Drop of Honey


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition IV (ME4) Rare
Arabian Nights (ARN) Rare

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Drop of Honey


At the beginning of your upkeep, destroy the creature with the least power. It can't be regenerated. If two or more creatures are tied for least power, you choose one of them.

When there are no creatures in play, sacrifice Drop of Honey.

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Drop of Honey Discussion

n0bunga on Nissa MGC (Making Mono-Green Control Great Again)

3 months ago


Root Maze - Artifact Hate (and land hate, so maybe Amulet of Vigor could help that?),

City of Solitude - Stops countermagic,

Hum of the Radix - punishing artifact tax

Choke - lolbluedecks

Freyalise's Winds - can harm you but it's a staxy control thing that really hurts opposing decks

Dosan the Falling Leaf - like City of Solitude, but a people.

Magus of the Library (not control/stax, but should be good for card advantage?),

Willow Satyr - Green Empress Galina!

Titania's Song - artifact hate

Arboria - a weeeird, janky card that could work in your favour. You could spend turns activating loyalty abilities.

Kudzu - land destruction but it comes back to bite you. Being green, you should have enough ramp to not care though.

Drop of Honey - green Porphyry Nodes

Power Conduit could help with your age counters, but that's entirely optional.

Thank you sir, you've inspired me for some Green Shenanigans.

mullto3 on Modern Kefnet Culling Nodes

4 months ago

Oh hey sorry I missed the scales - I must have missed it and then saw the search for azcanta and assumed you swapped the two.

And yeah Rhonas is more for a funny legacy build that also runs Drop of Honey which would be fun.

I love that you're having success with this!

jaiaisaiah on Legacy Bant Control

1 year ago

Also, have you considered adding Porphyry Nodes of Drop of Honey? They are both very good as well.

Char-You on Card creation challenge

1 year ago

"Legendary goat in white"

Legendary Creature - Goat Berserker

When ~ attacks, create X 0/1 white goat creature tokens where X is two plus the number of goats you control.

Sacrifice ~, Discard two cards: Put X +1/+1 counters on each Goat creature you control where X is the number of Goats you control.


Show me the creature that made Drop of Honey.

Winterblast on

1 year ago

haha yes, it's indeed a brutal trick...with the elementals you should be able to win then. Unfortunately not available in mono green there are other similar tricks with these cards, for example with Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite or Night of Souls' Betrayal which kill off all 1/1 lands permanently.

One more trick that is available in mono G would be Cursed Totem, which prevents all lands from producing mana with these enchantments...of course such global locks require the deck being built around them so you actually profit from them. But usually, knowing when it hits the board is already a strong bonus anyway, lol. With mana artifacts you could still play well enough though and Umezawa's Jitte or Drop of Honey is always cool when ALL lands are creatures.

Maybe I can think of more stuff that would fit into your deck but it mostly depends on your budget. If you want to add Living Plane you might want to start saving money for The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale too...or play it as a proxy. If you just play casual I don't think anyone will have a problem with a few proxies in a deck. There's certainly potential to make this deck an absolute nightmare for "normal" decks that rely on lands and creatures to win ;)

Neotrup on can you choose target of ...

1 year ago

Please link (or at least name) cards.
Drop of Honey
Porphyry Nodes

The controller of the enchantment gets to choose the creature, which because it's not targeted the choice is made on resolution, when it's too late to respond anymore.

From the card rulings:
7/15/2006 This cards ability is not targeted, so even untargetable creatures or those with Protection can be chosen.

carpecanum on

1 year ago

Drop of Honey etc. is destroying all creatures... maybe put in an indestructible creature or one of the artifacts or enchantments that can be changed into a creature after upkeep then reverts to base at turns end.

iamawizard on Azusa - Tiny Leaders

1 year ago

Tournament report for Tiny Leaders at Blue Sky Games, 6/25:

