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Aurelia - Weapons of War

Commander / EDH RW (Boros)



Updated for Commander Legends

This is Aurelia Weapons of War, the premiere voltron and equipment build of Aurelia. If you are looking for something more focused on straight creature aggro you can check out Balanced For Battle, or RW Angel Reanimator if you want fun but powerful Angel tribal deck.

The goal of this deck is to be an aggressive voltron midrange deck. The midrange concept means that you will be prioritizing value generation early in the game with cards like Sword of the Animist, Mask of Memory and Dowsing Dagger   instead of prioritizing damage, then trying to setup some big pieces around turn 5 or 6 and trying to bring the damage around turns 6-8. Meanwhile you want to use removal on key pieces from your opponents to slow them down and keep them off balance while you generate value through combat until they eventually go down to either commander or regular damage. Tip: Do not try to play this deck like RDW in standards. While it can be pretty fast, with a first player kill or a combo table kill starting around turn 6, Aurelia is unbelievably good at going later into the game because of the flying vigilance haste, and this sets her apart from some other options like Akiri.

Depending on the choices you make, this deck can be built to compete in high power (non cedh) metas or you can downshift it to make it mid powered. For high power you'll want a nice suite of hate bears, combo win conditions, and expensive powerful cards like Sword of Feast and Famine and Teferi's Protection. The mid power version of this deck will be fine skipping out on these options.

The current decklist shown for this deck is teetering between mid and high power. Right now the list is a little bit light on hatebears and interaction, and I would definintely bring in more of those if i were consistently facing high power opponents, but for the time being I have been playing against more chill decks.

Ill be the first person to tell you I want 1 more of everything in this deck. I want 1 more land, 1 more board wipe, 1 more piece of ramp, 1 more creature, and 1 more protection effect.

Commander's Plate a very good blend of protection and evasion with size. can’t tell if its best in slot yet, but its definintely been good. Ive thought about using this equipment slot for other things like lifelink.

Sejiri Glacier as the meta shifts to more instant speed spot removal, this is a very powerful protection tool

Faith's Shield this card has been an mvp. it protects any permanent and someone will eventually try to blow up a creature or sword. also grants unblockable or protection from blasphemous act. so good.

Reyav, Master Smith havent seen a ton of it yet, but its been good in a small sample size

Ardenn, Intrepid Archaeologist INCREDIBLE moving your equipments between combats is so good.

Jeska, Thrice Reborn doesnt give a ton of utility, but the few times ive drawn it the damage was huge and I ended up winning.

Jeska's Will ramp and draw are important and this card does both. on turn 3 someone will almost always have 6 or 7 cards in hand and the mana will get you ahead.

Treasure Nabber this is now a mainstay. its just too good against early sol ring and other mana rocks.

Akiri, Fearless Voyager BOROS CARDDRAW. its incredible. think about packing an extra board wipe or 2.

Akroma's Will this card is extremely powerful. its protection against spot removal, many board wipes, or a finisher as needed.

Armored Skyhunter haven’t seen much of this one yet.

Keeper of the Accord this card is still very underrated. its very powerful. I dont know if it NEEDS to be in the deck, but it does a lot of things for its mana cost.

War Room fantastic card draw, especially with feast and famine but i am consider more options for life link as a result

Bonders' Enclave another fantastic card draw source with feast and famine.

1.Armory Automaton its fine, but there are enough other free equip creatures now that this one no longer makes the cut.

2.Silverblade Paladin used to be a mainstay of the deck. Double strike with swords is great, but a lot 2 of mana creatures now out class silverblade. Its still very playable but no longer best it slot.

3.Prophetic Flamespeaker this card has gained a ton of value in the deck because many of the new cards from 2020 and commadner legends have lowered the mana curve pretty dramatically. Flamespeaker is able to fill 2 roles in that both generates value, and can also bring damage with double strike in trample built in. Its not a leader in either category, but being able to do both makes it a powerful option that I have brought back into the deck.

4.True Conviction this is one of my favorite cards, but its hard to justify at 6 mana and a low creature count. In slower metas, or if you plan to run a high creature count its still an unbelievable finisher though.

5.Worn Powerstone was a staple of this deck for years, but has finally been outclassed in particular with creatures like Dockside Extortionist and Treasure Nabber but also recasting WP after a cyclonic rift is a major problem and ive shifted to skyclave relic or hedron archive for most of my decks.

6.Burnished Hart and Solemn Simulacrum both are great ramp. the question is how long do you expect the average game to go in you meta. If it is slower you can justify both. For faster meta's I run without them, but solemn does have the ability to really smooth things out in your mid game.

7.Swiftblade Vindicator very good on turn 2, seems to lose value as the game rolls along. There are many other powerful options available at 2 cmc now, but if you're goal is just to be proactive with sword value its still a possibility.

8.Ugin, the Spirit Dragon All Is Dust fantastic inclusions. the deck will ramp so as long as you can force the game to turn 7 both of these will do a lot of work.

9.Inspiring Statuary its actually really bad for this deck. you cant cast your equipment, and cant use it for mana to equip your equipments. A regular mana rock like worn power stone or hedron archive are better for this deck.

10.Memory Jar its good if you want to do the smothering tithe wheel thing, but its a little slow and clunky, and now tome of legends is a thing. Wheel of Misfortune has replaced memory jar.

11.Leonin Abunas just ran out of room. protection is good.

  1. Backdraft Hellkite Ive tried to make this work but its always a little slow and not enough spell density to get great value.

