Rally the Ancestors


Return each creature card with converted mana cost X or less from your graveyard to the battlefield. Exile those creatures at the beginning of your next upkeep. Exile Rally the Ancestors.

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Rally the Ancestors Discussion

KongMing on Mill Allies

1 week ago

Wouldn't Counterspell be a better choice than Logic Knot? You're not recycling your graveyard into your library, so you have no reason to pay the Delve cost if you have to.

Rally the Ancestors would be a good way to get creatures back sent to the graveyard by either mill or destruction/sacrifice. Since all the creatures enter simultaneously, it could be a game-ender.

You have a lot of cards that return your Allies to hand so you can recast them. One option to help bounce and recast them would be Eerie Interlude. It provides evasion for as much as your board as you'd like, and can also end the game if you have enough of the right Allies already on the board.

Furani on Liliana's Vampires

3 weeks ago

Some combo's are:1. the ususal Falkenrath Gorger + Furyblade Vampire2. Discard engin + Avacyn's Judgment or Distemper of the Blood3. Liliana's Indignation + Rally the Ancestors

I was also thinking about Cryptbreaker but hey I'm not rich.

Anyway the manabase needs some love, but the total should stay under 50 moneys.....

KongMing on Rally the allies

3 weeks ago

I like what you've got going here. There are a couple newer Allies that may help you out as well.

Hero of Goma Fada allows you to swing in with a bunch of big, indestructible Allies when you're ready to end the game. I'd recommend cutting one Kabira Evangel and one Talus Paladin to make room for it.

Also, Eerie Interlude provides Allies with not only great evasion, but a ton of triggers once the creatures re-enter the battlefield because they all see each other re-enter. Say you blink five Allies, that means all of your Allies will trigger five times each. Not bad at all. Otherworldly Journey is nice because it allows you to remove an opposing blocker temporarily in order to get creatures through, but flickering all of your Allies and proccing their abilities multiple times will probably turn out better for you. With Allies, you usually want to put strengthening your win condition ahead of trying to mess with the opponent's.

If you're looking for recursion, I would recommend either Rally the Ancestors or Return to the Ranks. Both allow you to return multiple Allies from the grave to the battlefield, turning an opponent's boardwipe into a renewed opportunity for victory.

I like the aggro-focus of this deck, giving the ability to swing past opposing blockers with protection afforded by the Evangel and Brave the Elements.

Hybrow on Shadowborn Apostles and the demons who love them

3 weeks ago

Penthoplayer I have looked at Edgewalker before, as well as Zulaport Cutthroat, they are both very tempting (Blood Artist, I lump in with Cutthroat)..

The problem with Edgewalker that I see from playtests is that I am not really worried about paying for my Shadowborn Apostles. They are pretty cheap, and after the first initial hand, I am not hurting for mana. And with Thrumming Stone, Immortal Servitude, and Rally the Ancestors I tend to not pay too much for them after the first few hands.

Zulaport Cutthroat is super tempting, the more I play this, the more I realize that I don't need 10 demons in the deck. And the direct damage/Lifegain is nice. I would also get it for the Apostles and then again for the spirits that Teysa, Orzhov Scion produces. I think I am going to have to find a spot for him, but I am thinking only 1 spot, so no Blood Artist :)

Now I just have to figure out my most useless Demon, thinking it might be Stronghold Overseer.

LordSnow on - Modern Aristocrats -

3 weeks ago

@PixelatedScarecrow I would have to respectfully disagree. Having played well over 100 games with the deck, I can confidently say 8 artists is far too many for any deck that isn't running Rally the Ancestors or something of that sort. Drawing a late game artist on an empty board is simply terrible. Hell, drawing a Blood Artist in your opening hand isn't even that great. I used to play 8 and it was definitely a mistake. After playing so many games I have settled on 5 and that really seems to be the sweet spot.

TheDuggernaught on Help finding the best colours ...

1 month ago

Neither of the allies you mentioned are really modern playable. Kalastria Healer could be used in a Rally the Ancestors list, but thats about as far as its usefulness goes. If Munda, Ambush Leader put the cards into play, or at the very least into your hand, then he would be fine. But since he just puts them on top, he feels very underwhelming.

Guardians on Help finding the best colours ...

1 month ago

Naya is good. Green for Collected Company, Oran-Rief Survivalist, Harabaz Druid, and Hardened Scales if you want to go the counters route. Red is great for speeding up your clock with stuff like Akoum Battlesinger and Reckless Bushwhacker, Lightning Bolt is also good. If you want to go combo though, Bant is good for the Rally the Ancestors/Return to the Ranks/Collected Company thing where you get a ton of triggers from Halimar Excavator. The main ally cards for that deck are Halimar Excavator, Phantasmal Image, Jwari Shapeshifter, and Ondu Cleric

TheDuggernaught on allies unite!

1 month ago

Well, white does the +1/+1 counter thing better than other colors (see Hada Freeblade, and Kazandu Blademaster), and can life life better than black (see Lantern Scout, Talus Paladin, and Ondu Cleric. But black is the only color that does loss of life. If you are super interested in those mechanics, I might suggest doing a rally build. Not rally as in the rally keyword, but Rally the Ancestors. It is a deck that focuses on getting allies into your graveyard through Halimar Excavator, and other self mill spells, and then slapping down a Rally the Ancestors. You wind up doing a lot of damage through Kalastria Healer, (and Zulaport Cutthroat/Blood Artist if you use sacrifice effects). Combined with hasty allies such as Akoum Battlesinger, you can win a variety of ways.

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