Sakura-Tribe Scout

Creature — Snake Shaman Scout

Tap: You may put a land card from your hand into play.

DreadKhan on low-cost, extra annoying, tutor your heart out!

6 days ago

In my experience using Retreat with Artist, it worked well at a lower budget, but in the decks I used it I eventually need to get a card like Sakura-Tribe Scout to get infinite landfall. Artist is actually a really solid ramper in a deck that can expect to get extra cards into hand, and if you just don't fetch Retreat until you need it, it'll rarely be an issue. For a card that's worse maybe, I look at The Birth of Meletis, I suspect it's pretty bad to draw, getting a Basic Plains after you've already gotten access to White isn't going to matter a whole lot, but it is a land drop you'll hit. With Dreamscape Artist, you get weenie sac fodder, but you're ramping, so you get actual lands into play, and if all you have is Blue mana, Dreamscape can get you Black and White the same turn, possibly letting you cast Zur, the lands are untapped even. Thus, I think you'd much prefer to draw Dreamscape to Birth, and I can't think of too many situations when you really want to fetch Birth with Zur, I suspect you have much more important things to find in almost any scenario. For Retreat, I'd look at pulling any of the small buff Auras, I suspect they aren't big enough buffs in multiplayer when you can already fetch stuff like All That Glitters or Ethereal Armor for a much bigger buff. Retreat would then work with Stasis to some extent, but also with Dreamscape Artist. Aside, but if you did add a big ramp combo like that, you could also throw in Daily Regimen as a way to soak up large amounts of mana.

Nighthowler's main use is to create an alternative Voltron target that is already big enough to one-shot people, so it is pretty meta-dependent. Is everyone on mill strategies with lots of creatures in their decks? If so, this can be better than swinging with Zur, and mostly needs evasion and protection, things you're already running. It can also be a big blocker if you give it Vigilance I suppose, but giving it Shadow or Unblockable is really shocking the first time, when people thought all you had was a 30/30 vanilla. If you actually draw it btw, it can be a gargantuan buff for Zur, even in a typical scenario by late game it'll add tons of power to Zur compared to any other single Aura that isn't Colossification, but technically this can be even bigger. It works well with Court of Cunning as a fetchable Mill source that can do serious work if you're safe from being attacked. I actually theory-crafted a deck around Solitary Confinement and Court of Cunning with Zur finding both. You'll also want a way to draw more cards after you've got it set up, but you're fairly hard to take the Monarchy from at that point, and Court pays for Solitary every turn. Nighthowler could then speed up the closing of the game for you if Milling people to death by itself sounds too slow.

Triton on Omnath: Rage or Roil?

2 weeks ago

Thank youTypicalTimmy! I might try Roil for a bit, and worst case I can throw the UG pieces into a Simic money pile deck because I have some cards I want to put into decks sometime.

Also on a sidenote, that's a super fun combo! I have haste outlets in the deck already because of all the tokens Angry Omnom generates. Also dang, when did DEN become $10? I remember when it was $1-2, as with many other cards haha.

I definitely like the combos and interactions that blue opens up, like Retreat to Coralhelm + Sakura-Tribe Scout + bouncelands for infinite landfall triggers, pair that with Amulet of Vigor and you have infinite mana to boot!

nbarry223 on Viga-BOOM! (Turn 2)

1 month ago

I definitely agree, and I am keeping the 2 for now, but the digging power feels good enough that I have the space if I need it for something else. I have 7 large creatures + 4 pacts + 2 turntimber (which does whiff once in a while). A lot of the time a Primeval Titan will seal the game, while a sideboard creature just puts me in a better spot (they don't have haste and aren't lethal the next turn usually). Depending on the situation, it can be better to gamble on drawing good. Even if I whiff on those draws, I just eliminated 3 bad draws which might have cost me the game anyway if they could have dealt with that singular threat.

Cultivator Colossus is the only fatty that isn't ideal to draw over a sideboard option, but even it isn't that bad. Elderscale Wurm is better stalling and just as good of a body, and Primeval Titan is just well...what the deck is built around.

