Sporecrown Thallid


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dominaria (DOM) Uncommon

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Sporecrown Thallid

Creature — Fungus

Each other creature you control that's a Fungus or Saproling gets +1/+1.

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Sporecrown Thallid Discussion

razelfark on BG Saproling

6 days ago

Interesting idea you have going here. I think you might need to some changes to help your deck either be more focused into saps, or switch some cards up to be more b/g control.

For Sap focus I would cut

Bone Picker: this creature does give a flying option to deck but ultimately has no synergy with other cards.

Ravenous Chupacabra: just a creature that functions as a kill spell, can stay in deck but not necessary.

Torgaar, Famine Incarnate: Only good if you get it in play before you do any early damage to your opponent, bad when drawn late because you must select a player to put at 10. The main issue is this creature also does not have trample meaning he is easy to chump block as well. (best in side deck for matches that your opponent recovers life)

Additions to deck:

You should run Tendershoot Dryad, Sporecrown Thallid and Saproling Migration at 4 copies as these are cards your deck is focused to run. The Migration is also very pivotal to the deck as it generates you two bodies turn two and helps you play Song of Freyalise on turn 3 for a dangerous setup for turn 5 swing that can be lethal.

Heroic Intervention: This card does so much to protect your board from sweepers to direct control against Tendershoot. Would suggest 2 copies in the main and additional 2 in the side when you are vs control heavy decks.

Lastly I suggest Llanowar Elves as it gives your deck a one drop that the deck lacks and serves to ramp into the rest of the deck.

These are suggestions based on my experience from my own version of the deck (sorry its not posted yet for comparison). Best of luck with the deck.

EternalCardGame on The Rite of Fungus and Famine

1 week ago

What about buffs? There's a perfect guy for thatSporecrown Thallid

Chuckles24 on Kicking It with Josu

1 week ago

Poaralion having Josu countered isnt the end of the world. You can keep clogging the board with saprolings until you find another Josu or just go on the saproling beat down plan. With Slimefoot, the Stowaway, Sporecrown Thallid, and Song of Freyalise its not too far fetched, but its obviously not what you want to do. I hadnt thought about Golden Demise. Wild Onslaught could be added to the sideboard. There isnt a lot that can deal with that in black and green. Making your creatures indestructible doesnt work, so the only real option is to pump that out of range.

multimedia on B/G Saprolings - Standard

2 weeks ago

Hey, looks great.

Consider adding 1x more Spore Swarm and 1x Sporecrown Thallid, cutting 2x Deathbloom Thallid? Both Sporecrown and Swarm can have much more game impact than Deathbloom. Both of these cards help to combat Goblin Chainwhirler which is a card that will wreck you if you don't have Sporecrown in play. Swarm is good to rebuild a Sap army after the Goblin. Deathbloom is very lackluster for a main deck card. Both Sapherd and Slimefoot are far superior three drops.

A card that Saps can take good advantage of is Vicious Offering. There's a lot of sac fuel in the deck with Sap tokens, this card is an excellent versatile removal spell, kill Lyra Dawnbringer or any God such as Hazoret the Fervent. -5/-5 is no joke instant for two mana when all you have to do sac is a token.

spicechicken on Sappy and Happy

3 weeks ago

well, dominaria recently came out with some awesome new toys for this deck! Sporecrown Thallid is now a must have. Saproling Migration is great with your ramp. idk if you're considering black for this deck but that now opens up a bunch of doors. btw thanks for your input on my deck i really appreciate it.

razelfark on A real fungi

3 weeks ago

Got a highly recommended suggestion after testing deck a bit. You will likely want to run Llanowar Elves. The deck is light on 1 drops and the addition of a 1 drop ramp creature helps a great deal. I would suggest at least 3 copies (4 ideally). to make room for them I would suggest cutting Verdant Force and Torgaar, Famine Incarnate. While Force is a strong body when on board, he just is to slow to get out there even with ramp and found he tends to not get out because I won faster then he could come out. I would also remove Torgaar because he takes a player to 10 health which is a nice trick to take someone down that you haven't hit all game, but could be troublesome when you are looking for another body to put on board when you have them lower then 10 and you are still above (still would keep in side for decks that gain life).

Another strong card that I would advise is Song of Freyalise. Playing this card on turn 3 or 4 could lead to you swinging lethal on turn 6 or 7. You would likely want to play 2-3 copies of the card but not necessarily 4 copies as the card is not something we want to draw multiple copies at once and is used to help swing for lethal because of the trample, vigilance, and indestructible.

A card that would be a must for side deck is Heroic Intervention and probably played at 4 copies. This card denies all targeted removal and board wipe spells besides Settle the Wreckage and -/- style board clear.

One last card change I would suggest would be to swap Deathbloom Thallid for 2 more Yavimaya Sapherd. The reason is that you get the token immediately and functions better with Sporecrown Thallid and Tendershoot Dryad. Also you don't have to worry about the card being exiled by cards like Magma Spray and get nothing from it.

Also I ended out cutting Journey to Eternity from mainboard because it was to slow. I would still consider for side if you have room because it can be useful vs decks that will drag games out.

I hope these suggestions were helpful. I was able to test and come up with these suggestions with help of someone at my local trying to do something similar. These tests we have done have not been vs mono red yet, but we feel these changes should still greatly improve odds.

Chuckles24 on Kicking It with Josu

3 weeks ago

Gutterlord, glad you like the list! I havent done any testing against actual decks yet. Ive only done play testing on here. My plan this weekend is to buy/trade for the cards I need and play this at FNM next week. Ive made a couple changes. I dropped a forest and added a 4th Josu. I also dropped one each of Sporecrown Thallid, Yavimaya Sapherd, and Saproling Migration to add 3 Adventurous Impulse. Im hoping the impulse will help with finding Josu or whatever creature might be needed at the time.

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