Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology (CMT) Uncommon
Commander 2015 (C15) Uncommon

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Creature — Snake

Deathtouch (Any amount of damage this deals to a creature is enough to destroy it.)

When Skullwinder enters the battlefield, return target card from your graveyard to your hand, then choose an opponent. That player returns a card from his or her graveyard to his or her hand.

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Skullwinder Discussion

Awoken_Leviathan on Eight Legs for my Eighth Commander

3 weeks ago

Sorry to burst you bubble there buddy boy, but Helm of the Host isn't Commander legal. On top of this Illusionist's Bracers say if it ISN'T a mana ability meaning it won't work with her secondary ability. I'd also like to point out that using Conjurer's Closet you can bounce Eternal witness, I guess this also technically works with Skullwinder, but, even if it is more like a spider (functionally at least) death touch will still kill stuff no matter if it deals more damage from Assault Formation or not. On top of this it helps out an opponent which can be useful, but only in very extreme situations.

If your're looking for mass token generation I can recommend Umbilicus, it may not be free and it may not be pretty but it allows you to bounce Ishkanah and it's a slight annoyance to opponents.

Gracco on Okay, the Whole Death Thing? Minor Setback.

1 month ago

Run Skullwinder because it and Eternal Witness let you loop Victimize as much as you can pay mana to cast it.

BoozeUsually on UltraBudget Value Meren

2 months ago


Thanks for the suggestions! I don't really like Beacon of Unrest. I just believe it is underwhelming at 5cmc. I can always Meren back Skullwinder if I want to grab non creature cards cards in the yard. Champion of Lambholt is something to consider though. After testing the deck if Kessig Cagebreakers is having trouble doing it alone I may try it. The card just doesn't seem to do enough on its own so I am going to leave it on the back-burner for now.

Ohda on Another Haptra deck

2 months ago

Hey there !

I would suggest you some ramps spells like Rampant Growth, Nature's Lore ( my personnal favorite ), Farseek ( even if the fact that you don't include Bayou or Overgrown Tomb makes it less effective ), Kodama's Reach and Cultivate have the advantage of not being turn two drops so you can get your commander on the table and next turn start to ramp.

I really don't like the Tempt with Discovery and I usually am not tempted when anyone plays a card like it. It is way too expensive even if, in the right condition I get it, that cards goes bonkers and trim your deck. Also even if Harvest Season is a great card on paper, you want to ramp early, even if you didn't miss a drop you can only hope for a 3 lands spells on turn three. Considering you would need a Sol Ring in your hand, a basic of each color, Thrull Parasite, Sakura-Tribe Elder AND Noose Constrictor in your opening hand. That's a real struggle I think. You would rather have a 1-2 ramp spell most of the time.

I love the inclusion of Uncage the Menagerie but it only has 5 targets at X=3 ( if you didn't draw any yet ) and 5 at X=4, I think it would be interresting to work on that and change a bit your curve. I would prefer going for more 3CMC cards, as I think casting more cards is better than casting a big one each turn.

Some good 3 mana creatures that would fit your deck are :

Skullwinder : Better than Eternal Witness sometimes...

Banewhip Punisher : Good cheap removal that gets often overlooked.

Serrated Biskelion : Two snakes in a turn if Hapatra is on the battlefield.

Manglehorn : It can mess with a late Sol Ring or most of the ramp / filter artifacts and pretty cheap card !

Another great creature that I would love to include in my deck if the format was 101 cards is Tenacious Hunter pretty budget and a killer in 1v1.

Sorry for the long comment, hope this helps in case you were seaching for some new cards to look at for your deck that seems already fun to me :) Have a nice day !

Ohda on Poisoned Lips

2 months ago

Thank you for your feedback and time your spent reading my list / thinking about it ! I don't understand why the Keyrune would be vital compare to the Cluestone, to me drawing is essential and I would rather have another way to draw instead of having another deathtouch creature that would die to any removal.

I think crumbling ashes is an overkill in the deck, already having the snakes killing everything that doesn't have invincible on it or protection from green. Also I basically put a -1/-1 counter on Hapatra every turn three if I can to get a token, it would be a target forcing me to target her, right ?

Concerning the hoof, I don't have it in my possession, it is a bit expensive and I know it would be an auto-include in any token deck ! Concerning the tribal aspect I used to pilot a Simic snake deck, really don't feel like any other snakes apart from maybe Skullwinder for politics and recursion.