  2. Tectonic Giant This is another card that is able to fill 2 roles, generating extra cards or bringing the damage. The card exile is not always the best as sometimes you have to exile sunforger pieces or other things you dont want to give up, but there is still a lot of strength in that flexibility. As more and more equipment centric creatres get printed it will be tough to keep this in, and its already been teetering on the way out, but its still a very powerful card.

  3. Ugin, the Ineffable lots of great modes, cost reduction, removal and card advantage. The 6 mana does make it a little clunky and slow for the fast metas, but if you ever get a it online casting your swords is a breeze.

  4. Sword of Sinew and Steel this is now my second favorite sword overall after feast and famine. blowing up key mana rocks and planeswalkers is huge, plus protection from blasphemous act. Just becareful if you plan to run bruse tarl or embercleave as they are both red.

  5. Underworld Breach its a crazy card but it is a little awkward for this deck. some games its better than others.

  6. Argentum Armor this gets more playable with every free equip creature that they print, but it is still immensely clunky to hard cast and equip. With a free equip its game winning, without one its almost unplayable. Risky card to play so overall I've like Embercleave better for this big CMC equipment slot.

Fervent Champion Its been incredible. Begs the question if you want to run Final Fortune and Angel's Grace combo. I dont currently, but you could.

  1. Heliod's Intervention Insanely good. I cut wear/tear for this but still kept my return to dust slot.

  2. Hate Mirage Very good in a small sample size. Theres always a mana creature to copy. Copy something big late with Aurelia in play. Sometimes you have to wait a little bit for the right moment with this card, but not only is it very fun, its very powerful.

  3. Mana Geyser older card, but really shows where the format is at and how important bursts of mana are. might come back in as there are a lot more red cards than there used to be.

  4. God-Pharaoh's Statue its a nasty card. this one is used to fight combo. Slot in a board wipe if you dont need the stax right here.

  5. Cavalier of Dawn this is a great good stuff card. Kill a target, decent size vigilant attacker, and gets back equipment plus you can target it self as 5 mana get something back. Everytning you want in this deck.

  6. Tome of Legends its an incredible source of card draw for this deck. pair it with Manifold Key to draw more, or make your creatures unblockable as needed

  7. Sevinne's Reclamation is just incredible with this deck, gets back half of the deck. can ramp with a fetch in a pinch. Makes me wonder if i should be running Underworld Breach

  8. Dockside Extortionist probably the best red creature ever printed now. Run Treasure Nabber if you need a budget version

  9. Shadowspear It has been surprisingly medicore for this deck. The +3/+0 on loxodon warhammer just seems to matter so much more than shadowspear.

Halvar, God of Battle   while not the best at any particular category of abilities on the card, it does bring incredible flexibility in that covers a wide range of abilities and can be a creature or equipment depending on your current needs. Its power will be its flexibility, and I think it will be quite good.

Toralf, God of Fury   this card also looks extremely powerful and flexible. The ability to get repeatable removal on the equipment side but return it and get the creature also seems extremely powerful.

Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion Has jsut been difficult to squeeze this one into the deck especially with a handful of good 4 drops and 2 drops coming out over the past year. But i think the ability to loot and the aggressively costed trampling body is something to consider.

Win Conditions:

  1. Winter Orb Feast and Famine or Neheb, the Eternal

  2. Sword of Feast and Famine or Neheb, the Eternal with Aggravated Assault

  3. Aurelia, the Warleader or Godo, Bandit Warlord with Helm of the Host

  4. attack things. twice.

  5. Optional Sunforger Combo - Sunforger + Mistveil Plains +Chance for Glory + Angel's Grace Note that this combo is easier to start if you run a second extra turn spell like Final Fortune as you do not need to start with mistevil plains untapped and ready to go.

  6. Optional Sunforger Combo #2 - Sunforger + Boros Charm for indestructible Arcbond + Gideon's Sacrifice. You need to do 1 damage to yourself or a creature you control, if you have indestructible from something else this can also be done with Boros Charm, Battlefield Forge or Sulfurous Blast. This combo is easier if you have a free equip in play, but if you dont its quite mana intense and has actually been pretty difficult for me to execute, but it is nice because all of the pieces are useful by themselves.

So if you are planning to face a lot of high power decks the 3 things you are goin to want are hatebears, more removal, and stax pieces to lockout the game.

This deck is typically pretty good against metas with a lot of board wipes, as long as they aren't hitting your artifacts. The plan then becomes to recast aurelia and suit her up as the game goes long. This deck can be a bit weaker to cheap spot removal, since theres a lot of mana and tempo involved in getting creatures equipped.

Early in the game your plan is to get a mask of memory or sword of the animist going so that you can start generating some early advantage. A few attacks with double strike or aurelia and mask of memory will allow you out draw the blue deck, and with sword of the animist out ramp the green deck. Once you get to 8, I usually go with sun forger for both access to removal spells, and protection spells. If the game goes really long then start looking at something like a helm of the host or an argentum armor to really finish it out, or you may look at those things sooner if you have some free equip cards on board.

One thing that makes this deck different from a lot of other Boros decks is that the longer the game goes, the more likely you are just run into helm of the host with aurelia and end the game. So it creates this really nice, if all else fails kind of plan.

In its current form this deck is very solid and may be too strong if your meta is a bit more casual. Previously this deck was a bit weak to faster combo decks, but I am hoping some of then new changes will buy the necessary time to eliminate those players. These matchups can be improved on with better sideboarding, things like rest in peace and other graveyard hate, as well as Pyroblast, Blue Elemental Blast and Conqueror's Flail for heavy blue metas, and some amount of stax pieces like Aura of Silence, Damping Sphere etc as needed.

I recorded some footage of this deck in action. Check it out here:


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