Cut / Ribbons

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Pioneer Legal
Vintage Legal

Cut / Ribbons



Cut deals 4 damage to target creature.


Aftermath (Cast this spell only from your graveyard. Then exile it.)

Each opponent loses X life.

amarthaler on [Primer] Mogis' Slaughter House: Murder Made Tasty

2 months ago

Very nice Rakdos slug deck. I highly recommend adding Repercussion to pair with Blasphemous Act which is already in your deck, as well as Mana Geyser paired with Cut / Ribbons which is in your maybe board. Both those pairings have won me many games with my group slug deck - just this past Friday, Repercussion did 117 damage to one fella, and I followed it up with X=19 Ribbons thanks to Mana Geyser.

I took Haunting Wind as an idea from your deck list and will have to place it within my own - to punish all those treasure lovers out there!

Please check out my Obosh deck when you have time:

Thanks for sharing!

Grind on Strefan and his vampires

3 months ago

Cool deck!!!
Because you will have blood tokens and have to discard cards to draw cards, have you considered running some cards with flashback or aftermath so they are useful cards in your graveyard?
Some examples: Dread Return, Cut / Ribbons, Crawl from the Cellar, Faithless Looting, Seize the Day, Visions of Dread, Visions of Ruin, Wake to Slaughter are some options!
Anyway just some thoughts, cheers and have fun!!

UnleashedHavok on Are You Sure You Want to Do That? V2

4 months ago

Thanks for taking a look Optimator! I appreciate the compliment on my deck. It's pretty heavily inspired by precociousapprentice's list and primer.

I totally get not being able to keep up with WotC's release schedule, that was one of the big reasons why I stepped away from Magic for a bit. That, and the birth of my son a little over 2 years ago lol. Don't know if you know, but the adorable little buggers are time consuming, in the best way.

Now for your suggestions. I really like all of the cards, but not sure whether or not they fit in to the mentality behind this deck and I'll tell you why.

I really like Cut / Ribbons and had not seen it before, but if you look at my card choices, almost everything is at instant speed. I'm already thinking I'm going to cut (hehe) Dusk / Dawn. The reason for this is that I want all of my responses to being attacked to be decisive, and fatal for the aggressor. I do not want to actively agitate the table until I am ready to take control of the game, or win outright. Blowing up people's stuff agitates them, and makes them want retribution. It might be a great card to discard to Key to the City to encourage attacks toward other people at the table, or for a surprise assassination.... hmmmmm. My next question on that would be, what would your suggested cut be to ad in Cut / Ribbons and why, now knowing a bit of the rationale behind the deck.

I have been going back and forth on Exsanguinate, and also Debt to the Deathless. I really like both cards for flavor and use. But I will say that two of the big, swing-y win cons in this deck are Acidic Soil, and Price of Progress. And that is what gives me pause. I will generally get 5-6 lands and then start pitching land cards to Key to the City, assuming I have mana rocks out to supplement the rest of my pool. Pitching lands to Key to the City to allow attacks of my opponents. Encouraging strife, and making it seem as though I am growing weaker. The curve of this deck is low since so many of the answers are 2-3 mana. I've been debating whether or not Exsanguinate would just be a dead draw.

Finally Approach of the Second Sun. This card has absolutely fascinated me since it came out. I love the flavor of the card, the artwork I think is great. Really lovely. It also puts a time-clock on the table, an intense sense of urgency. And I've always thought it would paint a great big target on it's player's forehead. I haven't experienced playing it myself, and haven't been at a table where it has been played so don't know the response to it. To steal from precociousapprentice yet again, the removal in this deck is meant to be surgical, to allow the rest of the table to cultivate their own board states freely as long as I am able to handle them, to appear weak until it is time to take the reins. I'm not sure whether or not Approach of the Second Sun fits in to that.

Again, I am open to discussion. That's what I want from this. I do like the card suggestions, I think they are all solid cards. But I'm not convinced they fit with the mentality of the deck.

Optimator on Are You Sure You Want to Do That? V2

4 months ago

Decks like this I always consider Cut / Ribbons and Exsanguinate since they can be a bit durdle-y. Easy do draw out the game and get that land count up. Maybe Approach of the Second Sun as well.

amarthaler on EDH Rakdos Group Slug

4 months ago


Out: Drain Life and Fireball

In: Cut / Ribbons and Pain's Reward

Drain Life wasn't really doing much for me and, although Fireball is very nostalgic for me and the art is wonderful, wasn't strong enough. Cut/Ribbons will be nice removal for low CMC and later hit the table with life loss. Pain's Reward just looks super fun!

Optimator on You break it you buy it.

5 months ago

Cut / Ribbons is a good budget win-con for decks that make lots of mana. Highly recommend

Davinoth on Prosper's Purgatory [Treasure EDH]

10 months ago

     Leonantti: So far it's been pretty good! Every game I've been able to make a lot of treasures and reliably cast a big value Torment of Hailfire or Exsanguinate. Cut / Ribbons is definitely right up my alley and will be a definite addition!

     It's a steep price to pay to pick them up, but if you're planning on making Prosper a mainstay in your collection of decks then I'd highly recommend investing in or trading for Sensei's Divining Top & Scroll Rack to help control what he's exiling from the top of your library.

     BX223Hunter: That's a lot of great suggestions! Chaos Wand and Inspiring Statuary will definitely be finding a home here, I think. Creative Technique is pretty neat, too - not sure if it will make the cut at 5 CMC though. A lot of my focus in the building process was trying to keep the number of 4+ mana cards to a minimum to enable being able to play whatever I have exiled and still having mana for spells in my hand as well.

     Wandering Archaic  Flip was in my original build and may yet make it back in after more playtesting, but was also cut in the pursuit of reducing mana costs. Draugr Necromancer is good and not something I had considered. May not make the cut but something I'm going to mull over. I've been trying to acquire Uba Mask but haven't been able to find one in the wild yet. May end up having to order one, but will definitely be in the deck once I can find one.

     Thanks so much for the comments, suggestions and upvotes! =D

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