Bojuka Brigand


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Worldwake (WWK) Common

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Bojuka Brigand

Creature — Human Warrior Ally

Bojuka Brigand can't block.

Whenever Bojuka Brigand or another Ally enters the battlefield under your control, you may put a +1/+1 counter on Bojuka Brigand.

Bojuka Brigand Discussion

TheDuggernaught on Triple A [Modern Version]

10 months ago

I would also suggest adding red if 3 colors is on the table. The speed that Akoum Battlesinger, and Reckless Bushwhacker; along with the added evasion that Firemantle Mage provide could really help. It also provides the ageless Lightning Bolt, and can provide some nice sideboard tech. I have also had luck with Claim//Fame.

As for the creatures you do have, I would absolutely up Hada Freeblade to 4. As someone who has played Allies since OG Zendikar, It is and always will be your best turn 1 play outside of Aether Vial (which should also be included if you do not want Collected Company or Hardened Scales. And it plays so nice with Ally Encampment!).

I would also play a full playset of Expedition Envoy. Yes it does not have any triggers itself -- but it is a mildly aggressive body that triggers all your other ally's abilities for one. In Allies, I like to think of it as a sorcery (that can be played with vial) that reads "put a 2/1 token into play. Trigger all of your creature's ETB abilities again." For one Mana? Now it suddenly becomes a busted card. In my experience, you want as many cheap ways to trigger your ally abilities, and Expedition Envoy does it. It also increases the number of hits you have on Orzhov Charm -- another card I have had a fair amount of success with as a 1-of.

I can also tell you that Drana, Liberator of Malakir + Kor Bladewhirl can be a bit of a non-bo at times as the +1/+1 counters will be placed on the other creatures after they do damage. The first strike damage is also not as effective on the offensive side if you already have evasion. I can see 1 or 2 bladewhirls as a neat combat trick on your opponent's turn with vial -- but the creature that will likely be untapped and can block, Kazandu Blademaster (which should also be an auto-include 4 of), already has first strike.

I see you also have some of what I refer to as the combo allies. These are Kalastria Healer, and Zulaport Cutthroat. I refer to them as this as without some enabler, they do not really do much. Now, you have in your sideboard their best enabler in Rally the Ancestors, but if you want to play a Rally the Ancestors, we are starting to look at a wildly different shell. To abuse Zulaport Cutthroat, we likely need some sacrifice engine. Kalastria Healer does not have quite the same constraints, but I feel there are often cards that do its job better. Need life gain? Go with Ondu Cleric. Want more aggression? Go Bojuka Brigand.

In conclusion, I would likely drop some number of Bladewhirls, Dranas, and maybe a Gideon. I would cut Join the Ranks, and Zulaport Cutthroat. I would also consider cutting Kalastria Healer -- but I can see some merit there in its ability to do damage and heal shrug off some damage. Especially if you do not feel like splashing another color. I would up Kazandu Blademaster to 4, add a playset of Expedition Envoy, up Aether Vial to 4, play with a Orzhov Charm or 2, and then play around with number of Bojuka Brigand and some Metallic Mimics. If you want to splash red, I would definitely add 4 Akoum Battlesinger, 3-4 Reckless Bushwhackers, and at least 1 Firemantle Mage.

For the record, I also do not like the idea of Vault of the Archangel. The mana can already be a little tight to cast non ally spells. No need to make it worse.

EDedan on Life gain combo piece in ...

1 year ago

This card

5 mana for a 4/4 with a potential combo pieces attached to it

There were also these cards which is in the core set.


a continuous drain effect, you'll need to pay of course but still... whoho

oh yes

A flying 2/2 which drains 1 life and the opponent loses 1 life.

I Really like drain effects, they are dirty as hell and when you least expect the effect then it already has drained 8 life and gained you 8 life.

