Huatli, Radiant Champion

Huatli, Radiant Champion

Planeswalker — Huatli

[+1]: Put a loyalty counter on Huatli, Radiant Champion for each creature you control.

[-1]: Target creature gets +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the number of creatures you control.

[-8]: You get an emblem with "Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, you may draw a card."

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Mythic Rare

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Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Vintage Legal
Limited Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Historic Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Highlander Legal

Huatli, Radiant Champion Discussion

Cmi1103 on Another Rhys Deck

4 weeks ago

Rhys is amazing! Just a few recommendations that I think are way to fun to play that I run in my Rhys deck 0-60 in 3.5! (Rhys tokens): Seedborn Muse is so broken here. Champion of Lambholt makes everything basically unblockable and becomes huge itself. Throne of the God-Pharaoh works as an alternate wincon if you can't win through combat damage. Card Draw is also hard to come by with Rhys so I would recommend Skullclamp and Huatli, Radiant Champion. Cryptolith Rite is also insane for mana.

Cmi1103 on Rhys the Redeemed, Leader of all, Follower of none

1 month ago

Rhys is so fun, and I agree there are so many different directions to take! In my own version, 0-60 in 3.5! (Rhys tokens) I opted for more Instants and Sorceries to create x tokens to fill the board out of seemingly nowhere with all the doubling effects available. How does your deck hold up on card draw? I personally love running Huatli, Radiant Champion and Runic Armasaur along with Mentor of the Meek and Skullclamp that you have. I also enjoy Nature's Chosen as another way to untap Rhys or one of the mana dorks each turn for free. Illusionist's Bracers are also great here. Combine them with your doubling season or anointed procession and you'll have tokens out the wazoo!

Scallywallwest on the avatar

1 month ago

Whoa, whoa, whoaaaaa...Hold up. You're running 48 lands???? Dude, you could cut that down to 35-38 by tossing in a few ramp artifacts and spells. Also--stop running so many taplands! I don't want to disrespect the taplands, the Temples are fine, but a lot of these aren't that great at all. They can greatly slow down your turn. Cards like Domri, Chaos Bringer or Huatli, Dinosaur Knight (Yes, I know it's from a planeswalker deck, but it synergizes with the dinos), and even Huatli, Radiant Champion could be good here.

BRG24 on Felidae Cult

1 month ago

Hello again. When it comes to your “toolbox” idea, I think you’ve probably got everything covered, just as long as you keep extra copies of these cards in the sideboard for once you know you’ll need specific ones. About the only card I think might be worth considering for this is Selesnya Charm, which to be honest I can’t believe that I’d forgotten about. In terms of what it counters, it gives you the ability to deal with huge creatures and even get around indestructible, which makes it particularly good against big Eldrazi, Dinosaurs or Dragons. But where this really shines is in its flexibility, since it can also be an instant speed blocker if needed, or a pump spell that gets a creature through to end a game. For two mana I don’t think you can get much better. I might also consider Return to Nature over Sundering Growth, since it also has the potential for very effective graveyard hate, particularly against decks using the Theros titans, or any big reanimation targets. With Adorned Pouncer being the only source of a good populate target (a 1/1 is never really a good hit), the value of Growth seems inconsistent, and most of the time it will be a more limited version of Return.

Unfortunately, G/W doesn’t have access to all that many tutors, especially not in pioneer, and even then the green ones only really find creatures, while white finds enchantments. Idyllic Tutor can help grab Anointed Procession, but that’s probably not enough hits. The green tutors I could find were more expensive, both in terms of mana and money, but are both very strong since they also get the creature onto the battlefield. Chord of Calling can be good since you can ramp it out with your wide board, as well as use it to tutor up a win con on your opponents end step, effectively giving it haste. Finale of Devastation is the other alternative, but I feel it’s strictly worse since you’ll never cast it for 12 mana to get the extra effect. However, I wouldn’t really recommend running any of these, they just seem too inefficient to me.

As you have pointed out regarding Huatli, Radiant Champion, unfortunately most card draw in these colours is reliant on you playing out creatures, since most of the time these colours produce creature based strategies. It is important to remember though that tokens would also trigger her ability, so a Leonin Warleader could attack and draw you two cards if you have the emblem, or even more if you have Anointed Procession. I find that tokens are he best way to exploit these effects for maximum value, and since your deck makes so many I think it would be a good effect to have access to.

I would not call Initiate's Companion a ramp card, especially not in this deck. If I used the card, I would mainly do so to untap my Pride Sovereign in order to get around the exert, rather than untapping a land, especially since it ramps you into two spells rather than into a single bigger threat. Even then, the effect is very disruptable, since it needs to hit the opponent first to activate the ability and has no eveasion built into it. As a 3/1, it is also very easy to trade into, so I think it will very rarely give you good value. In actuality, you do already have a form of ramp in the deck form Oketra's Monument, and I don’t think you anything more than that.

Lurrus of the Dream-Den is another very good card, provided that you have enough things that you can bring back. Since both Fleecemane Lion and Ajani's Pridemate, and even Adorned Pouncer can all be big threats, being able to just bring them back is really powerful, but it can also feel pretty bad if your graveyard is just filled with bigger creatures.

On a final note regarding how companion works, while your companion card starts the game in a zone where your opponent can’t touch it, you do still have to cast it and have it on board to gain the effects, and in fact you also have to pay three to move it from it’s starting zone to your hand. I wasn’t sure whether I’d fully explained how the mechanic worked, so I just thought I’d clarify.

