbuilding one but a financial one - I need to spend $16 on Utopia Sprawl already, then I'd have to put $16 more into Intruder Alarm for just two copies, and then at -least- $5 on lands if I go with a set of Yavimaya Coast, but up to $60 if I decide to get Breeding Pool instead...

It's a big investment, but it's something I'll consider for the long term. Thanks again for the suggestion, it's a good one!

July 13, 2017 7:20 a.m.

Fungreatmario says... #11

Why not Paradox Engine? It goes infinite as well.

July 13, 2017 7:55 a.m.

ellie-is says... #12

That is actually way simpler! Wonder if its price will drop when it rotates out of Standard.

July 13, 2017 9:30 a.m.

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