Swiftblade Vindicator

Swiftblade Vindicator

Creature — Human Soldier

Double strike, vigilance, trample

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Swiftblade Vindicator Discussion

jakeyuki12 on Akiri, Fearless Armorer

6 months ago

Hiya! I think the deck is really solid! +1 from me. The only thing I would change is the land count.

I ran the numbers on your deck, and the chance of drawing a hand with at least 3 lands (or 1-2 lands plus land tax/enlightened tutor, I included those in the stats) in either your first hand or your free mulligan (so that you still start with 7) is only about 70%. Upping the land count by 3 increases those chances to 80%. It only goes up fro there with more lands (or more mulligans if you're okay with going down cards).

With that in mind, I suggest adding in 3-5 more lands. Get it to the point where you're feeling good about the odds of drawing enough lands to start but you aren't flooding out too many games.

As for what to cut for the lands, there are a handful of creatures I don't think are particularly good in the deck. The biggest ones are Kemba, Kha Regent and Wyleth, Soul of Steel . Akiri encourages you to have multiple creatures and put at least one equipment on each of them. These two do not encourage that, they encourage you to put all equipment onto just them. I think they work much better in a deck that has Ardenn, Intrepid Archaeologist in the command zone, but not in an Akiri deck. I feel the same way about Swiftblade Vindicator as it is also probably best with lots of equipment on it, but I could see that one going either way. You could also probably afford to cut a mana rock since you've got enough ramp in the deck to spare, and you've also got a lot of cost reducers and free equips, which are gonna save you a ton of mana anyways.

Those are my thoughts though. Hopefully it gives you something to think about. I'm looking to build myself a budget Akiri deck (since I already have a non-budget equipment deck), so I've been thinking a lot about this general :D

1empyrean on Make a Sand Token and Maybe I'll Actually Cast You

10 months ago

Hey, just noticed that you are short one card unless Quartzwood Crasher is in sideboard by mistake.

After a commented I made a while back, I built a similar deck to this one. A couple good mutate targets I put in there are Virtus the Veiled and Gorm the Great. I recommend these two over Nullhide Ferox and Swiftblade Vindicator.

gato91 on Cheapo Weapioneers

11 months ago

If you are taking the equipment route you must use Sigarda's Aid it's powerful with the Colossus Hammer.

With Zendikar release I recommend to use Fireblade Charger (synergy with the equipments and if get kill give you some extra points of damage) and Kargan Intimidator if you are going to use a more warrior tribal strategy (good stats and have some kind of evasion).

Swiftblade Vindicator it's also a good choice, a cheap threat with double strikes I prefer this because the Boros Keyrune it's too slow for the format.

Kiran_M on W Weapons - aka. Who needs SFM?

1 year ago

I would say that Kor Outfitter is a bit slow, especially as most of your equipments are relatively easy to equip. I would say tru to run a few cards that are good to equip to, such as Swiftblade Vindicator to enable a T3 kill.

DemonDragonJ on Zendikar Spoilers!

1 year ago

That new vampire, nighthawk scavenger, is almost entirely better than Vampire Nighthawk in the same way that Swiftblade Vindicator is almost entirely better than is Boros Swiftblade, an even uses the same naming convention. The original nighthawk was a great card that some players felt was too powerful, but this card is even more so, and I feel that it is a blatant example of power creep.

RNR_Gaming on Double Masters Speculation

1 year ago

I mean not every rare/mythic can be a windmill slam pack 1 greed pick; but some of these are definitely gunna give people the feel bad. So far I'd say the worst rare is Swiftblade Vindicator and the worst mythic is probably nexus (the price for it isnt on tcgplayer yet)

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