Ally Encampment


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar Rare

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Ally Encampment


: Add to your mana pool.

: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool. Spend this mana only to cast an Ally spell.

, , Sacrifice Ally Encampment: Return target Ally you control to its owner's hand.

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Ally Encampment Discussion

Wasadia123 on Allies lifesteal deck

1 week ago

I'm going to do a major overhaul:

Take out 2x Captain's Claws and 2x Mind's Eye for 4x Aether Vial. It wins games.

Take out 4x Isolated Chapel for 4x Marsh Flats. (I assume you have no budget, running Scrublands and all.)

Take out 1x Swamp, 1x Shambling Vent and 2x Plains for 4x Ally Encampment.

3x Swords to Plowshares for one more Eerie Interlude and 2x Path to Exile

Take out Wrath of God for Expedition Envoy.

And finally, take out Phyrexian Arena for Panharmonicon

BioProfDude on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Multiverse

3 weeks ago

Noctem, ya, as I said earlier-- mardu vehicles is beatable, but that's a very tough match up. Odds are in favor of the mardu deck. G/W aggro is about what I would predict-- fairly even. Probably had some creature stall and the passive life gain/drain is what was helping you. Second game your opponent probably added additional removal.

I disagree with the mana base. I rarely have the problems you describe. They happen, of course, but they happen on the pro tour, too (I've seen top 8 matches were people get mana screwed or flooded). I don't include Westvale Abbey  Flip because I'm just not yet convinced it's worth sacrificing 5 creatures (unless the Zulaport Cutthroats are out). The Shambling Vents just add reliability.

I do get what you mean about the Ally Encampment, and it's great in a creature heavy deck like this. It really depends on how much one needs to get creatures out. Reducing to 3x or possibly 2x isn't a terrible idea, but I've also used those Ally Encampments to great effect, so I'm torn on that one. To be honest. though, I rarely use the card's ability to return an ally to my hand. Once in a great while, maybe to save a Drana, Liberator of Malakir, but not very often at all.

Scrapheap Scrounger-- not a fan for this particular deck. I think Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet would be better. It costs more mana, but it's a way better card.

Thanks for play testing at FNM-- and especially for the report. You did about what I expect at 2-2. Occasionally, I think, a 3-1 record is expected, but (on average) 2-2 is about where I think it would fall. It's just missing some little piece that will push it up the next level and I cannot quite figure out what that piece is...

I live 70+ miles away from the nearest store, and I don't get to FNM much at this time of year-- work and family obligations eat up weekends during the March and April. I probably won't get to FNM before Amonkhet, so I may not even get a chance to test drive this deck again for a while at FNM.

Noctem on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Multiverse

3 weeks ago

Alright well I took this deck to standard last night. Went 2-2.

Played against a U/G Geralf's Masterpiece deck for match 1. Won 2-0. Played again for fun and won again. good start to the night. Having 3x dec in stone in the side + 1x Anguished Unmaking + 2x Stasis Snare that I added to the sideboard was very useful against his deck.

Next I played against Saheeli combo. God I hate the combo. So stupid. Anyway I lost 0-2. Game 1 he combo'ed off for the win. Game 2 I got him to 3 HP with him dead the following turn on upkeep and he top decks exactly what he needs to combo again. I never drew any of the 3x Authority of the Consuls or any of the other stuff I sided in.

Match 3 was against R/U control. Won 2-0. I exhausted his counterspells, then enough threats to force a board wipe, which let me March from the Tomb everything back. He used Radiant Flames which meant his mana was tied up and it gave me more freedom to refill the board post wipe. He ended up misplaying and killing himself with a board wipe when I had zulaport on the field. He wasn't happy.

Match 4 was the closest match of the night vs G/W aggro. Won game 1 easy. Game 2 on the other hand had him use a timely Blossoming Defense on the Avacyn he played to stay alive, which worked. Game 3 had the exact same thing happen. I played removal at instant speed on his avacyn before the trigger could resolve, he then played Blossoming Defense to save it. However I managed to get him to 1 HP. He then put me at 1 HP. I needed a relevant top deck, preferably Kalastria Healer or Zulaport which would have won me the game on the spot but I didn't and so I lost. It was that close.

Before FNM started I also played a few practice games against Mardu Vehicles. The lesson I got from it was simply that he out-values you card for card big time. I got close to winning in most of our games with him in single digits but I couldn't lock in the win unfortunately.

Another problem I noticed was that, after taking out 2x Shambling Vent and putting in 1x Abbey + 1 more swamp, I often didn't have the 2 white mana needed to cast non-creature spells. That made my turns awkward for example or stopped me from playing cards like Always Watching and Gideon. Ally Encampment is deceptive here. It doesn't let you cast your much needed double white non-creature spells properly because it only taps for colorless. Having 2 swamps, 1 plains and an encampment let's you cast every creature you have, BUT it doesn't let you cast super important cards. I think the mana base needs to be re-worked a bit and the loss of 2x shambling isn't the problem because those come into play tapped anyway. I think -2 ally encampment to put in more guaranteed colored sources, like at least 1 more white source would be the better idea. And yes, I know you can bounce an ally back to hand with the encampment but I don't know if that's important enough to have to deal with mana issues.

