Upgraded, Commander version of the Savage Hunger Brawl precon, with Korvold as my commander. Most additions/changes are either whatever rare lands I've got lying around (+ ramp cards from my C19 precon), or whatever random cards I've got that have sacrifice synergy (my LGS gave me about 2000 commons and uncommons from ORI/BFZ/OGW/SOI/EMN/KLD/M20, so that's why I've got random BFZ and SOI block cards in there but nothing from AKH or whatever).

As with my Kadena deck, any suggestions are welcome! Although with this deck I'm actually mostly looking for... well, where to start looking; sets/blocks, that kinda thing, since to start with, I'll be looking through bulk sets/bulk rares at my LGS. With my Kadena deck I knew to look at KTK block and anything in Sultai colours with the morph keyword on it, while with Korvold, I'm not so sure since sacrifice synergy is much more common, and I only really know recent Standard (M19 through ELD) and a little bit of KTK block (due to looking through most of it for Kadena). I'll probably be looking at KTK block again for cards with exploit, but that's all I've got so far.

Mostly looking to be able to compete with either actual Commander precons or somewhere below CEDH, as the one person I know who plays commander owns mostly custom decks he's built that I'm pretty sure are much, much stronger than anything I've got, but I'm not sure if they're CEDH level. However, he has a bunch of precons that he's perfectly willing to use/lend out in order to bring down the power level; so being able to play my Korvold deck as a pseudo-commander precon would be nice.


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