Night Soil


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Common
Masters Edition II Uncommon
Fallen Empires Common

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Night Soil


1, Exile two creature cards in a single graveyard from the game: Put a 1/1 green Saproling creature token into play.

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Night Soil Discussion

Wolfrage76 on Thumpy, thumpy, thumpy!

4 days ago

I dont see how Night Soil isn't better? Better chance of me having 2 greens than a black and green, and 1 mana for 2 creatures exiled instead of 2 mana for 1 creature?

bigblue32123 on Thumpy, thumpy, thumpy!

4 days ago

Personally I'd recommend cutting Night Soil for Necrogenesis. I don't know if you have it for any particular reason but necrogenesis is a lot more flexible, both in mana cost and in targeting options.

dogninja8 on Rhys the Redeemed v2

1 week ago

-Soul's Attendant/Essence Warden: maybe, having a bit of lifegain is kind of nice

-Angel of Jubilation: meta-tech card against oloro and marchesa decks. I've tried trostani before and her token ability is just kind of slow

-Tolsimir Wolfblood: gone on my next deck revision for hour of devastation

-Privileged Position: helps protect wincon permanents from spot removal, but otherwise lackluster, might cut it later

-Collective Blessing: sits in your hand until a critical mass of tokens is reached, no different than something like overrun or thunderfoot baloth

-Night Soil: weaker graveyard hate than the other two, but significantly stronger in this deck, especially against a 4/5 man pod

-Kamahl, Fist of Krosa: wincon and boardwipe protection. you can use the overrun if it's late in the game or hold up mana to turn other people's lands into creatures when a boardwipe hits. I haven't gone full elfball enough to run ezuri yet

Garruk Wildspeaker: is both ramp and an overrun. he either survives a turn, in which case I got to ramp a bit and "gained" some life, or he keeps surviving, allowing me to ramp and threaten an overrun (planeswalker removal is kinda rare in my group, i'm really the only green player)

-Garruk, Primal Hunter: i'll agree, this isn't really the deck for him. i'll switch him for slate or something like Shamanic Revelation or Mouth / Feed.

-Champion of Lambholt: i want to test her out in a normal game before i make a decision

-Cathars' Crusade (mentioned above): it's a card that really only needs to be out for a turn and then everything gets out of hand. I might cut it later, but i'm not ready to yet

NewHorizons on Rhys the Redeemed v2

1 week ago

Cards i would cut and some replacement suggestions:

Try some of the weird new embalm stuff from amonkhet as well. Can help you recover from boardwipes and utilize your left over doubling seasons etc.

Rzepkanut on Anafenza, the Bolsterer

1 month ago

Got a few ideas for you and your partner...Abzan Beastmaster, Inspiring Call, Night Soil, Bojuka Bog + all 3x of the bouncing dual lands like Selesnya Sanctuary for some extra graveyard hate. Happy gathering!

DarkEclipse18 on Sac it up up up, thallids on fire! *pauper*

1 month ago

So I'm not too familiar with Pauper format, aside from limited to common only cards, but i have built a token EDH deck that abuses saprolings, so here a few ideas:

~Sporoloth Ancient A bit high at 5CMC but if you can get it out lets the spore counters make a saproling at 2 not three, saving one turn could help.

~Night Soil 2 green for a way to remove a graveyard [not sure if graveyard play is a thing in pauper] and nets a saproling for 1 mana

~Terramorphic Expanse and/or Evolving Wilds Might seem odd in a mono color deck, but using this you can double trigger the 'Landfall' of sporemound. Issue is if you draw them too early it can slow you down

Finally if your willing to spash white: Selesnya Evangel 1 mana and tap her and another creature to make a token, not too bad in my eyes, but the one white to cast could hurt

ShishkyBob on Please Help me cut cards ...

2 months ago

Night Soil for GY hate and cheap tokens

Gleeful Sabotage can get you two for the price of one (if you got a couple of green creatures that can be tapped)

Vandalblast wipes every artifact but your own

Nature's Claim is cheap and fast

Beast Within is probably the most versatile green removal--anything for three mana

TheInnsanity on Plunder the Grave Upgrade

3 months ago

Just some cards that seem to be good in this style of deck that aren't super expensive:


Night Soil (combos well with From Beyond so you always have targets)

Languish could be good in your deck, and your deck seems to have a number of ways to get your creatures just out of it's range.

Green Sun's Zenith especially if you can get a Dryad Arbor

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