Ghired has been having some anger management issues lately. Animal therapy was suggested as a treatment, but Ghired didn't really understand the point. Now he smashes face with the animals.

This is a heavily upgraded Ghired, Conclave Exile precon deck.

The oofs:

  • The most obvious weakness with this deck is the same as Kaalia's. If you can't protect or attack with Ghired, you're quite screwed. He should be protected as soon as he hits the board. Playing Swiftfoot Boots or Lightning Greaves before him if possible should always be done. Reconnaissance is also some broken ass-saving value here.

  • I also don't currently have any active playgroups so adjusting to a single meta is quite hard. That'll settle once I find someone to play with. Changing cities is always a pain.

I'm still thinking about running some artifact recycling cards and tutoring for enchantments/artifacts since so many of them have a big role on this plan.

Samut, Voice of Dissent is currently the only haste-for-everyone guy, should I be playing more? In the Web of War or Fires of Yavimaya maybe?

Still a work in progress, needs some playtesting and any help is appreciated! Thanks for reading!


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