Hi, my name is Bryce. I’m 28 years old and I’m from Oklahoma. Be prepared, I’m known to talk a lot!

I started playing around Return to Ravnica and quit when my friends that played moved off then I came back during Eldritch Moon. Haven’t been able to play the past few years cause the closest store is over an hour away. I just recently found new people to play with so I’m diving into Commander.

I mostly play Izzet decks, Delver/Prowess/Blue Moon but I play other stuff as well. I own Adeliz, the Cinder Wind and Kykar, Wind's Fury in paper, about to start building my Samurai deck.

I really love the story behind Magic especially the older stuff like The Brother’s War. I really like Mirrodin as well, Quest for Karn is one of my favorite stories even though most people say it’s one of the worst written ones.

I listen to all kinds of rap/hip-hop, old school 90’s stuff, down south, new rap. Everything from Nas to Lil Uzi Vert. My favorite albums are Illmatic, 36 Chambers, Built for Whatever, and Get Rich or Die Trying.

Top 10 Rappers (favs not best)

  1. Lil Wayne

  2. Trippie Redd

  3. Kodak Black

  4. Three 6 Mafia

  5. Young Thug

  6. King Von (Rest in Peace)

  7. 50 Cent

  8. Nas

  9. Xavier Wulf

  10. BLP Kosher

I mainly watch Shonen, but I like a little of everything, Mecha too. I haven't actually watched anime in some years but I keep this here for oldtimes sake.

  1. Naruto and Shippuden (seen both series 4 times)

  2. Samurai Champloo

  3. Ghost in the Shell

  4. Gundam (fav series are War in the Pocket and Unicorn)

  5. Eureka 7

  6. Black Lagoon

  7. Bleach

  8. Planetes

  9. Steins;Gate

  10. Yu-Gi-Oh

If you need help with any Izzet deck in any format, let me know! That’s my specialty.


Commander / EDH - UR (Izzet), Commander / EDH - Spellslinger, Pioneer - Prowess, Modern - Prowess

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