Credit Voucher

Credit Voucher


(2), Tap, Sacrifice Credit Voucher: Shuffle any number of cards from your hand into your library, then draw that many cards.

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Credit Voucher Discussion

clonalselection on The Center Does Not Hold

4 months ago

Chopping block thoughts:

Unwinding Clock seems kinda meh now; this worked better with cards I've already filtered out like Lux Cannon (replaced with Ugin, the Ineffable ) and Titan Forge (which was just slow, etc.). Still works with Winding Canyons and Clock of Omens though, hmm...

Pit Trap is a dear old rattlesnake I'd part with painfully, depending on how proactive I want this slot to be. But there are certainly better options.

Improvements, highly interested in testing:

Thought-Knot Seer ~ hello, goodbye Cyclonic Rift

Breaker of Armies is cheaper and possibly more productive than Desolation Twin (see "possible plans" in the discussion).

Wandering Archaic  Flip might be tasty to tax/copy things like Demonic Tutor or Ponder but might be too passive.

Credit Voucher for a supplement to Scroll Rack and other shuffle effects.

sub780lime on Damia

10 months ago

I'd love to know more what you see the lane of the deck to be. That would help provide more strategic recommendations. Looking at the list, I see a lot of 'good stuff' cards, but not always seeing how they all are intended to work together. That could just be me. There is the Laboratory Maniac and you do have a few ways to increase or multiple your draws...

While I'm not recommending specific ones of these cards, I see Damia, Sage of Stone and try to build around with cards that are impacted by the number of cards in your hand and building that number up. In my own build once upon a time, I aimed to draw more where I could and hold onto those cards. You have a Thought Vessel and Reliquary Tower, but also having a free Spellbook might be in order.

I see the snow-covered lands, but not much interaction with them. A Scrying Sheets or Sunstone seem in order.

There are many ways to be a little hand hate bear if you want. Noetic Scales can be fun in this way or Locust Miser. Narset, Parter of Veils plays in well to this too.

As far as cards in your hand interaction, I'll throw out a bunch, but with no particular synergy in mind aside from cards in hand. You might have enough green for Phosphorescent Feast. If your constantly overfilling your hand, Scroll Rack would give you some major filtering. Credit Voucher also does this, but isn't repeatable. Jushi Apprentice  Flip is one way you can overfill your hand in Damia. Sea Gate Restoration  Flip can come in as an untapped land, but if you are rolling in mana, it can fill that hand even more. You are also ramping really hard and just one of the draw X spells probably has a place here. There are, of course, a number of cards that have power/toughness equal to your cards in hand if you wanted to go that route. Ominous Seas is a card you'll trigger a lot in Damia.

No Cyclonic Rift? Some form of graveyard hate is probably warranted, even if just, especially dropping a swamp for Bojuka Bog. You've got 3 sorcery tutors, but I'd slot one out for Vampiric Tutor.

I've been thinking about rebuilding Damia myself as mill deck now that there is so much more support for it.

Deadpoo111 on Niv-Mizzet.exe is Online

1 year ago

I love the use of Credit Voucher in this list, it's so underrated in mizzet builds. That being said, how does your mana work out when you try to cast Niv? I've found that players have a lot more luck when they run Chromatic Lantern in their lists. It gets Niv out earlier and ensures you cast him. I also see you have Psychosis Crawler in your maybeboard. Trust me, you should put it in, the card goes nuts. Finally, consider using Spark Double it's insane in lists like these. +1

FSims81 on Help with Top deck Manipulation

1 year ago

Also Credit Voucher if you just want them back in the library and not on top

Rhadamanthus on Interaction of credit voucher and …

2 years ago

You get 4 cards. Because Credit Voucher doesn't specifically say anything about "cards shuffled into your library this way" or something like that, it's just based on how many cards you started to shuffle in, not the end result.

Frd123 on Interaction of credit voucher and …

2 years ago

In a EDH game I got my commander returned to my hand. And then I used Credit Voucher to shuffle 3 cards and my commander to my deck in order to draw cards. If I use the return to command zone replacement effect, do I draw 3 or 4 cards?

Crav96 on

2 years ago

Many great suggestions have been covered here so you have a good start. My two cents for Muldrotha:

1. You want to be using as few instant/sorceries as possible as they are not recurrable with Muldrotha. For example, you have a Farseek ? Turn it into Sakura-Tribe Elder . Cultivate ? Make it Wood Elves and so on. Id keep mostly instants and sorceries with a necessary impact such as boardwipes and counterspells.

2. Curator's Ward is a freaking beast in Muldrotha. It enchants PERMANENTS so anything else thats valuable you can enchant, it can get political and enchant another player's card, from which YOU draw cards (if it was historic obviously). My second budget beast is Credit Voucher . A repeatable hand fixer every turn is pure value (shoutout to Magical Mallet if you ever played Yu-Gi-Oh!)

3. Last, Kiora, Master of the Depths is a mini Vessel of Nascency that can get you both creatures and lands or mana accelerate you for the turn.

If you want to take a look here is my list

Good luck with building!

Crav96 on Muldrotha Good Stuff

3 years ago

Ok so: First, very nice list and welcome to the beautiful Muldrotha club! I really like the list so +1!

Second, I don't know about your budget, but Command Beacon is a MUST in Muldrotha, as she tends to get very expensive if she dies, and with the land you get a recyclable consistent 6CMC. Paired with Myth Unbound from C18, I think it can be really good and cost effective in the long run. Of course, it depends on how much you use her. But in my experience, you want her on the board as much as possible. Note that Im still trying this out in real life, but it looks really good on paper.

Third, another power house in these colours, especially with her recycle effect can be Credit Voucher. It is very cheap to cast and activate, can filter your hand to any extent, and a permanent that Muldrotha can reuse. Very, very, VERY good in the deck imo.

In terms of defence, I don't know about your meta, but in a creature-heavy like mine, Elephant Grass and Spore Frog (a.k.a. FOGFROG) can do an amazing work in keeping you safe. Pair the Fogfrog with a Meren and you're more than good to go.

These are the main things I wanted to touch upon. If you need inspiation you can check out my primer of Muldrotha. Its more based on a Birthing Pod chain, so I try to take as much value from non-instant/sorceries as possible.

In any case, great list, I hope I helped, and most of all, have fun!

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