Hello guys!

This is a final version of the deck, I will only adjust it with cards that directly improve another card in the deck. This is my best, Now is your experience and opinion I need to improve the deck!

I intend to use The Scarab God as a commander but not as a zombie tribal (I think Grimgrin, Corpse-Born or even Gisa and Geralf are better comnders in tribal zombie).

Objective: Control opponents using what they have either on the battlefield or in the cemetery or even the grimoire. in a final phase Use strong cards such as Torment of Hailfire, Army of the Damned or even an "bomb" of the opponent!

Counters: All counters cards I put in the deck are meant to cancel, obviously, but always win something to our advantage. Draining Whelk or Desertion are one example. I do not want to control, I intend to play the ... thief and always win something!

I usually play multiplayer commander and my opponents have those decks with spectacular cards and full of super combos ... Very difficult to stop!! So I thought, why not try to take advantage of those decks using ... what do they have ???

The deck is made with the cards that I already have, in the section "maybe" I will put the ones that I intend to acquire and your ideas to improve the deck. More thieves!!! I count on your help!

The deck is pretty funny to play ... The opponents are not going to find such a joke ... muuuahahahah!

If you like give your vote!


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