Bontu the Glorified

Bontu the Glorified

Legendary Creature — God

Menace, indestructible

This can't attack or block unless a creature died under your control this turn (was put into the graveyard from the battlefield).

, Sacrifice another creature: Scry 1. Each opponent loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.

Bontu the Glorified Discussion

Icaruskid on Drink Death Like Wine

4 months ago

Super fun deck! Made me think about Bontu the Glorified and Phyrexian Obliterator.

GrimlockVIII on Official missing/incorrect card/token thread

5 months ago

Yo uh Bontu the Glorified shows up as legal in pauper for some reason even tho he clearly isn't.

It'd be cool if he was tho.

GrimlockVIII on Bontu the Glorified

5 months ago

Was looking at a list of Pauper cards and I noticed Bontu the Glorified is somehow legal.

How tho? The dude's a mythic rare, right?

MoreSizemore on esper control for nick

11 months ago

Take Out: - Merciless Eviction exiles so that will not trigger our boy, Nev.

  • Bontu the Glorified really doesn't seem that good. You dont have a lot of creatures to sack. Sure you could get a bunch from Nev. Its too many conditions needed for Bontu.

  • Emeria's Call  Flip is not the best when it does not even give the very angels it makes, indestructible

  • Winds of Abandon for the same reasoning as Merciless Eviction

  • Mnemonic Deluge is so much mana and you do not even really have any good targets for it. It wont get you an overloaded rift, it can target a board clear but you dont need to do that multiple times

  • Court of Grace seems slow and you will almost never be the monarch probably.

Possible Includes:

MahBoi100 on The Ladybug: An Apex Predator

1 year ago


You and I think quite alike, it seems. Seeing how our peers have designed their decks has helped me a lot as well. :)

I've been sharing your sentiments regarding sacrifice and discard outlets. That is actually the prime reason I've added Fauna Shaman, Tortured Existence, Bontu the Glorified and Greater Good, although their effects are good on their own as well.

Targeted graveyard hate is definitely the most glaring weakness of this type of deck. I have also ruminated a lot on how to solve the Bojuka Bog problem. Like you suggest, among the most prominent inclusions are Aegis of the Gods and Leyline of Sanctity. In addition, I've also considered running Orbs of Warding, Shalai, Voice of Plenty and Sigarda, Heron's Grace. Out of these, Aegis of the Gods is the one I'm the most likely to add. I find them all a bit difficult to add to my list, however. The angels don't give you hexproof in the graveyard. They, and Leyline all cost 4 mana which is a little too pricy. Aegis has the upside of being only two mana, but I really want to try and limit the amount of creatures without keywords. I may refrain from adding it until after that time I get completely blown out by a Bojuka Bog lol.

My official Plan B is Oketra the True, either Kunoros, Hound of Athreos or Akroma, Angel of Wrath and either Sporeweb Weaver or Carnage Tyrant which add up to 7 or 8 counters.

Oh, and my favourite secret weapon is equipping Lord of Extinction with Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots and place all the keyword counters on it with Kathril. Not so subtle, but very effective. People tend to hyperfocus on the fact that Kathril is in the command zone. :)

TriusMalarky on Deck concept: indestructible

1 year ago

Frankenstein time.

Why not go with a Zurgo Helmsmasher list where 100% of your creatures have Indestructible. Using the aforementioned Stuffy Doll, Creepy Doll, Brash Taunter and cards like Darksteel Myr, Hazoret the Fervent, Oketra the True and Bontu the Glorified, you can build quite the board state.

Then, have a high density of wrath effects -- Red ones are better cos they deal damage to your Taunters and such. You can keep the board clear of everything except your crazy indestructible thingamabobs.

Then, Pariah and Pariah's Shield to create damage locks. Pair one of those with Arcbond and block a big ol' Hoofie (:

Use the stupid combo of Terra Eternal to prevent Worldslayer from being Armageddon. Or use Boros Charm and laugh.

Reznorboy on The Lantern Concept (Strategy List) [Primer]

1 year ago

I know that Lantern of Insight can be easily tutored for. Many, many tutors exist. The question is this: is it worth it?

I'm glad that someone else has shown interest in this topic. I made a deck that revolved around Lantern control, though very unsuccessfully. It had Bontu the Glorified as the commander, because I thought that by being able to look at my top, I could just scry when it was helpful, and the rest of the deck was mill.

All in all, I would still like to eventually be able to truly play this type of deck in Commander, however, a lot of creativity, work, and compromises will have to happen.

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