A Wu Aggro Control Ally deck that abuses low cost efficient creatures with low cost efficient control to play a tempo game and create favorable board states. The run down:


Hada Freeblade: If you are playing a white ally deck and not running him, you are probably doing it wrong. A 1/2 for is good. Add in the fact that he grows and it gets stupid fast.

Kazandu Blademaster : Kind of like the freeblade, if you are playing white allies, it has to be a pretty abstract shell to warrant not running him. A 2/2 first strike vigilance for is already way above curve. Add in the fact that it grows? This is the card that will most often scare your opponents.

Kabira Evangel : This is your alpha strike. Want to swing in for game? This is how you do it. It also allows for some cool combat tricks with Momentary Blink -- granting allies protections on your opponent's turn.

Ondu Cleric : The bane of red decks. This guys can net crazy amounts of life. He does not get bigger, but the fact that he is a 2 drop that makes your other low drops bigger while giving you some extra breathing room is worth the slot. I also never feel too bad using him as a chump blocker.

Talus Paladin : Sort of like the blademaster, this is a card that will scare your opponents if allowed to resolve. He gets a big butt super fast and the added life link will often seal the deal on your opponent as your life total quickly gets out of reach.

Sea Gate Loremaster : By the time you play this guy, most decks will likely be running low on ways to kill your creatures. If that is the case and he sticks around long enough to use his activated ability, he will win the game. He represents almost unparalleled draw.

Mirror Entity: The honorary ally! He creates ally triggers and can make even an ondu cleric a beefy 5/5. He is a great mana sink.


Path to Exile: One of the best white removal spells ever. It costs only a lowly , so the chances of you having the open mana for this is usually pretty good. Fits perfectly with the low cost allies.

Serum Visions: One of the best modern blue spells. For a single mana, it replaces itself and allows you to set up your next draw.

Remand: Speaking of one of the best modern blue spells, this is another one. 2 mana for a hard counter and a draw? Yes please. It does give them back the card to cast again, but the loss of tempo is often enough to slow many decks to a crawl. It can often feel like a mini time walk.

Momentary Blink : Creates ally triggers at instant speed, protects against targeted removal and can act as a sweet combat trick. The best part? It has flashback.

Supreme Verdict: Board state not going you way? This is your reset button. If you had creatures in play? Don't fret, they will more than likely be back (see Emeria, The Sky Ruin).

Detention Sphere: Pesky non creature permanent got you down? This thing has your back. It can also sweep tokens for days.

Endless Horizons: My personal twist on an already underused archetype. This allows you to fetch almost all the lands out of your library which ups the consistency of your draws immensely. It also allows you to build up into Emeria, The Sky Ruin triggers very quickly.


Emeria, The Sky Ruin: The card that really inspired it all. If you hit 7 plains, there really aren't too many ways an opponent can come back from that. This is why I do not main board basic islands or duals that do not count as plains.


Tron: Honestly, this one is probably the most difficult. You can usually deal with Wurmcoil Engines... but Karn Liberateds and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn are usually just a bit too much. Even a resolved Ugin, the Spirit Dragon will usually put the game away on you.

Jund: This one is usually pretty easy. You gain life, they durdle while they try to nuke through your life total.

Twin: Combo in general is tough for decks like this. Twin is not as tough as Tron (especially post sideboard), and I have been able to race it. But it definitely is not an easy one.

Affinity: This one is actually pretty good. Especially post sideboard. If they get you, it is probably by the hands of an Inkmoth Nexus.

Abzan Midrange w/ LotV: This one can be tough. The best way to try and get around Lili is to spit out as much aggro as possible so that when she lands, you can kill her asap.

Abzan Midrangew/out LotV: This deck is not too bad. They have super efficient beats, but yours should not be too terribly behind. Add in the life gain that you have access to and the game either durdles as they hold their creatures back for blockers in which case Emeria, The Sky Ruin will beat them; or they swing and you likely win due to the life gain keeping you afloat.

RDW: Pretty easy. Gain life, they cry.


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