Deathcap Cultivator

Deathcap Cultivator

Creature — Human Druid

T: Add B or G to your mana pool.

Delirium - Deathcap Cultivator has deathtouch as long as there are four or more card types among cards in your graveyard.

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Rare

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Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Highlander Legal
Pioneer Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Modern Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Leviathan Legal

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Deathcap Cultivator Discussion

saber4734 on Feels good to be Delirious (New Version)

3 months ago

bjsghebd Deathcap Cultivator was in the original version. I replaced him with Paradise Druid because she can tap for black or green plus she has hexproof. Deathcap Cultivator performed fine in the original version so i'd expect Paradise Druid to do the same. And extra ramp is not always for ramping into creatures such as Soul Swallower. I realize Liliana's -7 is still a viable game winner but I have never had the need to use it. As for Ishkanah, Grafwidow I had the same exact thought when I created the original deck. But I found that she really belongs in a deck centered around spiders. But hey maybe i'll create me a spider deck.

saber4734 on B/G Delirium

4 months ago

I like the addition of Scrapheap Scrounger. And I've played enough MTG Arena to know cards like Thoughtseize really come in handy. I don't play enough paper magic anymore to give a good opinion on Cry of the Carnarium, but your explanation sounds good. I wanted to mention a small thing about instant removal and particularly instant removal that can target one of your creatures. If you need Delirium you can always target your own creature to help get it. And if the situation presents itself an opponent might not see that coming when attacking. Picture it, you Murder your own Deathcap Cultivator and suddenly their creatures are facing a 3/3 Gnarlwood Dryad and a 4/4 Grim Flayer. Just a thought.

Commander_Olim on The Power of my Graveyard

4 months ago

Deathcap Cultivator is just a really efficient dork in general, maybe a consideration?

Kazierts on Blind Eternities Summoning

8 months ago

Coax from the Blind Eternities is an interesting card and seems really fun to build around it. However, your deck looks like it's trying to do a lot of stuff instead of focusing on the Eldrazi plan.

Sideboardwise, no reason to have those lands in there. Spawning Bed is just a bad and slow card. Shrine of the Forsaken Gods while not and amazing card, can help you cast some of your big eldrazi after fetching them from the sideboard. Maybe one or two on the main board should help.

Still regarding the sideboard, just cut out Endless One . If you're gonna get and Eldrazi from your sideboard, that Eldrazi must win you the game or enable you to win the game, and Endless One does neither. Speaking of winning the game, wouldn't it be better to search for some of the huge Eldrazi instead of Eldrazi Conscription . The conscription is a fabulous card that can definelty win you the game, but it's also easily removable by killing or ou bouncing the creature it's attached to and it provides no protection. Also, Garruk Wildspeaker should be mainboarded. It's an amazing ramp card and sort of is a combo with Shrine of the Forsaken Gods since you can tap two of these for 4 mana and untap with him for more 4 mana, which would really help to cast and Eldrazi.

Now, speaking of cards that win you the game. Spawnsire of Ulamog can be an option to fetch so you can cast all of your other Eldrazi without having to fetch with a sorcery. Kozilek, the Great Distortion can help you refill your hand and enables you to counter an opponent's spell if you can discard a card, which can be useful if you think your opponent has a Path to Exile or a card that could deal with an Eldrazi. Void Winnower just locks your opponents out of hopefully half of their spells and makes it easier to attack with your creatures.

Rampwise, replace Eyeless Watcher with Kozilek's Predator since the Predator has a bigger body, is the same cost and produces the same amount of mana. From Beyond is not a bad card since the tokens could, technically, block attacks for you. However, regarding mana ramp, Awakening Zone is better since it drops one turn earlier, but it more expensive moneywise. From Beyond can also have other uses but I'll suggest other things later. Deathcap Cultivator helps you toward your goal of casting big things, even enabling you to splash black in the deck, while can also get deathtouch thus helping you to block. Just cut Heir of the Wilds for Deathcap Cultivator .

I still have other things I can suggest but I'd like to see what you think of what I said before continuing.

Darth_Savage on Putrit Extinction

8 months ago

Surprise deathtouch is better than obvious deathtouch, in game one anyway, so cards like Ambush Viper or Blacklance Paragon can be used as a removal spell more easily than Deadly Recluse for example.

This though isn't the biggest issue with your deck. Your mana curve is skewed towards three drops and you have no ramp. If you want to keep a potential deathtoucher then Deathcap Cultivator would be an option, but you are likely better with Elvish Mystic or similar. Without some form of ramp, your deck isn't doing much until turn three or four, which isn't a great place to be.

You can play creatures with deathtouch, but this is an answer, not a win condition, a deathtouch creature is a removal spell on a body. Against a deck which leans heavily on first strike, Indestructible or a deck that wants to win without creatures your deathtouchers become ineffective. "A deck has a strategy. A goal. A plan. It's directly employing overall tactics." - Gavin Verhey, this quote comes from

I'd suggest you have a read of the article, it's solid advice and better than what I can provide here or on reddit...

Wolfpig on Time to Win

10 months ago

Maybe some of these could replace those Gigantosaurus which are usually only good for high devotion or mono green decks. I would suggest some dual lands also.


- Woodland Cemetery

- Overgrown Tomb

- Temple of Malady

- Blooming Marsh

- Twilight Mire

- Llanowar Wastes

- Tainted Wood

- Gilt-Leaf Palace


- Thorn Mammoth for control/removal.

- Leyline Prowler is another option for smoothing out your ramp.

- Deathcap Cultivator can also help.

Shabompistan on Kresh prefeered

1 year ago

Ideally you would not be sacrificing things until Kresh is out mid-game right? I don't really see it as an issue. I think there are more cards with decent reanimation built in that you could use: Squee, the Immortal , Squee, Goblin Nabob , Gutterbones , Endless Cockroaches

If you want something to do early game I always fall back on ramp. Jund has so many ramp options. I would suggest you swap all your mana rocks for mana dorks since you can get benefits if they die. I did this same thing with my Prossh, Skyraider of Kher deck, and found many different dorks: Deathcap Cultivator , Elves of Deep Shadow , Llanowar Elves , Elvish Mystic , Tinder Wall and many more.

Cheap ramp spells like Rampant Growth , Farseek , Nature's Lore

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