Spreading Seas


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar Common

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Spreading Seas

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant land

When Spreading Seas enters the battlefield, draw a card.

Enchanted land is an Island.

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Spreading Seas Discussion

dreamistt on Mah Merfolk Tribal

4 days ago

Remove Spreading Seas, Always Watching ,Aquitect's Will and Burnished Hart.

Trade your Fumigate for a Dusk or Fell the Mighty or Retribution of the Meek or Solar Tide.

Drowner of Secrets + Intruder Alarm + Stonybrook Schoolmaster is a combo you could consider. Altar of the Brood also fits in.By using Merrow Reejerey to untap an Azorius Chancery you can achieve infinite mana through a Cloudstone Curio if you have 2 merfolks with cmc = 1 (or cost reducing), so you might want to consider Kefnet's Monument and Sapphire Medallion.Cloudstone Curio would also work for infinite tokens and even infinite mana if you use +Paradox Engine untaps your merfolk and mana rocks whenever you cast a spell. Spell Burst can lock everyone if you manage to generate in mana rocks/creatures, for instance.

+High Tide doubles up your mana for a turn

+Scourge of Fleets


Maybe Blustersquall, maybe Breaking Wave, maybe Faces of the Past (this one combos with Schoolmaster + Altar of Dementia/Blasting Station).

Maybe Retreat to Coralhelm + Walking Atlas + Oboro Breezecaller (infinite mana with a land that taps for 2 mana or simply infinite landfall for Altar of the Brood)

Maybe consider Blue Sun's Zenith since with infinite mana you can draw every card of your deck or force someone to deck out.

Maybe Winter Orb since your average CMC is so low and you'll have ways of untapping stuff (it'll lock everyone else out)

kirox317 on Budget Blue Modern

4 days ago

I think you should play some cards like Remand and Spreading Seas if you can afford them. Also I would play Serum Visions instead of Sleight of Hand.

Errant Ephemeron, Hover Barrier, Paragon of Gathering Mists and Wall of Frost are too slow and not really powerfull.

Pieguy396 on Modern is Enchanting

6 days ago

Hey, bakeraj4 Thanks for the upvote!

I considered Spreading Seas, but adding a splash just for sideboard cards against a single matchup didn't seem that good to me. I haven't run into Tron in a while, but if it starts to become prevalent in my metagame, I might test it out. I think Blood Moon and a red splash might be better, but I'm focusing my cash on my EDH decks right now.

bakeraj4 on Modern is Enchanting

6 days ago

Awesome enchantress deck! In regards against Tron maybe splash blue. This gives you access to Spreading Seas to turn specific Tron pieces into islands. With the Abundant Growth does give you access to blue, adding a singleton Breeding Pool may help getting you a blue source. +1!

lagotripha on Demonic Acid

1 week ago

I actually quite like this idea, but I feel a little awkward in some of the card choices.

Hypnotic Siren and Spreading Seas feel underwhelming for me- the lack of islandwalk makes seas pretty do-nothing, and siren is only really functional once you have two anvils running, which could be a removal spell, or chumps once. The lack of g/w cuts a lot of enchantment options, but there are some really interesting tools available that should help out. Eldrazi Conscription/Arcanum Wings and Sanguine Bond/Exquisite Blood have been classics in these colours for a while. Tainted Remedy is interesting sideboard, Underworld Connections/Phyrexian Arena/Dark Tutelage Dictate of Kruphix are their usual selves, and Paradox Haze could make those upkeep triggers, Leyline of Anticipation is interesting, allowing flash cloudstone shenanigans. Bitterblossom Provides board presence while being resistant to creature-removal, Necrogen Mists, Dictate of Erebos, No Rest for the Wicked Seal of Doom/Trial of Ambition/Oath of Liliana, Necrotic Plague, Endless Whispers Waste Not or Descent into Madness all speak to possible strategies.

One card that you absolutely must run is Whip of Erebos as a two-of. The lifelink keeps you in the game, and the graveyard recursion keeps constellation triggering. Gonti's Machinations is worthwhile against burn. Mimic Vat is good with mage.

I've been trying to get Blood Funnel working in these lists, but it just doesn't- the costs inflicted are too high, with boardwipes ending your game. Don't bother.

I can't think of anything else that isn't just the usual format staples and sideboards- good luck making it work.

TeferisBitchboy on ESPER CONTROL

1 week ago

I'm really only interested in pure control, tbh. It may not be the best deck, but control is what I love. I've only gotten to test the Spreading Seas in three matchups so far, and it hasn't been bad. First was against Abzan Company/Combo, where I got to hit their Gavony Townships and disrupted their turn 2/3 plays taking them off double white etc. I beat it 2-1. Second was against Merfolk, which it ended up being really important, hitting their Cavern of Souls every time they laid one out. Beat them 2-0. Third was against Eldrazi Tron, which is self explanatory. I lost to it, it was too fast. I'll be testing the Think Twices next, but I definitely wasn't disappointed with the Spreading Seas.

sylvannos on Am I onto something here? ...

1 week ago

If you get rid of Myth Realized and Isochron Scepter, replacing them with something more reliable, you actually have the start of a strong deck on your hands. You'll have to move a few things around (like Dispel/Spell Pierce/Negate/Remand instead of Dissipate), but plain U/W puts up solid results.

The archetype benefits from having a simpler mana base. This allows you to play things like Ghost Quarter and not run into any problems.

I'd suggest moving away from Myth Realized and Isochron Scepter in favor of either a low-mana tempo strategy or a slower, control strategy with a big finisher.

For the more tempo-based deck, Thing in the Ice  Flip is a good choice. I'd also include some number of Geist of Saint Traft, however many you can afford within your budget.

For the larger, control strategy, Dragonlord Ojutai and Sphinx's Revelation will just fuck people's shit right up shit creek. If you can afford to get any of the higher mana cost planeswalkers that are good in Modern, those can work too. Elspeth, Sun's Champion and Jace, Architect of Thought stand out the most.

Wall of Omens and Restoration Angel can also put a lot of work in, especially together. Restoration Angel by herself will make any hexproof creature you control really hard to kill.

Other budget options I'd suggest (in addition to the above) are:

TeferisBitchboy on ESPER CONTROL

1 week ago

I know you control purists are in here somewhere. Show yourselves, post your decks and ideas. What have your results been? We need to stick together in this trying time.

I've been running a relatively typical build, but I'm going to test out 4x Spreading Seas in place of Think Twice just to see how it goes.

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