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Hey Commander Replay here, as I mentioned I wanted to chat about Winota with you. Anyway here we go. So far each of these, how have they performed? Alms Collector, seems interesting just havent tried it myself, 4 mana seems rough though. Angraths Marauders i get worried about drawing it cause its gonna be super hard to cast, do you find the benefit outweighs the risk? Do you find that Drannith Magistrate shuts off a lot of nonsense without the Possibilty storm combo? Is Ogre battledriver too slow at 4 mana? Do you find Evangel and Silverwing to be worth it? Ive been relying on both Pia's and Geist Honored Monk as the main flip these and get more humans. Have Gideon and Chandra been performing well? Hows Godo Helm been, i think i cut it from mine, just didnt feel necessary.

As far as things that ive been liking that I dont see in your list, Im really digging Jor Kadeen because it comes down and makes thing huge right away, but you do need to manage your metal craft before it comes down. Im also really digging Goblin Rabble Master. I also really like to Thalias Lancers into Throne of the God Pharaoh, gives that nice finishing push. Fiend Hunter and Palace Jailer have been incredible for me, game winning basically. THe tempo people lose by losing their commander, or losing hermit druids and other nasty stuff has been incredible.

As some experimental options ive been trying to test out Jeska, warrior adept to eat all the mana dorks, and also Jaya Ballard to kill thrasios and kinnan type stuff. They are hard to test though because so many times you either just win, or someone else has won. You need to get into that long grind situation for them to even matter, so my plan is to shelf them until people figure out that they need to run creature removal and shoot winota, then maybe ill give them another look.

Anyway cant wait to hear your thoughts.


July 1, 2020 11:02 p.m.


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