Thelon of Havenwood


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Time Spiral (TSP) Rare

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Thelon of Havenwood

Legendary Creature — Elf Druid

Each Fungus creature gets +1/+1 for each spore counter on it.

(Black)(Green), Remove a Fungus card in a graveyard from the game: Put a spore counter on each Fungus in play.

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Thelon of Havenwood Discussion

DarkStarStorm on I've got Spores

3 weeks ago

Thelon of Havenwood and Sprout Swarm are definitely in the conversation. Sprout Swarm becomes almost self-sufficient towards the lategame. You might also want to splash black for Fungal Infection and Slimefoot, the Stowaway. The latter of the two gives you a hedge against boardwipes and a second win condition. Slimefoot has immense synergy with Utopia Mycon.

Finally, Song of Freyalise is a way to anthem your team and alpha strike your opponent come lategame. It's probably too much of a Magical Christmas Land combo for modern, but so is Saproling tribal so maybe you want to tinker around with it...

KIRK77 on Cucked By A Mushroom

1 month ago

Pretty sweet fungus and saproling deck. I see you've got a couple good thallids and wondered if you had seen Thelon of Havenwood, Sporogenesis or maybe Verdant Embrace?

tymaret_the_derp_king on Slimefoot, Aristocratic Saprolings

1 month ago

no Thelon of Havenwood ? i feel that if you were to play him and maybe Eldrazi Monument you'd have a backup plan of going wide

Mokan on I've got Spores

1 month ago

I think you should look either into acceleration as the others have suggested or into putting some 1 drops and lowering the curve. Aside from Utopia Mycon there's the good ol' Thallid.

Looking at all the spore counters and +1/+1 counters, I'd imagine Winding Constrictor to be an interesting addition to it, as it would really accelerate your gameplan, but I see you're sticking to mono green. That being said, I think Thelon of Havenwood is a must have, even if you don't splash black. He's cheap anyway!

As for cutting - I'd definitely look into the 5 drops - there's waay to much of them imo. Instead of putting effort into Sporemound and Sporoloth Ancient, I'd suggest you go as low to the ground and swarm your opponent like elves do.

As a final suggestion I think you're in dire need of something like Heroic Intervention. Though the price tag isn't as low as you'd probably like to, at least 2 copies in the sideboard should do the trick.

SladedTitan9197 on Ellie's Saprolings

1 month ago

Have you considered Thelon of Havenwood? Or better yet, Tendershoot Dryad? They seem like they would work wonderfully, especially the latter of the two.

ellie-is on I've got Spores

1 month ago

If you're really going the spore-counter route, you should definitely give Thelon of Havenwood a try. He's especially good with Fungal Sprouting, as he raises their power by a lot. If you can splash black, or run Utopia Mycon, he's even better at it.

Also, if you really like Sporemound (though personally I don't, as it doesn't really fit in with the rest of the Fungi that well), you might want to run something like Rampant Growth or such to make sure you can get more land drops while its in play, as well as being able to ramp into it earlier.

Funkydiscogod on The Upside Down

2 months ago

If you like off-color cards and math, Pallid Mycoderm is a solid choice.

Conspiracy or Arcane Adaptation might be interesting choices, since naming "Fungus" with Sporesower Thallid and Thelon of Havenwood on the battlefield, means your saprolings will get spore counters and +1/+1 for each. Bonus points for Sporoloth Ancient, so you can remove the counters if needed.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Good Fungi Housekeeping ($180 budget deck)

2 months ago

I like this. I just rebuild my old fungus tribal, an it's funny as hell. Thelonite Hermit is pretty powerful with saprolings. With all these shrooms, you could also consider Thelon of Havenwood. Also, Verdant Force seems a good choice.

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