Total there were 26 people signed up for this event, which was pretty impressive. First place was a foil Tarmogoyf, so competitors came with their game faces on. Naturally, that meant a great deal of the same shitty generals that people always complain about in this format - Geist of Saint Traft and Ezuri, Renegade Leader. These generals alone took up half of the field. As an aside, this format is considered solved or dead by most of the people who talk about it online. I would hazard a guess that these two generals are the reason why. These two nearly build themselves and are relatively strong, leading to the possibility of sinking lots of time into building a very original brew and then getting your face pounded in. As someone who built a cool looking Doomsday based homebrew previously and piloted it through a tournament, I sympathize. With that said, I dont think that either deck is oppressive or overpowered, but they do require you to build your deck with them in mind. Not all generals and strategies are equally playable, and thats OK. Just acknowledge that you will likely have to deal with a deck that will counter your spells, a hexproof creature, and a horde of elves. These constraints are not unreasonable and have lots of potential paths you could take, so quit whining and just fucking BREW HARDER. /aside.Attempting to play something off the beaten path, my general of choice was Azusa, Lost but Seeking. It plays out like a prison strategy allowing my opponents to cast spells but never create meaningful pressure on my life total, eventually culminating in me winning via a 20/20 Marit Lage token (thanks Dark Depths) or Sands of Delirium  milling them out. I brewed the deck up about a year ago but never played it at any tournaments, just casually against other decks here and there.

Round 1: Geist of St. Traft - My opponent casts an early Geist and suits it up with Steel of the Godhead. I resolve the card Drop of Honey that eventually eats my Azusa, a monk token (from Monastery Mentor), and then his geist. I then made a 20/20 and the opponent is devoured by this demi-god kraken. G2 I begin with an early The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale and am able to buy just enough time to make a 20/20. The first one is returned to me hand, the next one via Life from the Loam is unsurprisingly lethal.

Round 2: Geist of St. Traft - G1 he gets to cast Brainstorm, and thats the only spell he gets to cast all game. I cast Wasteland into Sphere of Resistance, then Tangle Wire. G2 I cast Hall of Gemstone out of my sideboard, which stops him from casting counterspells on my turn and prohibits him from playing Geist. He scoops after I make a 20/20 the second time (he exiled the first one with Silkwrap).

Round 3: Ezuri, Renegade Leader - G1 I make a 20/20 rather quickly after having a very early Courser of Kruphix thanks to my opponent casting Eladamri's Vineyard on turn 1. Hes unable to assemble the damage needed in the time it takes me to swing twice. G2 I keep a 6 land Cursed Totem hand that has no engine to speak of. Without a Life from the Loam, Sylvan Library, Sensei's Divining Top, Sea Gate Wreckage, or any of the cards to search for any of those cards, my deck is capable of stalling out. Unfortunately, I draw Zuran Orb and Crucible of Worlds, and I do end up just stalling out and dying to his eventual elven beatdown. G3 goes to time, but involves me locking him out via Crucible of Worlds + Azusa, Lost but Seeking + Glacial Chasm recurring each turn. His only real win-con at this point becomes hoping I deck myself via Horn of Greed draws, though this is dashed when I eventually blow up all of his creatures and the horn with Oblivion Stone and begin recurring the Sands of Delirium so that I can kill him via mill. Im not able to do so before time runs out in the round - I needed likely one more turn.

Round 4: Geist of St. Traft - Im able to cast Wasteland into Life from the Loam. After he counters the first cast of Life from the Loam I do get the engine going and blow up all of his lands. He then scoops the match to me because he doesnt want to play G2.

Round 5: Xira Arien - Hes playing a land destruction deck, but my deck is ~60% lands. G1 he blows up about 7 lands in our first game starting from turn 1 onward, but I eventually cast Azusa, hit multiple land drops in a row, and cast Life from the Loam in the same turn. The game is essentially over. G2 I lead off with Forest into Exploration, Forest. When he then casts a turn 2 Stone Rain off of a Birds of Paradise, I sacrifice the Forest to cast Crop Rotation, fetching Dark Depths. I make a turn 2 20/20 with the Thespian's Stage in my hand and he scoops.

This 4-0-1 match record (9-1-1 for games) was good enough for 2nd place, unfortunately I was beaten out on tie-breakers for first by my Ezuri, Renegade Leader opponent. I ended up with 12 boosters and two promo cards though! The deck is insane and I would likely only make small changes to it before running it again in a heartbeat. I felt like I very clearly had the strongest deck in the room.

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