Night Soil


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Common
Masters Edition II Uncommon
Fallen Empires Common

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Night Soil


, Exile two creature cards in a single graveyard from the game: Put a 1/1 green Saproling creature token into play.

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Night Soil Discussion

ShishkyBob on Farming: the Gathering

1 week ago

Cole6000 No worries. Yes, it's an actual deck that I've built. And it's actually somewhat playable in a casual group. Reaper King can actually be pretty oppressive if tuned up a lot, as his second ability can turn into multiple free Vindicates a turn. But I loved the card, and I wanted to build around it. So I used the farming theme was as mostly a deck-building limitation to keep his power in level with other decks in my playgroup as well as for fun.

Basically, the deck focuses on making creatures (through token production or graveyard recursion) that trigger Reaper King's second ability (through actual scarecrows, mimic scarecrows like Adaptive Automaton or Metallic Mimic, or using Conspiracy and Xenograft naming scarecrow to turn all your creatures into scarecrows that will then all be buffed by Reaper King and the mimic scarecrows) to wipe out your opponents' boards. As a bonus, you have a lot of things that can trigger upon the death of a creature -- Deathreap Ritual, Harvester of Souls, Compost, Reaper from the Abyss, Reaper of the Wilds -- or that can benefit from having things in your opponent's graveyard -- Scavenging Ooze, Night Soil, Teneb, the Harvester. There's a few sac outlets (High Market, Trading Post, Scarecrone, Greater Harvester, Mycoloth) to sac your own tokens or creatures when beneficial. And then there's ramp, support, and graveyard recursion cards to fill in the rest.

It's not very tuned at all, as that's kinda the point. There's several cards that could be swapped out for better or more powerful ones (for example, a kicked Rite of Replication on Reaper King results in 25 vindicates). But it's a fun casual deck. Hopefully that explanation makes sense. I'm happy to clarify anything--this deck has been a fun project of mine for a while.

lilgiantrobot on I'm a Snek

3 weeks ago

I'd consider adding in an Encroaching Wastes or Ghost Quarter to deal with problem lands.

Ambush Viper is a cool snake that I like. Flashing him in is always fun.

Necrogenesis/Night Soil or Bojuka Bog can be helpful dealing with opposing graveyards. The first two even make more tokens for you. Not snakes, but still!

bigblue32123 on Thumpy, thumpy, thumpy!

1 month ago

Well I prefer Necrogenesis over Night Soil because of how it seems it's supposed to be used. The intent of the cards from what I can tell is that they're good for making saporlings and the graveyard hate is a solid upside. Since you're running Cathars' Crusade, Ashnod's Altar, etc they seem to fit well for that goal. Even though night soil does have a cheaper activated ability the fact that you have to target two creatures limits how you can use it and halves how many times it can be done. If you're running it for graveyard hate there a lot of other options that are more effective, I'd go for Relic of Progenitus, Anafenza, the Foremost, or Rest in Peace.

Wolfrage76 on Thumpy, thumpy, thumpy!

1 month ago

I dont see how Night Soil isn't better? Better chance of me having 2 greens than a black and green, and 1 mana for 2 creatures exiled instead of 2 mana for 1 creature?

bigblue32123 on Thumpy, thumpy, thumpy!

1 month ago

Personally I'd recommend cutting Night Soil for Necrogenesis. I don't know if you have it for any particular reason but necrogenesis is a lot more flexible, both in mana cost and in targeting options.

dogninja8 on Rhys the Redeemed v2

2 months ago

-Soul's Attendant/Essence Warden: maybe, having a bit of lifegain is kind of nice

-Angel of Jubilation: meta-tech card against oloro and marchesa decks. I've tried trostani before and her token ability is just kind of slow

-Tolsimir Wolfblood: gone on my next deck revision for hour of devastation

-Privileged Position: helps protect wincon permanents from spot removal, but otherwise lackluster, might cut it later

-Collective Blessing: sits in your hand until a critical mass of tokens is reached, no different than something like overrun or thunderfoot baloth

-Night Soil: weaker graveyard hate than the other two, but significantly stronger in this deck, especially against a 4/5 man pod

-Kamahl, Fist of Krosa: wincon and boardwipe protection. you can use the overrun if it's late in the game or hold up mana to turn other people's lands into creatures when a boardwipe hits. I haven't gone full elfball enough to run ezuri yet

Garruk Wildspeaker: is both ramp and an overrun. he either survives a turn, in which case I got to ramp a bit and "gained" some life, or he keeps surviving, allowing me to ramp and threaten an overrun (planeswalker removal is kinda rare in my group, i'm really the only green player)

-Garruk, Primal Hunter: i'll agree, this isn't really the deck for him. i'll switch him for slate or something like Shamanic Revelation or Mouth / Feed.

-Champion of Lambholt: i want to test her out in a normal game before i make a decision

-Cathars' Crusade (mentioned above): it's a card that really only needs to be out for a turn and then everything gets out of hand. I might cut it later, but i'm not ready to yet

NewHorizons on Rhys the Redeemed v2

2 months ago

Cards i would cut and some replacement suggestions:

Try some of the weird new embalm stuff from amonkhet as well. Can help you recover from boardwipes and utilize your left over doubling seasons etc.

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