Thelulz356 on I'm Bringing Allies Back, Yeah!

3 weeks ago

Coming from a fellow Ally lover;I would take out all 4 Zulaport Cutthroat and Succumb to Temptation for, and bear with me on this one, 2x Captain's Claws, 2xSorin, Grim Nemesis, and a combination of 4x Oath of Gideon/Authority of the Consuls

I ran a mardu lifegainer and I never really liked Zulaport for allies. Hes better for mono-black zombies IMO. Succumb is mehhh draw power. takes longer but I prefer Sorin and his added versatility. Claws are added Kalastria Healer triggers, as well as Oath. Consults is just stall for your higher CMC cards. I would also make room for 2 more Ally Encampment. That last ability can save your Kalastria Healer's from hate. I'd personally take out 1 Shambling Vent and 1 Concealed Courtyard, or 2 of the latter.

Thats my advice :) I really like what you got going here. I might have to revisit my old deck ;)

KongMing on Rally the Allies

3 weeks ago

Might I recommend you capitalize on the Excavators' ability to mill by adding four Jwari Shapeshifter to the deck? Once you have an Excavator out, it more than doubles your chance to get another one on the board.

To make room, I would recommend cutting the amount of land you have. You don't have any draw power in your mainboard, so you really need to be drawing Allies and not lands. Your curve is also really reliant on 2-drops, which means you'll run out of steam around Turn 5 if you're making all your land drops and have a Druid on the field. As it stands, you only have a 10% chance of drawing into one of your win conditions (Rite of Replication and Rally the Ancestors). If you don't have one of those and enough Excavators in play/the grave to make it worth it, you'll stall out if your opponent can match your creature boardstate.

I would recommend expanding your avenues to victory by splashing Black and adding Hagra Diabolist. He can be especially deadly with Rite of Replication and Jwari Shapeshifter. You already have the Cavern of Souls and Druids you need, so if you add four Ally Encampments and a Swamp or two you can easily have the color access you need to run Black.

You need more evasion and Ally ETB effects. For those I recommend Eerie Interlude and Unified Front. Eerie Interlude provides evasion, and can sometimes end the game by flickering your board and getting all the simultaneous ETB effects. Unified Front can get you up to 4 Ally ETB effects (assuming you go four color) - I really cannot overstate the deadliness of this technique when you have two Excavtors or Diabolists on the board.

Bring to Light can tutor for every card except Descendants' Path. It's great despite the high CMC because you can tutor for whatever answer you need to win the game (Shapeshfter, Excavator, Diabolist, Interlude, Path, Company, Rite of Replication w/ kicker, etc.) Besides, your curve is really low and would probably benefit from a couple high cost cards that can increase your consistency.

I hadn't considered using Rally the Ancestor for Ally recursion, but it makes a lot of sense. Still, 4 of them seems like a lot, you probably only need 3. Also, March from the Tomb is one other option. It's not as good in some senses, for example March has a CMC of 5 and can only retrieve up to CMC 8 Allies, while Rally only takes 4 CMC to get all of your 2 drop Allies back. On the other hand, retrieving a Hagra Diabolist only costs 5 for March, while it would cost 7 for Rally. Additionally, you can tutor for March from the Tomb with Bring to Light, but you cannot pay the X cost for Rally with Bring to Light.

Finally, you need Panharmonicon. It just goes with Allies so beautifully. A Panharmonicon combined with Eerie Interlude, Unified Front, or Rite of Replication will hand you the game.

For removals, I would say get rid of Tectonic Edges and Gavony Townships. You want to be wrapping the game up by Turn 5-6. Get rid of these for Ally Encampments (or even better, more Allies). In fact, you probably only need 20 lands total. I run a similar Ally deck with 20 lands and 4 Druids, and I almost never have mana problems.

Descendants' Path just isn't going to do enough for you - Panharmonicon can double all of the ETB effects on your board instead of just giving you one more activation.

I'm torn on Collected Company. It's a really great way to get Allies in play without paying their mana costs, but Bring to Light seems more effective and versatile because you can search your entire library for an answer instead of just the top 6 cards, and can grab a Diabolist or an Instant or Sorcery if you want.

Your sideboard doesn't really seem to focus on this deck's hard counter, like Ensnaring Bridge and Torpor Orb. Try using cards that will address the more common threats in Modern.

I like this deck, but I feel like it can't decide if it wants to do creature beatdown or indirect with mill. ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ for now. If you decide to go beatdown, I'd say look more at Red Allies like Kazuul Warlord and Ondu Champion. In my opinion though, beatdown Allies don't do as well as indirect mill and life hate.

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