Sundering Growth

Sundering Growth


Destroy target artifact or enchantment, then populate. (Create a token that's a copy of a creature token you control.)

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Sundering Growth Discussion

Kazierts on Lifelink Cats

1 month ago

Hope this wall of text doesn't bore you to death!

abbatromebone on Jeskai Poppet

1 month ago
  • What makes the ratio the hardest is its meta dependent the slower the games are the more 3 drops you can have, but its faster than you really need to pump tokens. The most consistent way is probably having a control shell and using tokens to win, but its also a really boring play style.
  • I have a similar deck to yours in a way Merica' Enchant it pillow forts until it can cast assemble the legion and then I go wide and tall. You dont have to go that way but its a cheaper version of what you have and is really fun.
  • Looking back Raise the Alarm is good in your deck and Rootborn Defenses can also help with your deck but is very reactive. Sundering Growth is also a good SB card if your playing against artifact and enchantment decks.

superwill123 on Lathril elf token swarm commander

2 months ago

Rhys the Redeemed, Sundering Growth, and Growing Ranks are al white cards, making them illegal in your deck. for replacements, I can recommend Abomination of Llanowar, Reclamation Sage, and Sylvan Offering.

m0rbidhuskies on Token Ramp Deck-Wolves

2 months ago

Sundering Growth might be a better choice for artifact removal over Root Out, cheaper CMC and helps you make wolf tokens.

ClockworkSwordfish on People are the Biggest Monsters

3 months ago

The deck looks very solid - it's smart that you included so many ways to spread indestructibility around, since board wipes are basically the only answer to a deck that builds up this many fearsome creatures! That said, there are a few card slots that I'm more... skeptical of. Possibly there's an opportunity to tighten these spots up!

Demystify is something of a, well, mystifying choice. It gets the job done, but even for the exact same mana cost there are a number of strictly superior options, including Erase, Wax / Wane and Light of Hope. For your build in particular, you might prefer something like Sundering Growth for the added effect and ability to nail artifacts as well. Since you're running very few ways to deal with artifacts, finding room for options like Nature's Claim, Sylvan Reclamation and Aura Shards is probably worthwhile!

The card advantage and lifegain of Camaraderie is great, but since you're aiming to grow such a buff army, you might find you often get more life from Shamanic Revelation, which even costs one mana less! The only advantage of Camaraderie is really the +1/+1 which feels pretty minor at six mana.

One other choice I was curious about was Mentor of the Meek. Normally he's great card advantage for a white deck, but seeing as your commander quickly gives all of your creatures a big static boost, it might quickly be the case that you never have a creature with power 2 or less coming into play, even if they're a 1/1 token. Do you find this ever backfires, or Kyler is active rarely enough that it doesn't often overlap?

To support your strategy, a few other cards that might be a good fit in this build come to mind. It's a little slow and clunky, but Hydra's Growth might be a great way to achieve truly ludicrous size on Kyler. Deftblade Elite is a super versatile one-drop that can do it all: help your other creatures get past blockers, or hold off a deadly attacker indefinitely. Thanks to the boosts your commander is handing out, though, it's conceivable that the Elite could quickly get big enough to kill off a utility creature every turn thanks to Provoke, too! Mother of Runes is also a superb one-drop that is great for protecting your commander from any unwanted interactions.

TheReal_MtGHaystak on Abzan Token Buff

3 months ago

Sundering Growth might also be a spicy option to sideboard for some artifact/enchantment hate as it removes a card from the opponent's field and gets you a token with its populate ability

eliakimras on Ghired - Precon Primal Genesis - Heavy Upgrade

4 months ago

Hey! Kinda late, but I would like to suggest some stuff:

(Disclaimer: I have a budget way lower than yours, but I've been tinkering with Ghired for almost two years - he's my favorite commander. I'll break the suggested upgrades down into categories for better organization.)

Haste enablers:

Ramp: Run at least 15 ramp cards to make your deck flow smoother and faster.

Direct damage:

Extra combats: You don't have to worry about your opponents' answers if they never get to their turn, so...


