Mirror Gallery


The "legend rule" doesn't apply.

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Mirror Gallery Discussion

MindAblaze on Blade of Selves shinanigans

5 days ago

Putting Blade of Selves on a legendary creature without Mirror Gallery out just leads to dead tokens. White and red do have a lot of great ETB abilities to take advantage of the Blade though. Sun Titan and Restoration Angel for example.

KylerStar on What is the purpose of ...

1 week ago

Mirror Gallery can also be used to counter Decks. I personally run a Sharuum the Hegemon deck. This deck wins by having something like Altar of the Brood on the board, then copying her, which creates a loop of sacrificing her and recurring her back. Thus milling every players deck. This can also be use to throw infinite damage or remove everyone's library's from the game with Bitter Ordeal. This interaction relies heavily on the Legend Rule and is much harder to pull off without it.

PierreThePlaneswalker on Gideon Tribal

1 week ago

I recommend Kytheon, Hero of Akros  Flip for early game pressure!

Besides for that I think you ought to know that Mirror Gallery, sadly, doesn't work with Planeswalkers :(

Cutsin on GIDEONZ

2 weeks ago

Mirror Gallery, just because Gideon deserves to see himself destroy his opponents.

Neotrup on Do Embalm tokens deal commander ...

3 weeks ago

The token is legendary. The only things that embalm changes is mana cost (removing it, thus making CMC 0), color (setting it to monowhite), and creature type (adding zombie in addition to other types). Were it not legendary you'd still need to pay the casting cost (including tax), then send it from either the stack or battlefield to the graveyard in order to be able to embalm. As previously mentioned, Mirror Gallery can get around the legend rule anyways.

CheeseBro on Do Embalm tokens deal commander ...

3 weeks ago

Do tokens created from Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun deal commander damage because they have the same name as him?

If so, if I have multiple of these tokens (due to Mirror Gallery for example), do they all deal commander damage?


Skulloelegy on Amonkhet Spoilers and Speculation.

3 weeks ago

I love Temmet, he's super unique, but aside from Intangible Virtue I can't think of anything that screams broken for EDH...

Mirror Gallery

Oh wait, yes I can.

Hybrow on Steal, Mill, Kill, & Thrill! w/ Lazav

4 weeks ago

Blade of Selves works great with True-Name Nemesis. But you are right, it would kill Lazav, Dimir Mastermind or any other Legendary.

If you really wanted it, you put in Mirror Gallery, but seems like a tough add just so you could copy Lazav. I would still recommend it though for clones who copy creatures with ETB effects, like Clever Impersonator and Phyrexian Metamorph. Then when you copy them, if I am reading them right they dont have to be a copy of the attacking creature, could be copy of any creature on board.

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