Brilliant Spectrum


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Limited Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar (BFZ) Common

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Brilliant Spectrum


Converge — Draw X cards, where X is the number of colors of mana spent to cast Brilliant Spectrum. Then discard two cards.

Brilliant Spectrum Discussion

Rivenor on Ramos, The Cheap Engine

2 years ago

The Triple blue of Zenith and doubles for Revelation might be a pain to work with for such a gold deck. Might I suggest Brilliant Spectrum and/or Painful Truths oh and Pull from Tomorrow

Mint0055 on UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT | Victoria Angelica!

2 years ago

I'm also working on an atraxa angel tribal. A few things ive found that might help your deck:

Enchantments:Cradle of Vitality will help you throw alot of counters on your angels making them even bigger threats that will only grow bigger with Atraxa.

Angelic Accord since you can gain at least 4 life every time you deal damage with Atraxa you can throw down some mean angel tokens. There is also the better known Luminarch Ascension but that is a huge target. Your running decent protection though so may work for you. My favorite is Entreat the Angels cast it for Its miracle cost and just sweep the board with angels. These are obviously all weak to board wipes which the rest of your deck seems to benefit from so I could see you not including these but I find them great since most angels cost so much mana.

Duelist's Heritage can really help you hit for crazy damage with any of your bigger angels.

Cathars' Crusade I'm sure you have already considered this and I know the deck isnt built around Atraxas proliferate but I feel Angels are just meant to have counters placed on them to truly dominate the skies over dragons and other big creatures. Pair this card with one of the token generators I mentioned above plus Atraxa and you will have some serious threats.

I have found Frontier Siege useful in helping with mana. You also get the option to use your flyers to take out your opponents blockers and other pesky creatures without using up your control cards or risky combat. Its sister card Citadel Siege helps either throw more counters on angels or tap down blockers (or the scary Eldrazi eyeing you across the table).

Removal:I dont know many good ones that arent in white (and you have more than enough cards running white) but I will still recommend a half white card Sylvan Reclamation because of the options to exile stuff or landcylcle. And in 4 colors, you need dem lands.

Recursion:You have most of the best ones so I can only suggest Necromantic Summons since you get more counters to exploit. The high manna cost weighs against it compared to your cheaper options so this is definitely a 50/50.

Card draw:I definitely recommend you get at least 3-5 more card draw cards since that's a big game decider often in EDH. There are too many good ones to list here but I will say Brilliant Spectrum since you have 4 colors (though there are many cards that will let you draw that many cards without discarding that are more expensive) and Tezzeret's Gambit since proliferating is important for those mana rocks and lands with counters on them. Mana is huge in an angel deck. Speaking of which...

Mana Ramp:There are the obvious green ramp spells like Cultivate and Rampant Growth (personally I go with Map the Wastes for that bolster counter) and I recommend any of them if You can since 4 color decks need help with the mana base. Having Astral Cornucopia is a great choice, but you should also swing Everflowing Chalice since it does the same with colorless mana. Mana is really important in a deck with so many high costing creatures, even if your cheating them out alot with reanimation cards. Also lands like Dreadship Reef that can be proliferated. If you have room for it, I find Alchemist's Refuge useful for flashing in big angels as blockers or on my opponents end step so I get to attack with it on my turn without it risking being removed off the board (angels are big targets after all).

Cards to remove: Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Akroma, Angel of Wrath are very good angels, but their very high mana cost combined with them having 3 white in the casting cost really hurts in a 4 color deck. Cards like reanimation do help you cheat them out, but you aren't going to be able to do that often enough to balance it out. If you dont run into a mana problem when you play the deck however then they are fine additions.

Sublime Archangel very good angel but maybe not good in this deck since you may not ever have more than 3 or 4 angels out at once and you will want to be able to attack with all of them.

Sigarda, Host of Herons also a great angel, but since you have so much graveyard recursion, may not be the worst thing to have to sacrifice them. She is amazing still though and only take her out if you have nothing else to take out and you have an even better angel to replace her with.Fractured Identity I like this card a lot but doesnt seem to have anything to do with the deck. Maybe replace it with something like Crackling Counterpart? Then you have 2-3 awesome versions of one of your own angels.

I hope this was helpful. Angels are what got me into commander and are my absolute favorite type of card. Atraxa is perfect for filling in the weak points of an angel deck and is an amazing commander. Flavor is also extremely important to me when I build decks and you have alot of it in yours which is good to see. Atraxa is the single most popular commander in EDH right now and with good reason, but with all the proliferate and infect decks people are making you can swing in out of no where with angels and just wreck people. Now go destroy everyone with the best creature type in the game!

Geralf_Cecani on Scornful Egotist Deck help

2 years ago

I recently talked to my playgroup, and they said that they would let me use the Scornful Egotist as my commander, even though he isn't legendary. This has cleared the way for my new deck plan. What I'm planning on doing is building a deck full of those seriously OP creatures that exist in colourless and blue, such as Millennial Gargoyle , Welkin Tern , Tattered Haunter and Curio Vendor . I also want to use blue's amazing card advantage to its full potential, using spells such as Think Twice, Coastal Discovery and Brilliant Spectrum . Im also thinking of throwing in a counterspell or two, such as Countermand or Censor. Im not really going with any sort of synergy, just trying to beat them to death with the sheer quality of the cards Im using.

Please add any suggestions that you think would work well with this deck type. Remember Im not looking for merely Ok spells, like Jace's Ingenuity. They have to be amazing, like, Storm Crow quality, nothing less.

NOTE TO ADMINS: Pls dont ban me, Im actually making this deck: as a joke and as a spare deck my playgroup can punish people who forget to bring their own decks with; and Im actually having a bit of trouble finding cards bad enough to go in here

NobleGhost117 on When Hedron's Align

3 years ago

To be blunt, the deck is too slow. The draw power is too weak to be super effective and the creature hate, though plentiful, can only last so long.

Fear not, for I too love the idea of the deck and experimented. The two biggest helpers were clues and a splash of green.

For green cards, things like Tireless Tracker create a field threat while Graf Mole builds survivability. Thraben Inspector is great early game that gives a clue, and helps against aggro, and Erdwal Illuminator gives additional clues for more draw power. Support cards that provide clues are Expose Evil, Weirding Wood, Press for Answers. To top it all off, Tamiyo's Journal gives clues and allows you to search for whatever you need without sacrificing a spell, just the plethora of clues. Finally, Brilliant Spectrum becomes viable because of the four colors.

I know this is a lot of changes, and it is your deck, so your choice. Hedron Alignment is a fickle beast, and hopefully the Eldrich Moon sets gives a few cards to help with it.

Snow_Lynx on Icy Tides ($40)

3 years ago

Exert Influence and Brilliant Spectrum are cards for multi-colored decks. They are terrible in monocolor decks. Read them again. I don't understand your reasoning.

Psychic Rebuttal is only good against Duress and Transgress the Mind. It's not worth a place in the Side Deck over Negate.

TheLegendz on Icy Tides ($40)

3 years ago

I have some suggestion card, First Psychic Rebuttal is good for countering and Exert Influence os better than Welcome to the Fold. And Brilliant Spectrum is good for mono colored deck. Whats your opinion?

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