Act of Treason


Gain control of target creature until end of turn. Untap that creature. It gains haste until end of turn. (It can attack and this turn.)

Baiken_3D on Jund Snackrifice

3 weeks ago

Instead of the Shambling Shell and Golgari Rotwurm, I think the deck could instead utilize some Body Dropper and Iron Apprentice, as well as bumping the Bloodbriar to 4. Ideally, the Mark of Mutiny can be replaced with another Act of Treason or a Bloody Betrayal for some kind of draw filtering, or perhaps another Lose Calm for stealing the opponent's strongest creatures for combat and sacrificing them before it wears off. Some Tentative Connection would be exceptionally useful alongside Body Dropper.

dnthymamai on Come On Baby Light My Fire

2 months ago

Powerful deck!

I would suggest you would consider Dragon's Claw instead of Staff of the Flame Magus. It may heal you less when fighting a Green or White deck, but it will come out a turn earlier, and you have greater chances of winning a mirrormatch.

Another similar suggestion would be swapping Act of Treason with another spell (since you are in mono-red, you can do it) that does a little bit more. e.g. Harness by Force or Hijack. But the best in your case would definitely be Kari Zev's Expertise ! :-)

MaximumEdgeLord on Cult of the Forgotten Gods

3 months ago

It looks like this deck could use Thunderkin Awakener to reanimate Lightning Skelemental and Ashenmoor Liege. Also in modern Claim the Firstborn is heads and shoulders better than Act of Treason, so you should play 4. Actually Kari Zev's Expertise should replace Act of Treason entirely. Really cool deck!

DrSnipy on Cult of the Forgotten Gods

4 months ago

Bone Shards definitly is a valid card for this deck, but I prefer Bedevil, because it can also target artifacts and planeswalkers, and because with Priest of Forgotten Gods, the enemys sacs thier creatures too. If there still are creatures, I use Act of Treason or Claim the Firstborn to steal it, and sac it to Village Rites for card draw or the Priest to fuel the engine.

darkin10s on Obeka, Reckless Chronicler

4 months ago

Cards like Act of Treason don't synergize with Obeka's ability, in case you don't know. I found it confusing at first, too, and have heard multiple different takes on the effectiveness of the card, but cards like Act of Treason, Ideas Unbound, or Insurrection end at 'End of Turn'. Obeka ends the turn, going straight to clean up step. Wasn't sure if you knew.

Gattison on New hubs to be added

4 months ago

legendofa: First of all, that's awesome, I'm saving that with my other resources. Secondly, if we make this list public knowledge, or easily findable, then you could basically name things whatever you want, tbh heh.

As for naming the "Act of Treason" archetype, I would like to cast my vote as Team Aikido. I spoke up for Prowess, because I cared about it, and now I feel the same need here. So...

Ahem. (lol, no Shh, I'm being serious)

Not every archetype is "obviously" named. 12-post, 8-rack and aristocrats are all actually pretty vague to newer players, for example. Aikido gives a coolish sounding name to a semi-popular style of play, AND it incorporates more than outright, Blatant Thievery. ;] Aikido means to use your opponent's momentum/force (aka your opponents' decks) against themselves. I feel this broader, more nuanced and thoughtful title is not only somewhat established (note the post linked is five years old), if not admittedly obscure, but also allows for similar-but different ideas, like milling everyone to reanimate all their best stuff, or more importantly copying opponent's spells, which isn't actually stealing. All of these play styles similarly require one or more opponents in order to achieve their goal of using other players cards against them. The archetype deserves a more accurate title than "Theft" or "Steal" imho. Otherwise I ask why something like "Voltron" would not be subject to the same renaming conventions?

There. And if that doesn't convince the board, I don't know what will. =)

shadow63 on New hubs to be added

4 months ago

legendofa maybe use theft for Mind Control and Act of Treason effects. I'm surprised Clone doesn't have a tag already. Especially with the Gyruda, Doom of Depths deck

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