Card draw: Alongside ramp, it is my main concern with Ghired. I want to be able to rebuild my board after a boardwipe.

  • Garruk's Uprising is a better Colossal Majesty, even giving evasion to your creatures.

  • I believe that Camaraderie can be substituted for Shamanic Revelation as the latter cost less mana. Mouth / Feed is another option that creates its own big token. Return of the Wildspeaker can either draw cards or buff creatures for an alpha strike.

  • Keeper of Fables triggers all other power-based card draw, while giving easy draw triggers to all your trampling creatures. Elder Gargaroth is a buffed, more versatile version of it. And remember: both can be cloned for extra juicy draw or extra tokens.

  • Sylvan Library is an overall great card filter for your regular draws. It gets better with shufflers like fetchlands and tutors.

  • Since your deck is focused on attacking and getting extra combat steps, Etali, Primal Storm might be a fun way to play your opponents' cards while lowering their life points.

Some cards I suggest you to remove:

  • Sundering Growth: you already have enough flexible removal. You will almost never be in a situation in which the token to copy and the artifact/enchantment to remove are optimal choices. Since you're running Eladamri's Call, Reclamation Sage might be worth including (and cloned for the enjoyment of your friends).
  • Starnheim Unleashed: one token is too little for a whole card slot in the deck. If you're foretelling, it costs a lot of mana to be worthwhile. The game might be over before that.
  • Growing Ranks: waiting a whole rotation to get a token which does not even have haste is not ideal.
  • Ghired's Belligerence, Full Flowering: good for a late game play, mostly dead until then. I like those, but I removed them in favor of more mid-game cards, since I might not last until 9+ mana.
  • Trostani, Selesnya's Voice: while on-theme, it does little to advance your win condition.
  • Thunderfoot Baloth: not an amazing buff. Your creatures are big already, and Garruk's Uprising takes care of the evasion.
  • Feldon of the Third Path: all-star when there is a lot of graveyard filling - there is none in this deck. (I really tried to keep him on my deck because I like the card, but most of the time there was no creature in my graveyard.)
  • Eldrazi Displacer: are you using it for a combo? I couldn't identify it.

Some cool lands for you to try out: (landbase is my favorite part of deckbuilding)

I hope I've been of some help to you. I didn't suggest many token-related cards because I believe that, as long as you have decent ramp, draw and removal in your deck, you can win to your heart's content. Wanna throw in a Godsire? Do it. Prefer to clone your opponents' creatures with Hate Mirage? Go ahead. But the fundamentals of the deck is what makes it flow consistently. Have fun and smash 'em all (and run Doubling Season for extra fun) ;-)

SaberTech on Yikes! Humans!

6 months ago

Glad to help :)

I haven't tried making a human tribal deck, but recent sets have definitely give players some interesting new options to work with so it was a bit fun to see if I could find some budget options to suggest. There's probably a lot more, I was mostly going off of cards that jumped to mind.

I think that you'll see a noticeable improvement in the deck if you work in some more removal though. A lot of decks these days leverage particular cards to make big plays so being able to efficiently interrupt those plays will help improve your win-rate overall. Something like Sundering Growth, for instance, might fit better than similar alternatives since Populate could help you squeeze a little more value out of the card. Oh, and the new Cathar Commando is a card worth picking up multiple copies off to use in decks, especially this one because you can potentially get multiple uses out of it thanks to Sun Titan.

You'll probably want at least 2 more instant-speed creature removal spells as well. Path to Exile would be a good one, but that's pricey for just a piece of removal if you are sticking to a budget. Something like Seal Away or Stasis Snare are less good but might be worth looking at since they are also cards that Sun Titan can get back if they go to the graveyard. Green has some options like Ram Through but they require you to have big enough creatures on the board to be worthwhile, which is a bit iffy for your deck because a lot of your creatures start off smaller. Beast Within is a popular option because it can hit anything but it can be a little pricy depending on what printing you get. It's a card worth shopping around for though because it's always worth having a few copies in your collection as staple commander cards.

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