As I said a few lines before Craterhoof Behemoth isn't in my collection, and I'm not really considering acquiring it anytime soon, hating the art on it doesn't help changing my mind about that but I really get why this card is a vital part of mass aggro don't get me wrong ! :)

I am also the guy that forbids himself to play any infect card for infect itself, I so the Triumph of the Hordes isn't a card I would pick for the deck. Overrun didn't make the cut so far, I'll play few more games to see if there's a lack here.

Eldrazi Monument seems great really works perfectly with Savra, Queen of the Golgari, works with the tokens, flying is also something I'm bad against if I can't draw any removal.

Thank you for your time and thought !


2 months ago

IronTiger, thanks for reaching out. Feel free to upvote this deck if you like it enough to share some +1 love.

I don't include Goblin Bombardment (or Viscera Seer or any sac outlet for that matter) strictly for power level reasons. The deck becomes less fun when it centers around comboing an opponent. I also don't include Mirror Entity for similar reasons, although it's an Elemental that fits the deck's themes very well. The deck is certainly stronger with a repeatable sac outlet.

I can appreciate the Crib Swap suggestion here. At times it has made the cut. Some reasons I have for not running it are that, first, it is a little over-costed.

The bonus for being slightly over-costed is of course being able to repeat it. However, doing so requires quite a lot of mana, and it often draws unnecessary hate. It gives away your position and in the end, it doesn't get you very far ahead despite requiring a significant investment. It is still fine as a piece of removal, but for mana-intensive reasons, I have opted for cheaper one-time removal to only really be used when it is absolutely necessary, such as an opposing Seedborn Muse or potentially an Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite. If necessary I can always attempt to recur the Swords to Plowshares in a pinch with Skullwinder.

In this deck, Song of the Dryads fills a lot of niche needs. It is often better than a Vindicate since the permanent it answers remains on the battlefield, unable to be recast in the case of a commander or else recurred in the case of a permanent from the 99. There are of course downsides, such as enchantment removal. There are arguments for and against. If I were only running one piece of removal, this probably wouldn't be choice, but as a piece in a strong suite of removal, I think it is very strong.

The biggest plus here is the fact that it can enchant a shrouded permanent by entering the battlefield off of a Sun Titan trigger or a resolved Wargate.

This flexibility is important by offering outs to otherwise unanswerable boardstates.

Song of the Dryads fills an essential role in the deck that no single other card can replace aside from perhaps an overloaded Cyclonic Rift.

In some situations, an overloaded Cyclonic Rift will be better, but there are times when the Song is a stronger piece of removal since the permanent cannot immediately be recast on its controller's next turn as it would in the case of the Rift.

Thespian's Stage and Vesuva also interact with Song of the Dryads where, after a troublesome permanent becomes a land, you can then copy it yourself. This is some bonus utility to an already strong card. I like its place in the deck for now as a catch-all answer.


brandonsperry25 on Stopping blue from taking creatures?

3 months ago

WizardOfTheNorthernCoast That's true. I use Sylvan Scrying to fetch a few different lands like Inventors' Fair, Arena or Rogue's Passage depending on the situation. I may just have to use that for Homeward Path regardless of the situation if I am playing those blue decks. Just don't want to risk it anymore seeing as it's happened twice.

I like Life from the Loam and it's recursion. I rarely have the lands blown up though in my meta. And I'm running a few cards for recursion like Reclaim and Skullwinder (in addition to others) to help bring things back (like my fight spells for instance).

hapE on Devour the Strong

3 months ago

So after a quick look at the deck here are a few suggestions I have (a grain of salt with the size of your choosing.)

Eternal Witness is generally better than Skullwinder

Since you care about sacing creatures and possibly bringing them back, creatures with ETB ramp triggers might be better than the ramp spells. For example Sakura-Tribe Elder, Farhaven Elf, Burnished Hart, Solemn Simulacrum, Yavimaya Elder,...ect. If you need a ton of ramp mid game you could always run Selvala, Heart of the Wilds.

If you end up liking Eldritch Evolution you might try Birthing Pod.

Some card advantage type cards that might be sweet Fauna Shaman, Genesis Hydra, Hunter's Insight, and Lurking Predators.

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