This is my RW Angel Reanimator deck. I have been working on this deck for a few years and I had it running very nicely although it was more of a late game deck, but now with Smothering Tithe + Wheels this deck has turned into a monster. Ive been terrorizing my LGS with it.

The primary plan is usually just to ramp in the early game and then start playing angels. There are plenty of situations where early on, going with an angel that is less threatening than Aurelia is correct. However, sometimes she is the first one you go for, and that is typically when you need something to get in with mask of memory of sword of the animist. If board wipes start flying, or if you have started playing wheel effects, then you will use your reanimation cards like Karmic Guide, Reya Dawnbringer, Bruna, the Fading Light  , and Dawnbreak Reclaimer, as well as , Marshal's Anthem, and Miraculous Recovery. These can rebuild a board state unbelievably fast. After that you follow up with Aurelia and you will likely have lethal on at least 1 player.

With early equipment tutors you will have a tough decision to prioritize between sword of the animist and mask of memory. Go for mask if you are needing draw and discard, however if you have another discard outlet sword of the animist is very powerful also, and allows for hardcasting the big angels or activating planar bridge.

Hammer Mage, and Angelic Renewal have been moved to the maybe board. Some decks like Breya literally cant win if you lay down hammer mage. Its slow in efficient, but they have to kill it before they can do anything. They seem to be underperforming. Devout Witness still needs more testing. It seems to get countered or killed right as its about to win me the game.

I intentionally don't run Sword of Fire and Ice, and Helm of the Host since I have another fully devoted equipment aurelia deck here Aurelia Weapons of War

Commander Legends Updates Ive made some updates for Commander Legends and first off new Akroma is insane in the deck. Red Akroma is generally a bit underwhelming, however Ive made the decision that I want the ability to assemble Akroma-tron so Red Akroma is back in after a short hiatus. New Akroma also begs the question do you run more creatures that work well with it, like Baneslayer Angel who got bumped a few years ago for Lyra. Currently Sephara and Razia have been bumped even though both are fantastic, they may return in the future but right now im enjoying the new Akroma synergy with some other angels instead, its just a deck slots problem. Keeper of the accord has been solid, usually gets at least 1 land before it goes down. Pulsemage Advocate and feldon have been insane, particualrly with Adarkar Valkyrie and Karmic guide but also just on their own, they are performing well. Ive bumped Memory Jar for cathartic reunion being the Jar is slow and occasionally gets hit by removal. Im testing Jeskas will in paper, and so far its been good, havent adopted to my MTGO list which is where I pull this list for tapped out, but its been good and will probably be included in the future. Ive also added some flip lands from zendikar, remember that your plains count matters so becareful with these. Akromas will is also very powerful. Molten echoes is a test card, it can allow some absolutely ridiculous things to happen, but can also be a little inconsitent since half of the angels are legendary, but its still warrants more testing. On the other hand I would love an extra board wipe in the deck. Make sure you have at least 4, but 5 is better. Also back to the earlier point of Akroma-tron Thalia's Lancers is a good way to make this happen more consistenly and is worth considering if you can find a deckslot for it. Also ive removed sunforger for the time being while i test new cards, but you should definintely run sunforger as it gives you access to all of your removal and protection, and is still one of the most powerful boros cards. Note that i removed a few sunforger pieces like return to dust while sunforger is on hiatus.

KHM Updates - Holy crap there are some crazy cards for this deck. Pyre of Heroes is insane and allows you to do some awesome daisy chain stuff. Sac a 4 drop to get Karmic Guide brining it back, sac karmic guide to get Dawnbreak Reclaimer, Sac Aurelia or Dawnbreak to get Emeria Shepherd then do Emeria Shepherd tricks with Burnished Hart. Search for Glory also helps find specific Angels. Both of these pickups allow you to easily assemble Brisela or Akroma-tron as you so choose which is quite fun. Starnheim Aspirant is great cost reduction. Tibalt's Trickery is nice for stopping big spells. KHM has been incredible for this deck. See the Tribal Wars video for a sample of some of this in action.

STX Updates - Lukka, Wayward Bonder is a very interesting option. It does everything you want, the only concern is that the mana cost is high and this deck is already very clunky, but I think its power could offset the mana issues. Stadium gives you an interesting alternate win condition, and with Aurelia in play its really not very difficult to get the 10 counters you need.

I filmed some video of this deck in action. You can check it out here


Updates Add

Commander Legends updates have provided a lot of new cards to consider, and being that this decklist was very settled in its been tough to accommodate all of them. The big change is the addition of new Akroma. This caused Sephara to get bumped for the time being as I felt I couldnt support another 7 drop, but she will likely return along with Razia who also got bumped. New Akoma brings some decision points a long with it, the first is do you try to assemble akroma-tron? I chose yes, so I've added red akroma back in over Razia, although the haste on Razia makes her better most of the time. Next to increase chances of assembling Akroma-tron I should add Thalia's lancers, but right now i just cant spare the deck slots. The final decision point on Akroma is do you run other cards like Angelic Skirmisher and Baneslayer angel who get a lot of beneift from new Akroma, and are very solid on their own, but have been bumped for Lyra dawnbringer and other things over the years? At the moment I am, but this may change in the future to bring some of the angels who have been removed.

Im also testing Molten Echoes it can allow some really crazy things to happen but is a bit inconsistent since half of the angels are legendary. Keeper of the accord has been very good in a small sample size, its always found me at least 1 land. Its not shown here, but ive been testing Jeska's Will in paper and its been very good, and will likely make its way into the final list. I recently bumped memory jar for cathartic reunion, and have also added faithless looting. Other things to note, Sunforger has been bumped simply to allow testing for the large swath of new cards. However, you should 100% run it in your own list, its still one of the strongest boros cards giving you access to your removal and protection. Because of this ive also removed a few sunforger targets like return to dust, at least until sunforger returns. Pulsemage advocate and Feldon have both done real work and ive been very happy with them. Wheel of Misfortune has been solid, but make sure you have some lifelink. Angel of Destiny still requires additional testing, havent seen it much. Ive also added Zendikar flip lands. I recommend sejiri shelter as protection effects are very good, all other optional. Keep in mind that your plains count matters for Emeria and Emeria Shepherd. War room and Bonders Enclave are both great additions and may replace Mikokoro in the future if i need the additional land slots. Memory Jar has been bumped by faithless looting/ cathartic reunion, and ive tried to enchance the reanimator aspects of the deck. Somewhere along the way altar of dementia got removed, but i will need to work that one back in, its just too good. I did notice that at certain points my list had gotten light on removal, but ive brought it back to about 4.5 board wipes, these are still paramount in slowing the game down. With pulsemage advocate and feldon it mgiht make sense to bring back sunblast angel.


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