Winds of Rebuke


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Common

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Winds of Rebuke


Return target nonland permanent to its owner's hand. Each player puts the top two cards from his or her library into his or her graveyard.

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Winds of Rebuke Discussion

AverageDragon on [Primer] Momir Vig Hackball

4 days ago


Nice catch! You've actually hit on the biggest issue that the budget Cradle-less versions have. I've been meaning to do a write-up here on the primer for it.

In this version of the list, the version with Crop Rotation and Gaea's Cradle, we actually use a different infinite mana combo entirely to solve the Glimpse Problem.

  1. After drawing your entire deck with Glimpse and the normal mana combo, you should have a pretty big amount of mana (over 30 or 40 most likely).
  2. Cast some creatures in your hand to bump creature count up to as high as you can get it reasonably. I don't know the exact number, but I shoot for about 20 creatures to give me wiggle room. Be sure to cast Green Sun's Zenith in between creature casts so you don't deck out.
  3. If Gaea's Cradle is stuck in your hand, use Glamerdye to get it in the yard, then Nantuko Tracer it onto the bottom of your library.
  4. Cast Crop Rotation and fetch out the Gaea's Cradle, then tap it for big mana.
  5. Temur Sabertooth the Nantuko Tracer back to hand, cast Green Sun's Zenith, then cast Nantuko Tracer to put Crop Rotation on the bottom of your library.
  6. Bounce and cast Nantuko Tracer again, which draws you into Crop Rotation. Put the land you sacrificed earlier onto the bottom of your library.
  7. Cast Crop Rotation and sacrifice Gaea's Cradle as the additional cost, and fetch out the land you put into your library earlier.
  8. Temur Sabertooth the Nantuko Tracer back to hand, cast Green Sun's Zenith, then cast Nantuko Tracer to put Crop Rotation on the bottom of your library.
  9. Bounce and cast Nantuko Tracer again, which draws you into Crop Rotation. When it ETBs, put Gaea's Cradle onto the bottom of your library.
  10. Repeat steps 4-8 to generate infinite green mana, and then go through all the normal win steps. Just make sure you keep casting Green Sun's Zenith to keep you alive

In the budget lists, we haven't found the "perfect solution" for the Glimpse problem quite yet. The issue is that we want to preserve "slot integrity", which just means that we try to keep cards as useful as we can outside of the combos. For instance, this is why we use Winds of Rebuke instead of Laboratory Maniac, because Winds of Rebuke is more useful outside of the combo. The best budget solutions we have so far are things like Lightning Greaves or Exploration + Alchemist's Refuge, but since those cards aren't really that good on their own, they compromise slot integrity. For this reason, our budget lists just run Crystal Spray instead of Glimpse of Nature (for now).

If you want to hop on our Discord Server sometime, we'd love to have your help solving this problem!

lynden on Infinite Eternities That Also Last A Long Time

1 week ago

Nakhla may I ask what cards do you take out to test Winds of Rebuke, Mox Amber and Unwind?


Nakhla on Infinite Eternities That Also Last A Long Time

1 week ago

lynden - I've been testing Winds of Rebuke with some success, and I plan on testing Mox Amber and Unwind. Blink of an Eye is a maybe; not sure I need a second Into the Roil. Though not a new card per se, Rebuild is probably going in over Hurkyl's Recall, though it does require a slightly more convoluted combo line if Dramatic Reversal is exiled.

There's no exact replacement for Grim Monolith, but Lotus Petal and the new Mox Amber both suffice for the purposes of making the combo loops work.

rockleemyhero on Locust God's Unbeatable Swarm!

2 weeks ago

This is a sweet list, +1 from me! I play almost exclusively cEDH on trice via the cEDH discord, you should join us over there if you're not already. How has Sorcerous Spyglass and As Foretold been for you?

So my initial thoughts on my small critiques of the deck:


  1. Molten Psyche seems like an odd choice. Am I missing part of the combo with it? I don't think any cEDH deck wants to win by making your opponent's draw cards.

  2. I think Frozen AEther is a pretty bad stax piece at 4 mana. But I know your a bit short on options in UR. I've heard of Smoke being some nice tech against creature heavy decks (i.e. selvala brostorm, blood pod, etc)

  3. Dissipate is pretty bad, I don't think you ever want to be playing 3 cmc counters. I'm not sure you need the extra counterspell when you are already running 14. Remand and Delay are a bit suspect as well in my experience, although have niche functions.

