Constricting Sliver


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 (M15) Uncommon

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Constricting Sliver

Creature — Sliver

Sliver creatures you control have "When this creature enters the battlefield, you may exile target creature an opponent controls until this creature leaves the battlefield."

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Constricting Sliver Discussion

Draniei on Slivers still use hives

2 weeks ago

I run a Sliver Deck as well, it's pretty heavily combo based, the last game I played with it ended with me casting infinite Sliver tokens with Basal Sliver + Sliver Queen + Training Grounds you can check it out here if you want. 5-C Sliver Deck (Slivers: Resistance is Futile)

But, I highly recommend having all of the Sliver Lords in your deck: Sliver Overlord, Sliver Hivelord, Sliver Queen, and Sliver Legion. Furthermore, you should also run Constricting Sliver it's a great choice for control of the board. And, if you do decide to run Sliver Queen then you should also run Necrotic Sliver for complete control of the board. Notice that it says permanent, that includes everything on the board, from planeswalkers to lands.

But, have fun playing!

KINGofORESKOS on A Sliver of Naya

2 months ago

Maybe add more Venom Slivers, Sentinel Slivers, and Predatory Slivers, as in the early game, they can dominate. Deathtouch can be extremely powerful with so many creatures, and having vigilance means you don't have to commit to attacking or defending. Predatory Sliver makes your slivers less susceptible to burn spells, and makes the weakest slivers, such as Manaweft Sliver and Striking Sliver more formidable. I don't like Battle Sliver, you would much rather just remove it and run 4 Megantic Slivers, since for 1 more mana you get an additional +1/+3. An obvious replacement is to take out Fury Sliver and add another Bonescythe Sliver. Last suggestions, increase the number of Constricting Slivers and decrease the number of Bonesplitter Slivers. Nice deck, keep up the good work, and I hope these suggestions help.


2 months ago

First things first, slivers are a 5 color species, so...have 2 colors severely limits your possibilities. I could give you a lot more advice if you expand your colors. Sliver Hive is always nice, no matter the colors. Any land that enters tapped is not good in an aggressive sliver deck, so definitely remove those. Maybe some tribal anthems such as Coat of Arms, Door of Destinies (Sliver Legion doesn't fit your colors). Manaweft Sliver is great for ramping, and Constricting Sliver is much better than Journey to Nowhere. Nice deck, hope my suggestions help, and consider expanding the colors.

MagicMarc on Looking for Cards to Block ...

2 months ago

You did not mention a format this is for but there are other ways to keep his creatures off of you. Even with slivers. Have you tried the following:

Psionic Sliver or Constricting Sliver or Acidic Sliver or Telekinetic Sliver or Necrotic Sliver?

Having a way to make slivers makes Necrotic Sliver probably game-ending if not addressed. Use a Sliver Hive to make slivers and then use the Necrotic Sliver's ability to destroy their creatures, then their lands. Game over.

Maze of Ith has other friends like Ice Floe.

Trizzo2 on Slivers preparing for Dominaria

3 months ago

Constricting Sliver is great removal.

Neotrup on When Playing Living Death Do ...

7 months ago

With replacement effects like Urabrask the Hidden, it will not apply to creatures entering at the same time, your opponent's creature come in untapped. With a triggered ability like that granted by Constricting Sliver the triggers will be put on the stack after the spell finishes resolving. Each of your opponent's slivers will be able to exile one of your creatures.

Also, Living Death returns all creature cards, not just the ones each player wants to return. No player makes any choices while resolving Living Death.

theindigoeffect on When Playing Living Death Do ...

7 months ago

I had to ask this question because many creature cards have ETB effects, which can seemingly be played in an unfair fashiion, depending on what order the aforementioned creatures are played.

For example, if I play Urabrask the Hidden and someone else decides to play Constricting Sliver, it leaves me at an obvious disadvantage, since I decided to go first.

In some ways, it creates a stalemate, since graveyards are public knowledge, and I have some idea of what my opponent will play.

Is there a rule that determines who plays his/her creatures first?

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