Pollenbright Druid

Pollenbright Druid

Creature — Elf Druid

When Pollenbright Druid enters the battlefield, choose one —

  • Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature.
  • Proliferate. (Choose any number of permanents and/or players, then give each another counter of each kind already there.)

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Pollenbright Druid Discussion

Degaine on GW Modular

3 weeks ago

not enough creatures to make Winding Way playable enough. Most of the time you are going to hit 1 or even 0.

Travel Preparations could be cool, Pollenbright Druid is just a lord or enabler, same as Bloom Hulk. Maybe Basri's Acolyte or Aquastrand Spider?

Ainok Survivalist could be nice sb card.

wallisface on mono-green-proliferate-need-help

1 month ago

CloudFrog if you’re wanting to go down the route of running a playset of Nissa, Who Shakes the World, then I would suggest the following changes:

  • ditch the other walkers, as well as all your enchants & artifacts.

  • go up to 24 lands, and run around 8 mana dorks to accelerate your mana base.

  • look to add 3-4 Rishkar, Peema Renegade as your primary way to add counters and bolster the team, while also providing you the ramp needed to get Nissa out early.

  • I like your existing creatures of Duskshell Crawler, Evolution Sage, Llanowar Elves and Pollenbright Druid. The other ones i’m unsure on (though they’re not bad). I think Arboreal Grazer could be good as early ramp, as well as a defender for keeping Nissa safe.

  • with all that ramp, 2-3 copies of Harmonize might be good. In any case, i wouldn’t bother with card draw outside of that card

Unlife on Pure Poison *Primer*

7 months ago

Boundless Realms could work well, it ramps a ton and with a few poison counters and Pollenbright Druid on the field, it could knock out a couple of players. Lifecrafter's Bestiary gives you a free scry, plus a way to draw cards. Beast Whisperer can also help with card draw, in particular for you since you'll be casting a lot of low cmc creatures. I know the focus is on deathtouch, but Blight Mamba could be a nice low cmc creature, especially since it can usually survive a boardwipe. Rhonas's Monument functions as both pump and cost reducer, and Rogue's Passage can help get through that last bit of damage. Inkmoth Nexus , I know its infect instead of deathtouch, but it has a bit of evasion, and Skyshroud Claim is great forest specific ramp. I hope this helps, great deck, always awesome to see more poison decks being built.

morgud on Stompy Scales

8 months ago

Thanks for the suggestion. With limited protection I leaned slightly toward Kujar Seedsculptor because with a Hardened Scales in play it has a toughness of 4. But you're correct that in non-burn matchups Pollenbright Druid is better.

mlequesne on Stompy Scales

8 months ago

you could try Pollenbright Druid instead of Kujar Seedsculptor, since it can put more than 1 counter.

Cheers bro <3

Valengeta on Fungal Growth

1 year ago

Pollenbright Druid can give you another body to sacrifice to Mycoloth, while also giving a +1/+1 counter if needed or Proliferating your spore counters. Thallid is a 1 drop that generates and uses spore counters. Mirror Entity takes all your frail creatures and turns them as big as you can pay for. Overrun can be a nice finisher with all these tokens lying around

I would remove Contagion Engine for another Mycoloth. Raking Canopy is only good for Sideboard and doesn't need to be in Mainboard as it can well be a dead card on your hand. I would also switch out Tukatongue Thallid for another Utopia Mycon and Thallid Shell-Dweller

Other than that I would trim the number of your lands to maybe like 22-23, while removing Fungal Sprouting and adding either Pollenbright Druid or Sporecrown Thallid

kenvan19 on Slaves of Bolas

1 year ago

First off, I want to say how much I love/appreciate your descriptions because they give me the ability to sort of step into your shoes and play the deck from your perspective. I've built a few different iterations of planeswalker-only decks and I had noticed the same thing about proliferate! Pollenbright Druid is one of my favorites for Mono-Green along side The Great Henge...it gets dirty.

Oh lordy - finished my play through on this deck and it was just downright mean. Kudos, my man!

channelfireball12345 on Magic: The RPG (Level Up/Proliferate) *Updated!*

1 year ago

If you do choose to add green, you'll find that there are many more good proliferate options available to you, including Evolution Sage, Pollenbright Druid, and maybe even Bloom Hulk, although that last one is one the slightly more expensive/less efficient/impactful side for constructed. Flux Channeler is another strong option, as is Roalesk, Apex Hybrid, though adding him may end up taking your deck in a somewhat different direction. Still could be worth playtesting though.

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