Grim Affliction


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Common
New Phyrexia Common

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Grim Affliction


Put a -1/-1 counter on target creature, then proliferate.

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Grim Affliction Discussion

MindAblaze on The Scarab Crusades

2 days ago

Ok, Lingering Souls seems good. My initial plan was to go the Baleful Ammit route, using -1/-1 counters on my own dudes to instantly cancel them out.

Grim Affliction could be awesome, put one counter and then proliferate, getting at minimum one dudely, potentially lots. The only problem with that card is giving a creature two -1/-1 counters for three mana on its own is kind of crappy.

Ratcatcher47 on Spreading plague

2 weeks ago

Looks like you're going for -1/-1 counters a lot. Contagion Clasp, Contagion Engine, Grim Affliction, and Core Prowler would all speed things up much easier where -1/-1 counters are concerned, considering you can proliferate with them.

Great deck!

Jamminmagician on Empress of Poison - Hapatra EDH (Help Wanted)

3 weeks ago

In my opinion any deck that abuses -1/-1 counters and risks putting them on their own creatures should be running Mikaeus, the Unhallowed. It turns black sun's zenith into a one-sided boardwipe.
If you're worried about removal, would replace Grim Affliction With straight up Murder. It isn't as in theme but it does actually kill a creature right away even if your board isn't set up, and lets be honest that removal is for the situations where you are either responding to a win con or saving yourself.
I'm assuming you endeavour to win with the infinite combos granted by Blowfly Infestation? (Put a counter on your 1/1, make a 1/1, the 1/1 dies, put another counter on the second one, rinse repeat with blood artist or zulaport cutthroat?) I see you're playing with Butcher of Malakir so why not Dictate of Erebos? You could either replace the butcher for a cheaper copy of the effect at instant speed (very good against targeted removal, one sided wipes (A la Pernicious Deed or Steel Hellkite etc.), and can turn the previously mentioned combo into an instant-speed one-sided wipe of your own. Also turns black-sun's zenith for 3 mana from a 3 mana board weakener to a 3 mana board wipe provided you have some 1/1 tokens out there.) Either way I've never liked Butcher for this effect, I only play it if I'm looking to double up on the effect or have a creature-tutorable version (given that sometimes you aren't in black colours that tutor enchantments easily). Considering you have transmute at 5, this could also be an instant speed transmute-play response if you have the mana (although that is 10).

Hasted on Hapatra Tiny Combo

4 weeks ago

I would replace Plague Belcher with Ammit Eternal. Good way to generate some -1 counters. Also, just a good beater on its own. Less effective against black kill spells and such, though. Works well as an additional card to feed Quillspike if they happen to stick around.

Inkmoth Nexus has also been solid for me. If anything, it helps stop a flyer and drops a -1 counter.

Speaking of lands, Shizo, Death's Storehouse is a relatively safe card. Comes into play untapped, still adds black, and can give Hapatra fear to get through some decks to use her ability.

Dusk Urchins seems like an auto include in this deck? Synergy with Black Sun's Zenith, can feed Quillspike in a pinch, and a solid -1 counter engine.

Other than BSZ, infect, and Wither, you have nothing that puts -1 counters on their creatures. While things like Splendid Agony, Grim Affliction, and even Fume Spitter aren't needed for this deck, I feel like without some of these, Crumbling Ashes is pretty negative. You will HAVE to kill some of your creatures if you don't put counters on the opponent's creatures.

Some solid sideboard options are Hex Parasite as a way to help clear any -1 counters on your side, kill pesky walkers, or neuter Animar, Soul of Elements. Choke just because we don't like blue. Krosan Grip for MANY things including Sword of Feast and Famine and a Loxodon Warhammer that's preventing token beats.

Just my take on the deck. I like the way you have yours together!

golgariizzet on Scorpion God of Wither

1 month ago

god of whiter huh, are you racist lol j/k you forgot the H. pretty cool i just got done building one myself check it out Withering Gods, Ease Of The Tip. i would get rid of spread the sickness and put in Grim Affliction it synergy is better and you still get the proliferate plus it is 2 mana cheaper if you are going for the destroy creature then how about Terminate i went with more hate and synergy with -1/-1 check it out you will probably like some of the cards. i am trying to stay away from infect personally. up vote from me for sure. Nest of Scarabs is super solid in this deck also. up vote mine if ya don't mind or like it.

Michael_1928 on Infectious Reanimation

1 month ago

I like the idea of splashing in an Ichor Rats into every atraxa deck just so you have infect as a secondary win condition, but proliferating the one counter can be kind of slow. Besides atraxa, I did see you had a Contagion Engine, which is great. I play a full on infect deck and some additional proliferate cards I use are: Inexorable Tide for just repeated proliferating, Tezzeret's Gambit and Steady Progress for drawing, and Grim Affliction and Contagion Clasp for removal.

You could also try Grafted Exoskeleton as an additional way to give creatures infect. Tainted Strike also works great as a combat trick when you play it before damage.

TheWallinator74 on Scorpion god commander (help wanted)

1 month ago

Stigma Lasher

Murderous Redcap

Grim Affliction

Spread the Sickness

Volt Charge

Also, look through the creatures with Infect. Don't worry about your playgroup inevitably being babies about poison counters. It gives you an alternate path to victory and even more ways to get -1/-1 counters onto creatures.

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