Thelon of Havenwood


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Time Spiral Rare

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Thelon of Havenwood

Legendary Creature — Elf Druid

Each Fungus creature gets +1/+1 for each spore counter on it.

(Black)(Green), Remove a Fungus card in a graveyard from the game: Put a spore counter on each Fungus in play.

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Thelon of Havenwood Discussion

DHWorlds on Fungus Among Us

2 months ago

Thelon of Havenwood the fungal lord for your delight.

clayperce on Best Thelon of Havenwood deck ...

2 months ago

Have you already checked out the 'Latest Commander' decks at the bottom of the Thelon of Havenwood page? If not, I'd start there. You might also want to reach out to the brewers directly, either on their decks or walls ...

Good luck (and good skill) on the build!

lonker on Best Thelon of Havenwood deck ...

2 months ago

I'm looking to build a Thelon of Havenwood EDH deck with a $50-$100 budget. Anyone know a good budget shell to start off with?

EternalBrewmaster on Yet Another Atraxa Deck

3 months ago

So first suggestion: burn this pile and move on with your life, the world doesn't need another atraxa deck. Build a Thelon of Havenwood tribal fungus deck instead and earn my undying respect.

That being said, here are some real suggestions. I would cut Varolz; exiling your own dudes is never something I like to do and you have more than enough ways to get counters on your dudes that are more efficient. Cut Urban Evolution it's just not strong enough, you want to be using permanents to draw cards or else much splashier sorceries like Shamanic Revelation or Rishkar's Expertise. I would cut some of the non-counter-related mana rocks for better mana ramp. Fertilid is a must, Cultivate and Tempt with Discovery are often awesome. Of your maybeboard the only cards I would try getting in are Skyship Plunderer and Collective Effort. Believe me, I've tried pretty much all the others and what you already have in the deck is enough value. More on the card draw front, add in Bred for the Hunt, maybe even Well of Lost Dreams since your general has lifelink. My number one card for any deck with black in it is Living Death as you will inevitably want to recover from all the board wipes and come back for a big blowout.

The inclusion of Odric, Lunarch Marshal is pretty brilliant, on the same front you should run Lightning Greaves to protect your general and then also give your creatures all haste with Odric. If looking for more cuts to make, I would go for the 1-off spot removals like Putrefy and Mortify since you don't have ways to remove them and your main ways to efficiently remove threats will be stealing them or destroying them with Lux Cannon and those are more repeatable. You can replace one with Retribution of the Ancients for some sick tech. Cut Managorger Hydra. It is a big dumb fatty that doesn't do anything but swing and that is usually enough to kill somebody (lame) and then make you even more of a target. It doesn't do anything interesting. Play Zendikar Resurgent because it's amazing obviously.

Hope some of that helps, honestly remove the whole maybeboard except for the ones I mentioned to maybe keep.

Vininn126 on

7 months ago

This looks more like an enchantress deck than a fungus deck, seeing as you missed Thelon of Havenwood :)

If you have Krosan Reclamation as graveyard hate, I'd recommend Relic of Progenitus, or Scavenging Ooze.

I'm also not a huge fan of cards like Dark Ritual and Early Harvest, and in it's place put in more ramp cards like Rampant Growth, or Karametra, God of Harvests if you're going with the Enchantress theme, as she ramps you for two of your colors, but that's a choice for you to make.

I'd also like to point out you don't have enough plains to make Emeria, the sky shepherd work.

If you have the money, the interaction with Ghave and Academy Rector is ridiculous in an enchantress deck. Also, I assume young Wolf is in here because of his interactions with Ghave, but there are so many better undying creatures, such as Woodfall Primus if you want to be mean, but there are better undying cards is my point.

lastly, if you're wanting to get Serra's Sanctum out, there's also Sylvan Scrying along side Expedition Map

etched111 on Saplings

7 months ago

I think your deck could really benefit from having some proliferate: Contagion Clasp Plaguemaw Beast. Also adding in 2 Thelon of Havenwood, or some spells with populate such as Druid's Deliverance or Rootborn Defenses which could double as creature/damage protection.

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