I've built a ally trigger deck with Kalastria Healer which focuses on the same principles, play allies such as Bojuka Brigand, Makindi Shieldmate and Ondu Cleric which gets triggers.

Ally Drain

what do you guys think? am i crazy or just bloodthirsty for this creature :3 ?

cmsrDPM on 5C Modern Aggro Allies

1 year ago

Harabaz Druid is for all ally decks since it is the best ally in the game. What you take out is the 4 Bojuka Brigands since they cannot block and are overly redundant. You do not need Collected Company for it. It ramps you so turn 3 you can put out more allies since you will have 5 mana rather than 3.

If neither you or your opponent find Harabaz Druid exciting then you will win. In reality this creature will likely be keeping Fatal Push off your other allies.

If nothing else compare the really money cost of the allies: Harabaz Druid is one of the most expensive Because it is good.

MRDOOM3 on B/W Ally Life Drain

1 year ago

Definitely keep Zulaport Cutthroat in the deck. Believe me, if you have two of them on the field, along with an army of allies, casting a boardwipe for your opponent can, and definitely will, get extremely punishing. I know this from experience, although the times I've used him were in my Endrek Sahr EDH deck.

I think the times you saw Expedition Envoy in an Allies deck could possibly all be Standard format. I'm kinda BSing a reason, I don't really know which decks you viewed. But, IMO, Hada Freeblade is definitely superior to a vanilla (only flavor text, in case you don't know) card.

Maybe you can cut Bojuka Brigand for Kabira Evangel? I personally don't like Brigand because of the "can't block" part.

Panharmonicon is also another great card for Ally decks, maybe you can consider cutting something for that. Unfortunately, I am not really sure what to cut at that point.

erasmus22 on B/W Ally Life Drain

1 year ago

Thanks a lot MRDOOM3! Do you have any recommendation for what I should swap out for those cards?My thinking is ditch Drana, Liberator of Malakir, Bojuka Brigand, or maybe the Zulaport Cutthroat?

Also, I've noticed people including Expedition Envoy in their ally deck. However, isn't Hada Freeblade better than it? Sure, Envoy is a cheap 2/1, and Freeblade only enters as a 1/2; however, in a typical ally deck, your aiming to play an ally card every turn (hence lots of cheap creatures), which means that the first turn you can actually attack with hada freeblade, he'll be a 2/3, and the fact that he starts as a 1/2 means he has a better chance of surviving until then.

bubbasox on 5c allies (opinions please)

1 year ago

You need to choose between Vail and CoCo they fill the same roles essentially, but vial is better early game and a terrible late game top deck, while CoCo is unusable early game but a great recovery tool latter on and always a great top deck once able to cast. Since Vail takes up 4 slots it does effectively dilute the targets CoCo can hit or take up spots that you could use for answers or removal, which you do lack keep this in mind as you are susceptible to wrath effects and have limited ways of regaining gas.

For the side board since you have "rainbow mana" and three cards that generate non conditional colored mana, you will need to look for utility creatures or retool the mana base to be able to have a dynamic sideboard package. As it stands now you are extremely limitied in what you could get and have to pray you get one of the true color producing lands to play sideboard hate like Rest in Peace, Suppression Field and Stony Silence. If you can get more true colored lands in your deck or at least a way to get consistent white or green so a single blood moon does not kill you dead in the water. Your mana dork is too fragile to rely on as it dies to all of moderns golden kill spells :/ so do take that into consideration.

Since you are in allies maybe consider Expedition Envoy and Hardened Scales More cheap Allies and or +1/+1 counter synergy, seriously they will grow insanely fast, as well as the allies mentioned above. If you get a +1/+1 counter sub theme going you can get protection in the form of Inspiring Call for a huge trade in card advantage say they wrath and you get two cards, that's a -1 wrath for them and +2 cards for you, for instant speed card draw in green that is very easy to work around the counters needs in allies. Bojuka Brigand while not the best bear is not bad when the idea of an ally deck agro.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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