9-lives on Felidae Cult

1 month ago

WOW! I didn't know that the rules for companions were just sitting there invulnerable giving their abilities throughout the game without being killed or sent to the graveyard or exiled! Very nice!

What else would you recommend for a 'ready for anything' deck in Selesnya? Am I missing any instants, sorceries, or enchantments, or artifacts?

To be prepared, I have 1x Watchers of the Dead, 1x Prowling Serpopard, 4x Angelic Gift, and 1x Sundering Growth for, respectively, graveyard heavy, counter heavy, and flying decks and direct damage, and enchantments and artifacts. I would love to be able to draw these cards when I need them... something like a green/white Grim Tutor! They should have released tutors for every color since that gives black a HUGE advantage! Is there any drawing power better than Huatli, Radiant Champion, since even she depends on creatures entering the battlefield for card draw. If I had a ton of 1 drops and 2 drops, I would agree to it, but most of my deck isn't that cheap in mana cost.

Do you think I need mana ramp? Initiate's Companion is overall a great card, it's like an Oreskos Swiftclaw or Prowling Caracalbut with an added ability and same mana cost.

BRG24 on Felidae Cult

1 month ago

Circuitous Route feels like an awkward card to play, if you’re playing it on curve you’re taking your entire turn off, and since you’re most likely to be playing for tempo this does the exact opposite. If you were planning on playing some of the bigger spells for board pumps or card draw, then perhaps the ramp would be more necessary, but at present I don’t feel it’s the most important thing for the deck to have access to.

Personally, I’m not a fan of Ajani, Caller of the Pride. His -3 can be a nice finisher, but his ultimate is too big of a threat for him to be left alone, as well as taking too long to reach in my opinion, and his +1 also feels very weak. I see him as “three mana, give a creature double strike and flying for a turn”, which feels far too situational for a go wide strategy. He also is pretty hard to protect, since he offers no protection himself, which as I mentioned before is a pretty big thing for planeswalkers.

Consistent, strong draw power however, is almost universally a good thing for you to have. This lets you go dig for your finishers, your answers, your extra lands if you need them, and generally keep up with more grindy, value based decks. Huatli, Radiant Champion gives you this pretty quickly, her +1 meaning that you can hit the emblem quickly and consistently, plus she has a synergistic finisher stapled to her as well. The massive loyalty boost that her +1 can give also means she can be pretty easy to protect against damage, so it will often take a pretty significant effort to get her out of ultimate range.

I see what you’re saying with cards like Revitalize, but I would say probably try and find cards with a stronger primary effect. Since the draw on these cards only replace themselves in hand, if you’re running them mainly for the card draw then it’s basically a card that is there for deck thinning, but does so very inefficiently. Instead, you could have something like Verdant Rebirth as a cantrip that can also serve as some protection for an important creature, or perhaps Bond of Flourishing, which gives you the ability to pick the best cards from the top of your deck, rather than having it left more to chance. Alternatively, Elemental Bond might be a cheaper draw engine that you can set up, since your lords will make most of your creatures big enough to trigger the ability.

Hope these suggestions are helpful.

9-lives on Felidae Cult

1 month ago

But what do you think of Circuitous Route? Isn't that a great card for land draw? If I need drawing power itself I'd rely on lesser cost cards. Revitalize is nice. I don't plan on using a 5 mana card for drawing power, so I'm stuck between Huatli, Radiant Champion and Ajani, Caller of the Pride. Which one is better? Sheer attacking power, or drawing power? I imagine I need more drawing power than attacking power.

BRG24 on Felidae Cult

1 month ago

I’m not sure if my view on this is the correct one, but when I’m thinking about card draw in an aggressive deck like this, I like to have it either as an engine or a single massive burst of card draw. Both of these, however, will happen in the late game. In my opinion, if you’re trying to aggressively pressure your opponent, you would much rather be playing out threats on your early turns, and then if the game starts to go longer you start setting up your card draw so that you are able to continue to compete against decks that are more focused of winning a resource battle into the late game. I feel card draw is less about ensuring that you always have the best option in hand because you’ve drawn so much early, but rather that you always have at least one option to play and keep you in contention. As I’ve said, this might not be the best way of thinking, this is probably a byproduct of me playing so much Commander.

If you want to try and build in late game card draw like this, I’ll give you a few ideas that you can maybe try. For a sort of draw engine effect, as I’ve said, Huatli, Radiant Champion is my favourite, since it can also pump one of your creatures to finish a game in addition to the emblem effect. I’m not entirely sure about your budget, and this card is very expensive, but The Great Henge is by far the strongest of these effects. With a Pridemate or Sovereign on the field it will probably cost very little, and then it can ramp you, buff all the creatures entering the board, gain life for more Pridemate triggers and draw tons of cards with all the tokens you have. The card is absurd, but of unfortunately so is it’s price tag. If you want a draw engine on a cat, then Keeper of Fables could be an interesting fit, with a decent board you could be drawing lots of cards every attack. Not as good of a 5 drop as Caracal, but certainly not bad.

For more explosive card draw, the two best options in my eyes are Return of the Wildspeaker (another returning recommendation), Shamanic Revelation and Rishkar's Expertise. Both Return and Expertise do rely on you having a big creature, which you might not always have, but do both have additional upsides. The board pump on Return can be game winning in lots of cases, giving +3/+3 to everything is amazing, and Expertise lets you cast practically any card in your deck for free. Shamanic Revelation, meanwhile, capitalises on your very wide board to draw lots of cards, which might be a more common board state. And, yet again, the card does provide quite a lot of lifegain if you have any big creatures on board.

I hope that this makes sense and helps.

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