Xathrid Necromancer


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2014 Rare
Promo set for Gatherer Rare

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Xathrid Necromancer

Creature — Human Wizard

Whenever Xathrid Necromancer or another Human creature you control dies, put a 2/2 black Zombie creature token onto the battlefield tapped.

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Xathrid Necromancer Discussion

frogkill45 on "Aristocrats"

2 weeks ago

i would love to run 5 copies of Lingering Souls too!

Xathrid Necromancer should have a spot. or least Athreos, God of Passage

i would run all 8 copies of Blood Artist and Zulaport Cutthroat

UnleashedHavok on Blood-Braided Beatdown (Primer)

2 weeks ago

I'm having some thoughts about making use of Xathrid Necromancer for the tokens he produces to sacrifice to the braided man. Do you think it would be possible to make this deck idea work with more humans?

UnleashedHavok on

4 weeks ago

I must say I agree with Treehugger003's earlier comment, I do not see a solid wincon here. My main EDH deck is Alesha, Who is Unfinished and I love the way she controls the battlefield. I'm not sure how to condense my deck down to Tiny Leader form, but I would suggest taking out War Priest of Thune in favor of Duergar Hedge-Mage. I used to run the War Priest and love the switch, the Hedge-Mage is much more versatile in my opinion.

I think the overall feel of this deck is okay.... but I think that especially for Tiny Leader you need to be more focused and have your creatures be able to dominate/have a large board presence. I think that since you have Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim, Xathrid Necromancer would be a great add to get value each time you sacrifice to exile your opponents creatures. Burnished Hart is awesome with Alesha, and would allow you to dig for lands for your Duergar Hedge-Mage. Then I would also suggest Feldon of the Third Path, and Fiend Hunter. Feldon lets you do fun things with your graveyard, and Fiend Hunter allows you to permanently exile opponent creatures.

AGage7 on Let Trest Guide You

1 month ago

Loaming Shaman could help with the mill problem I know he isn't human but he helps me out a lot. I found some humans and elves you might like Deathrite Shaman,Grim Flayer,Grim Haruspex,Meren of Clan Nel Toth,Master Biomancer,Hamlet Captain,Kazandu Tuskcaller,Lighthouse Chronologist,Xathrid Necromancer,Zulaport Cutthroat they are all under 3 so you can use them with Abundance. Have you thought about Sultai Ascendancy to help with your draws or Rhystic Study? Also if your doing humans for the main theme I would try and use allies and werewolves they are pretty strong as a group plus you are already using Moonmist its just a thought sorry do make this so long hope some of these help you out! =)

Polupus on the value of human life

1 month ago

@ The_Dragonmaster:

Thanks! I appreciate that. This will be the 3rd deck I actually build IRL so I have to be really mindful of what cards to pick.

Yeah, Golgari Thug is the backbone of this deck. I use him almost exclusively as a sacrificial lamb of sorts to pump up Crypt of Agadeem, generate tokens, and dig for creatures. My favorite interaction is with Disciple of Bolas looping the 2 of them to pick out my best fighters from the grave and gain some life (this gets ridiculous with Grafted Wargear in play and becomes almost like a cheaper Sphinx's Revelation).

You're totally right about the sweepers. Golgari Thug, Bloodsoaked Champion, and Xathrid Necromancer all help recover from boardwipes (and may actually help my board state out if I have multiple necromancers in play beforehand), but unfortunately I don't have any copies of Drown in Sorrow so I will have to try Mutilate in place (which may work better since T3 is usually reserved for playing the necromancer I need anyways). Thanks for the suggestion!

tschiller on Athreos, wololoing Orzhov style

1 month ago

Well, some points which maybe help to understand my decision: 1. It's not a human, synergy with Thalia's Lieutenant and Xathrid Necromancer would be lost 2. compared to the other 2drops in this deck I genuinely believe Bloodghast wouldn't be much of a hard decision for my opponent regarding Athreos. Go on, sac it, why should I even consider to pay 3 life to get it to the graveyard, on the opposit, I rather like to see you spending 2 mana next round to bring it back #thisisnotareanimatordeck 3. regarding the comparison to the 1drop Bloodsoaked Champion: not a valid one, because.. 1drop. But to be fair, I'm still not sure if Doomed Traveler would be the better choice 4. last but not least: 40 bucks for a playset I'm not convinced of? Nah.. I rather would spend that money to a Cavern of Souls, if I would be willing to spend more on this deck ;)

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