Teferi's Time Twist


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
War of the Spark (WAR) Common

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Teferi's Time Twist


Exile target permanent you control. Return that card to the battlefield under its owner's control at the beginning of the next end step. If it enters the battlefield as a creature, it enters with an additional +1/+1 counter on it.

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Teferi's Time Twist Discussion

multimedia on Davy Jones Pt.2

5 days ago

Hey, saw your forum topic asking for help.

Since you're a new player in Commander my advice is keep it simple. Build this deck around what your Commander does. Admiral Beckett Brass means Pirates and she doesn't do anything unless you have Pirates. Not Zombies, not Vampires or any other tribe, just Pirates.

The steal your opponents nonland permanents/creatures is a fine strategy, but don't go overboard with single cards that only give you a single steal effect on a single creature such as Act of Treason . Brass's combat damage to a player from three Pirates ability and Captivating Crew are repeatable ways to steal your opponents creatures/nonland permanents and that's better, really all you need for this effect.

There's only 27 lands here which is not enough land; you risk getting land screwed (not drawing or have lands on the battlefield). When this happens you're not able to play cards in your hand because you don't have lands on the battlefield. Getting land screwed is not fun and since you're a new player it's even worse as it can possibly make you not want to play again.

Getting land flooded (drawing too many lands/having too much land) is also not fun, but it's better to have lands to cast spells then to not have any lands at all. If land flooded you can at least cast Brass since she's in the Command Zone. All Commander deck builders have to clear deck space for enough lands.

My advice for the manabase is if you don't want to add other lands that you don't have then add more basic lands. Play a total of 38 lands with 15-20 basic lands, split up between Islands, Swamps and Mountains. Play more Islands than the rest, next is Swamps and last is Mountains. There's more blue and black Pirates/cards than red here. If you're willing to add lands you don't already have then I can help you on a budget to upgrade the manabase starting with Command Tower .

11 cards to consider cutting to add more lands:

Other cards to consider cutting to make 100 cards:

As far as cuts to consider, cut single cards that give a single effect such as stealing an opponent's creature for one turn. Only getting to cast a card once and only target one creature to steal for one turn is not good enough. Single card combat trick spells that can only target one creature are lackluster and can be cut. Auras that only help one creature and don't give evasion can also be cut. Ghostly Wings and Aqueous Form are fine since they can give Brass evasion making it easier for her to do combat damage to a player.

Simplify your deck's strategy, go with Pirates and cut the majority of the nonPirate creatures. Creatures such as Wonder , Nightveil Specter and Sower of Temptation are worth keeping especially Wonder. Specter and Sower are good cards to go with the theme of stealing your opponents cards. Clones are fine, but not high mana cost ones that can only copy a creature; honestly cut them.

Some redundancy (multiple cards that do the same effect or close to it) in Commander is good. But, if you're needing cuts then redundancy is a place to make cuts. Draw spells for instance are good redundancy such as Brainstorm , Night's Whisper , Read the Bones . These are all low mana cost/mana efficient draw spells. Opt and Sleight of Hand are also fine, but if you need cuts they can be cut. Draw spells such as Pirate's Pillage , Pirate's Prize , Train of Thought , Think Twice are not good, cut them. Low mana cost (0-2 CMC) mana rocks are more good redundancy: Sol Ring and Signets/Talismans. Chromatic Lantern and Commander's Sphere are much better than the other three drop mana rocks here; Mana Geode and Darksteel Ingot can be cut.

For your deck combat trick spells, counterspells and targeted creature removal is in my opinion bad redundancy. I'm not saying to not have these kinds of effects, but limit the amount of them you play. Counterspell for instance is a staple card of Commander play it, but Cancel , Sinister Sabotage and Rethink are worse then Counterspell, cut them. Sabotage is better than Cancel, etc.

Blasphemous Act and Fiery Cannonade is good redundancy. Murder is better than Doomblade, cut Doomblade. Sorcery or high mana cost instant creature removal can be cut such as Contract Killing and Price of Fame . Bitterblossom and Dreadhorde Invasion is good redundancy, but Bitterblossom is a much better card than Invasion. Invasion is a good card, but if you need to cut a card then cut it because you have Bitterblossom, otherwise keep it.

Spells that give all your creatures evasion of some type are fine, but don't go overboard with including lots of them because these cards do nothing without you controlling a creature; making them dead draws/dead cards in your hand too often. These kind of effects that can give all your creatures evasion are better if they can be repeatable or are a static ability such as Wonder or from an enchantment, not an aura. You want to play cards that can give your creatures lasting evasion more than a single card for a single effect on one turn.

I offer more advice if you would like. Good luck with your deck.

smutazos on Phantom Forces

1 month ago

You know what is fun with proliferate? Hickory Woodlot :)

Maybe not in this build... Maybe in simic with Saprazzan Skerry and with Thrummingbird , Contentious Plan , Teferi's Time Twist maybe also Steady Progress .

Removal? Serrated Arrows + proliferate to add -1/-1 and arrowhead counters.

And maybe, maybe Blastoderm ?

Struyk on Food Chain Niv

1 month ago

What about Zur the Enchanter to play Food Chain ?

Trying to make this into a $100 deck with a lot more double color spells for Niv-Mizzet and spells like Teferi's Time Twist to protect and recast him for another huge draw.

And cards like Evolving Wilds to mill lands from deck for more chance of drawing cards with Niv-Mizzet

Struyk on Nobody has the intention of building a Wall

1 month ago

I am running:

Disdainful Stroke
Dovin's Veto
Essence Scatter
Hindering Light
Insidious Will
Mana Leak
Muddle the Mixture
Render Silent

and Teferi's Time Twist I would also suggest to protect your creatures

Teyo, the Shieldmage is also must have, protects vs many many many things and gives you 2x 0/3 walls

I am running a more budget version with cards like Trygon Predator and Guardian Project

Here's my deck ( work in progress ): https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/04-11-18-YfP-buylist/

Daniel545 on Ramos Super Friends (First Run Thru)

1 month ago

With War of the Spark out, yes to both. Evolution Sage , Pollenbright Druid , any proliferation with enter the battlefield is clutch. Set up blink, or strobe effects to maximize potential. Teferi's Time Twist would be good. Mana Geode and Firemind Vessel round out good rocks for you to try. Good luck and have fun.

luispsalles on Azorius Control High Alert

1 month ago

Roorai, Hi. I'm running a version in arena with 2 Teyo. I put aside 1 elite arrester and 1 wall of mist for that. But, thinking a little better, maybe of we put 2 Teyo in place of Azor and Dovin will be much better. For a army, I got a ideia in mind where we use Teferi's Time Twist , for defense and flick Teyo.

Loki_Lulamen on Narset Turns

1 month ago

Hey dude,

List is looking awesome so far. Couple of cards I don't really get though.

Teferi's Time Twist is a little out of place. Narset has hexproof, so cant be hit by targeted removal, so will only be hit by wrath effects. In a cEDH meta, you are probably only looking at a Toxic Deluge or a Rolling Earthquake . The latter is fairly rare though.

Iroas, God of Victory . Menace is not necessary as Narset, like Jeleva, triggers on attack rather than damage. In a pod of 4 players, there will probably be a player with no creatures.

The same goes for Key to the City , there should almost always be a place for Narset to attack.

I think you may need some more haste enablers. Also i would thinak about adding Dramatic Reversal just as an OP ritual, it will net a huge amount of mana when played at the right time. Also when you are running both Grim Monolith and Basalt Monolith it will untap both for . With this I would really try and get you hands on a Mana Vault its an incredible piece of ramp.

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