Also, a lot of the non-fatty cards I can draw help me out depending on what other presence I have. There's a lot of smaller synergies throughout the deck. The only bad draw is really Sakura-Tribe Scout and Arboreal Grazer. Even lands can add value whether through lifegain (Courser of Kruphix), card draw (Cultivator Colossus), or their inherent utility (most of my lands do something).

Most of the time when I actually need something, it is a green bounceland (or enough smaller lands to get to 6), and this helps big time in filling that slot. It just so happens that it also fills the big creature hole pretty well too (around 60% consistency if I had none).

It really shines when I am low on threats, since this helps to replenish in a big way. If I don't have enough for Glittering Wish + casting the big guy same turn, this is the obvious choice (I can hold up interaction then cash in on card advantage if I don't feel threatened). If I've not used all the extra land drops I have access to, this is that much better as well. It's just an all around great card, and I'm only talking about one mode on it. Eliminating my opponent's largest threat is great, and the option of exiling their graveyard at instant speed can sometimes be relevant.

Ammonzy on Jund Loam [Modern Heartless Gitrog]

1 month ago


i picked Arboreal Grazer over Sakura-Tribe Scout cause STS suffers from summoning sickness. However you did mention something I didnt think about which was if she does stick around, her land drop ability can be used to make lands into instant speed removal. Also the increased card advantage with Valakut Exploration, STS generates a lot more value as the game goes on than it would in the variant

Definitely something worth testing out.

nbarry223 on Jund Loam [Modern Heartless Gitrog]

1 month ago

Also, I'm thinking Sakura-Tribe Scout may be an improvement over Arboreal Grazer in this build, since you can ping at instant speed with Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and Dread Presence for a form of interaction with your opponent's creatures if needed. It's also a reusable extra land per turn, although it isn't relevant the turn it is played.

Just something to consider.

king-saproling on Shitty Gritty Landfall Shenanigans/Combo

2 months ago

Amulet of Vigor might be worth including since it works well alongside Scapeshift, Splendid Reclamation, Lotus Field, Mesmeric Orb, etc.

Others you might like are Bone Miser, Stone-Seeder Hierophant, Sakura-Tribe Scout, Burgeoning, Sylvan Scrying, Dread Return, Dryad Arbor, Deserted Temple, Golgari Grave-Troll, Stinkweed Imp, Golgari Thug, Kodama of the East Tree, Dark Ritual, Hickory Woodlot, Peat Bog

king-saproling on Kura, the Boundless Sky [Lands]

2 months ago

Inventors' Fair might be worth making room for. It can find your sac outlets. You could include Darksteel Citadel, Treasure Vault, and Tree of Tales to ensure that you're able to use the Fair.

These might interest you too: Sakura-Tribe Scout, Skyshroud Ranger, Llanowar Scout, Budoka Gardener  Flip, Scaled Herbalist, Walking Atlas, Terrain Generator, Deserted Temple, Tranquil Thicket

nbarry223 on Viga-BOOM! (Turn 2)

2 months ago

I like Sejiri Steppe a lot, it works as instant speed protection with Sakura-Tribe Scout and can be bounced or copied for re-usability. It is a nice thing to make Primeval Titan unblockable, but it does more than that for the deck.

I usually have either Dragonlord Dromoka or Sigarda, Host of Herons in the side, but I had The Gitrog Monster in the side as a second copy as well for a bit, but found I really wanted a white cost instead of black, since I didn't always have the access to both colors - this was when I completely cut the other 2. So I added back Dragonlord Dromoka since he does more for me overall.

I really only need 1 multi colored creature in the side, but I found having a choice of abilities was nice, so I now have 2 options, thanks to trading out the Leyline of Sanctity for Veil of Summer gaving me the space to play with the sideboard slots a bit more.

I've also found that having a lower CMC creature which impacts the gamestate in some way (The Gitrog Monster) really helps when I don't have enough mana for a Primeval Titan, so I've also liked that change.

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