  4. Mana Maze. I love this card to death, don't get me wrong. However, I've played too many games where it's backfired on me. Once fast combo blue players figure out how to use it to their advantage, it becomes a double-edged sword. Casting ad nauseum, holding priority, and then casting a Brainstorm means they have an uncounterable naus. This card is too chaoticky for my liking in stax.

  5. Mana Web. This card is alright, but i've never been very impressed with it for 3 mana. It's not the worst choice but certainly not the best. I think it's replaceable.

  6. Thought Vessel. I really think this deck is hungry for colored rocks - even if that means ETB tapped. Isochron+reversal needs both blue and red mana to win you the game, which can be a little tricky.

Adds to consider:

  1. Ponder and Preordain - these cards are surprisingly powerful. Being able to keep sketchy hands is a huge plus and these cards are never dead, outside of a rule of law effect. I've added them in my lists and haven't looked back. There's a reason why they are legacy staples, even more so in a 100 card singleton format where you need to dig for tutors, answers, or combo pieces.

  2. Fellwar Stone: this should be an auto include in any cEDH using rocks. One of the best imo, always solid. Easily replaces thought vessel in my book.

  3. Paradox Engine: You have some easy combo pieces you can shell into this list and this is one of them. Goes off with Isochron Scepter and a variety of random cards like Winds of Rebuke (if you swap it with into the roil), Capsize, etc to go infinite. There's the ol' infinite swans stuff as well if you have Copy Artifact. This is a fat card but certainly extremely powerful.

  4. Transmute Artifact: a 2 mana tutor to find part of your combo is extremely good. I don't think you can leave home without this one, especially since you are so artifact heavy. Even Fabricate wouldn't be a terrible choice. Izzet is really hurting on tutors, even more so when you have a 2 card wincon.

  5. Kindred Discovery: I think this is one of the spicier tech options with your commander. Goes infinite and wins you the game. It's fat and clunky, but a 1 card wincon with your general. I'd think it would be a solid back up plan to drama stick.

  6. Other meta choices: Pyroclasm/Rolling Earthquake, Abrade, Winds of Rebuke(love this card): All unique, flexible options depending on your meta. I've had a good amount of success with each of these.

Hope this helps and the list overall looks very solid. I really like the deck and can tell you put a lot of work and thought into it. It's refreshing to see something new float around :). Nice work!

AverageDragon on [Primer] Momir Vig Hackball

2 weeks ago


That specific combo to net infinite blue is rare, but it works because you only use it when you already have assembled infinite green mana + infinite card draw. It's a tool to transform G into U, and then have access to all our wincon in Winds of Rebuke. As for how the combo literally works, you cast Chrome Mox, exiling a blue card. You then tap it for U, and destroy it with Nature's Claim. Next, you put the blue card you exiled back into your deck with Riftsweeper, and put the Chrome Mox and Nature's Claim back into your library with Nantuko Tracer. Finally, you loop your Elvish Visionary to draw all the pieces again, then repeat. This allows you to turn infinite G into infinite U, but we don't really need it, since we already run Birchlore Rangers (for other reasons).

This deck, especially its budget versions, are a pretty good starting point for competitive EDH. It's a little bit on the complicated side, but if you practice a little and stay aware during games, you should be fine. Feel free to pop by our Discord server if you want quick replies for any questions you have!

VelvetVendetta on TKO Tymna and Kydele: Omniscience

3 weeks ago

You can include Winds of Rebuke as an answer, that way you can combo witness+winds and drop venser/confluence eventually.

Mice_Overseer on Enigmas of Shadowy Vistas

1 month ago

Looks pretty fun, I might try this while waiting for Dominaria to come out! Did you give any thought to Cryptic Serpent? It can potentially come out as early as turn 3, if you cycle turn one and then hit a perfect Strategic Planning or Winds of Rebuke, which is reasonably likely in this deck.

Purple_Mage on Enigmas of Shadowy Vistas

1 month ago

Hey!! Thank you for your constructive feedback and your upvote!!

I initially put Censor in this deck and then decided against it as I already have a lot of counters in the deck. Favouring to cycle Hieroglyphic Illumination on turn 1. Or potentially put Opt in the deck.

Yes Winds of Rebuke is a tricky one to evaluate. It's good that it can remove any permanent for a turn, not only creatures, but I don't have a choice what I pitch to the graveyard. If this becomes troublesome more often than not then I shall probably swap it out for Unsummon.

Thanks once again :D.

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