Tajuru Archer


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Zendikar vs. Eldrazi (DDP) Uncommon
Zendikar (ZEN) Uncommon

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Tajuru Archer

Creature — Elf Archer Ally

Whenever Tajuru Archer or another Ally enters the battlefield under your control, you may have Tajuru Archer deal damage to target creature with flying equal to the number of Allies you control.

Tajuru Archer Discussion

kamarupa on Allied offensive

1 year ago

You could use Aether Vial or Cloudshift in addition to Captain's Claws to get triggers from you Allies, especially Kabira Evangel.

I would move Tajuru Archer into the sideboard in favor of the lower CMC and more often useful Harabaz Druid.

A couple Sunpetal Grove would probably be good.

Sundering Growth in the sideboard.

TheDuggernaught on ally rule

2 years ago

I will start off by linking the TappedOut Ally Primer. I will also link my 2 current Ally decks Here and Here. I have personally played Allies since the OG Zendikar -- my lists are different from the ones found in the primer and offer a more mid range take on the traditional ally lists you see which are typically much more aggressive.

As for your list specifically, you seem to want to go the aggressive route. As such, cutting the allies that have higher costs will speed up the deck -- as well as the allies that just offer utility. Bala Ged Thief, Agadeem Occultist, Hagra Diabolist, Halimar Excavator, Harabaz Druid, Kazuul Warlord, Ondu Cleric, Sea Gate Loremaster, Seascape Aerialist, Tajuru Archer, and Tuktuk Scrapper would be the allies I would cut -- in addition to Panharmonicon, and Unified Front. In their place, Akoum Battlesinger, Firemantle Mage, Kabira Evangel, Kazandu Blademaster, Oran-Rief Survivalist, Reckless Bushwhacker, Taurean Mauler, and Umara Raptor. Again, these suggestions are for more aggro focused approach. If you are looking for something else, let me know and I can better tailor any advice or answer questions about interactions.

sylvannos on Modern Allies

2 years ago

Allies can do what Fish does: you continuously play lords that keep making the rest of your team larger. The downside is you don't get Spreading Seas and you're in 3+ colors. The upside is you don't get blown out by spot removal or the smaller boardwipes (Anger of the Gods comes to mind).

The list I'd recommend would be something like:

1x Breeding Pool
4x Cavern of Souls
1x Forest
1x Godless Shrine
1x Hallowed Fountain
1x Island
4x Marsh Flats
1x Overgrown Tomb
1x Plains
1x Swamp
1x Temple Garden
4x Windswept Heath

4x Bojuka Brigand
4x Champion of the Parish
3x Expedition Envoy
4x Hada Freeblade
4x Jwari Shapeshifter
4x Kazandu Blademaster
4x Oran-Rief Survivalist
4x Phantasmal Image

Other Spells:
4x Collected Company
4x Path to Exile

1x Gaddock Teeg
3x Kor Firewalker
1x Meddling Mage
2x Qasali Pridemage
2x Scavenging Ooze
2x Spellskite
2x Stony Silence
1x Tajuru Archer
1x Xathrid Necromancer

electronuke2 on Tazri's Champs

2 years ago

Hi, I'm an ally player (I have an EDH and 2 modern decks). I would get rid of Tajuru Archer, anything with cohort, Nimana Sell-Sword, Grovetender Druids, Bojuka Brigand, and a few more things that don't contribute to winning and definitely put in Tajuru Warcaller and Ondu Cleric. Unlike Slivers and Elves play style, Allies want to get out of hand extremely quickly and without anybody noticing. That is the whole purpose of enter the battlefield effects lasting only one turn. Cohort is far too slow and so are +1/+1 counters on 4 mana bodies.

Aless55 on Ally Rally

3 years ago

Hi there, I've played several games in my group with my Ally EDH deck, all I can say is that you will have big trouble against flyers. You really need something against flying creatures on your opponents turn. As far as I can see it is possible for you to play Tajuru Archer or Murasa Pyromancer to deal with them effectively. I would highly recommend something like: Levitation or Archetype of Imagination.

On the other hand, I always liked Brago, he is so powerfull and easily available on turn 3 to blink a turn 4 Tazri. But depending on your opponents you might need some other instant blinkers. Ghostway and Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker are mostly an auto include if affordable. A more budget-ish card is: Nephalia Smuggler, otherwise you could use something like Flickerwisp or Restoration Angel.

Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and Venser, the Sojourner are also very good in those decks.

I would also recommend some spot removal like: Anguished Unmaking or Utter End.

Birthing Pod and Blade of Selves are also very fun to play, imagine all the counters you will get of a myriad Kazuul Warlord. Maybe Doubling Season would also be useful in here.

Just some of my thoughts. I hope some of the points may help you. ~Cheers +1

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