Leonin Abunas

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Leonin Abunas

Creature — Cat Cleric

Artifacts you control have hexproof. (They can't be the targets of spells or abilities your opponents control.)

NTakamura on Help protect artifact in black …

1 year ago

I made a Eater of Virtue deck and need help finding cards that help protect it. So far I have,Indestructibility,Indomitable Archangel, Fountain Watch Leonin Abunas and That Which Was Taken. So any suggestions you can think of to protect it I would greatly appreciate it.

Macaronigrill5150 on Misery is waiting at the gates of Armageddon

1 year ago

Just a few ideas to help with the destruction, but mostly preventing your things from being destroyed. Akroma's Memorial, and Eldrazi Monument. Maybe Archaeomancer's Map, I'm probably blind because I'm not sure if anyone suggested this one but Wrath of God classic board wipe. Welding Jar, get back that good artifact that you want to keep. Helm of the Host for them Eldrazis, and Leonin Abunas just simple artifact protection.

Love the mono white deck, definitely my favorite color.

Blobby_Bobby on The Queen and Her Knights

1 year ago

Oh, and with all the free equipping you have going on Colossus Hammer can be a real beater. Also Brass Squire. Every knight needs a squire!

I'm sure you're aware of Stonehewer Giant, Leonin Abunas and Auriok Windwalker. I'm a real big fan of the Giant in particular. And if you can get haste on the boy? You got yourself a real Hephaestus going.

Lastly Indestructibility is pretty multipurpose, get that one knight to be utterly unstoppable or keep that one Sword of ---/Embercleave mostly safe from removal. Doubtful, but perhaps Darksteel Forge? Though the CMC of that one is so high I doubt it'd be useful unless you're already winning the game anyway. The Forge is really made for those artifact decks.

Tederollz on

2 years ago

EyelessStarfish I think Avacyn's Memorial and Darksteel Forge are too mana heavy to fit in the deck but I really like the idea of Leonin Abunas; maybe on a similar note Rebbec, Architect of Ascension could offer similar protection. Gods Willing effects also look like solid cards to look into. I’m not a big fan of Lightning Greaves in this deck since I play such a low number of creatures and if they get stuck on Sram I can’t equip anything on him.

Only reason for Zephyr Boots being in the deck is because it’s a 1 mana equipment so it’s definitely a card I could replace with something better. I don’t think I want to remove Balan, Wandering Knight I play him as a backup wincon when Sram is too expensive to play and/or equip.

Cards I’m considering replacing would be Zephyr Boots, Explorer's Scope and Armed and Armored, Also I’m thinking if I should cut down on removal in favour of adding more protection.

EyelessStarfish on

2 years ago

Avacyn's Memorial is a bit expensive to cast, but it protects your key pieces. Darksteel Forge works as a duplicate effect but is slightly more expensive. One less mana intensive card is Leonin Abunas, which is only half the cost of the memorial, but only offers hexproof instead of indestructible. Sram can be protected with cards that give hexproof or protection to the color he's being targeted by with cards like Beaming Defiance and Gods Willing. Something I noticed with Leonin Shikari is that it pairs really well with Lightning Greaves, as you can respond to a kill spell with the equip trigger at instant speed, which will fizzle the spell. Admittedly, these can be a little hard to pull off in a game, but when it happens it's very satisfying. As for things to take out for these cards, Zephyr Boots is nice because it's cheap, but it's effect is outclassed by the other 1 drop equips in the deck. Another card to remove would be Balan, Wandering Knight, mainly because it's hard to focus on two voltron targets. As for some other card swaps, I'm not too sure. There's already a lot of cards that work well with Sram in the deck and it's a bit hard to decide what else should be removed.

The_Acid_Drip on Mono White Avacyn Angels EDH

2 years ago

I can tell this is a more casual deck but here are two suggestions.

1) you need to run Leonin Abunas he's a big plus in an angel deck offering indestructible to your creatures. He protects all of your artifacts.

2) since you have Kindred Boon you should also run Myojin of Cleansing Fire

or consider running Contagion Clasp since it's cheep proliferate on a stick allowing you to wrath with Myojin at will while also supporting any other incidental counters.

3) maybe consider That Which Was Taken to add to the indestructible theme offered with kindred boon. With Leonin Abunas it becomes much harder to kill That Which Was Taken.

twechsler on Messing with Lore

2 years ago

TheVectornaut no worries about timing. There's no rush to build a good deck. I'm just glad to hear from you. Based on your descriptions I think the second option is where I want to go with this deck, but with some added self-mill so I can really build up options for osgir quickly. Here are some cards that are on the way that I am most likely going to add soon: Phyrexian Triniform (big creature that may work better than triplicate titan), Rings of Brighthearth (4 tokens instead of two with osgir), Blinkmoth Urn(big mana), Goblin Engineer (sac and tutor in one), Zirda, the Dawnwaker(more mana help) and Leonin Abunas (protection). I also am pretty sure I will get Coveted Jewel, Basalt Monolith, Jhoira's Familiar (mana help), Grinning Totem, Kuldotha Forgemaster, Oswald Fiddlebender (tutors), Urza's Bauble (draw). I think if I get these and drop the ones in the sideboard section the deck would have increased mana efficiency, more tutors, and overall just stronger. The last piece I think would be a Mesmeric Orb, Grinding Station, or Keening Stone to fill up faster because the current GY fill cards are just lacking. Let me know if you think these are good choices out of the maybe board to snag. Ill try to playtest the deck a bit more online to see as well. Thanks!

NensouHiebara on Halvar, Divine Voltron

3 years ago


Wandering Archaic  Flip is similar to a plainscycler but with more benefits. The creature half possessing an actual ability instead of a vanilla body and the spell half possibly being a 2-for-1 are things that have caught my attention.

Leonin Abunas is the Gold Standard of artifact protectors, and I have no intention of ever replacing it. I'm not sure what spot Bronze Guardian will take over at the moment.

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