So, here we have a Brago, King Eternal blink/control deck. Our premise is simple: drop lots of ETB cards and protect them so Brago can come out and blink em'. There's lots of combos flying around and abilities to abuse from all the different ETB and LTB effects. 1v1 or Multiplayer, this deck always finds ways to win.

Blink Squad:

Clever Impersonator: always becomes whatever you want it to

Lavinia of the Tenth: mana rocks and dorks...BEWARE

Reflector Mage: get that shit outta here

Augury Owl: Scry is dank

Mulldrifter: draw

Treachery: steal a creature and untap 5

Act of Authority: this with Brago is absolutely broken

Traveler's Cloak: draw, re-declare landwalk

Unquestioned Authority: draw

Tsabo's Web: draw

Tangle Wire: always has 4 counters

Angel of Serenity: can be used to send 3 trouble creatures back to thier owner's hand or grab 3 creatures from your graveyard back

Archaeomancer: grab that spell back

Cloudblazer draw, life

Drowner of Hope: 2 tokens that sac for mana or to tap down a creature

Nevermaker: I'd like that on top of your library, please

Rishadan Brigand: "You're a dick..."

Venser, Shaper Savant: "You're a bigger dick..."

Reality Acid: "..."

Sun Titan: 1-2 permanents from your graveyard each turn

Thought-Knot Seer: you're my enemy, and he's my friend

Knight-Captain of Eos: soldiers that make Fog

Grasp of Fate: commanders...BEWARE!!!

Control Stuff:

Counterspell: nod

Mana Drain: the most amazing/expensive counterspell, ever

Pact of Negation: "So, you're tapped out, right? Cool. I cast-" "Nope."

Muddle the Mixture: would rather Transmute it to grab Strionic Resonator

Remand: draw is love, draw is life

Cryptic Command: a dank counter

Orim's Chant: don't play anything this turn (also, don't attack)

Telepathy: just seeing if you have a response

Nevermore: no.

Swords to Plowshares: indestructible, eh?

Glen Elendra Archmage: reset with blink power

Azor, the Lawbringer: no more board wipes with an attack activated Sphinx's Revelation

Spellskite: Rancor? Pfft!

Eldrazi Displacer: saves my creatures, taps theirs, extra source of blink, etc.

Catastrophe: "HATE ME!!!"

IF you have Strionic Resonator out:

You can do some serious stack bs using cards with ETB and LTB abilities that trigger separately such as the O-Ring clones (2 paragraphs mean two triggers. Cards like Banishing Light wont work.). Here's how it goes with Oblivion Ring on the battlefield:

  1. Brago damage goes through. Trigger.

  2. In response, activate Strionic Resonator, copying Brago's trigger. Copy is on top of the stack.

  3. Copy resolves and you exile everything you want to (O-Ring and the Resonator). They return and O-Ring's ETB triggers.

  4. In response to the ETB, activate Resonator, targeting Brago's original trigger and putting another copy on top of the stack.

  5. Allow the copy to resolve and exile O-Ring again. The LTB goes on the stack above the ETB and can't return anything.

  6. 2 instances of O-Ring's ETB happen in a row. Use the 1st ETB to exile whatever you want gone, permanently. The 2nd ETB will exile something that will return when O-Ring's next LTB triggers.

NOTE: Oblivion Ring card ruling- "If Oblivion Ring leaves the battlefield before its first ability has resolved, its second ability will trigger and do nothing. Then its first ability will resolve and exile the targeted nonland permanent forever."

NOTE: Cards like Fiend Hunter, Leonin Relic-Warder, Angel of Serenity, Journey to Nowhere, and Detention Sphere also work with this and permanently exile their targets.

Another fun trick with this is using Parallax Tide and Parallax Wave to permanently exile their targets. Here's the stack for that:

  1. Brago damage goes through. Trigger.

  2. In response, remove the fade counters from the Wave and/or the Tide, choosing your targets for exile.

  3. Before that resolves, activate Strionic Resonator, copying Brago's trigger. Copy is on top of the stack.

  4. (Optional) If you want to re-use lands with the Tide, save some fade counters for this step and choose your lands. They will exile first on top of the stack. NOTE: This will create an infinite loop if you choose 2 of your own lands.

  5. Copy resolves, exiling the Tide/Wave and re-entering with all their fade counters (also returning whatever lands you decided to exile with the Tide). Nothing returned because nothing has been exiled yet.

  6. Fade counter choices resolve, permanently exiling whatever you targeted and leaving the original Brago trigger on the bottom of the stack.

But screw it, please feel free to leave a suggestion. Hell, tell me why I'm wrong. +1 if you like! (:


Updates Add

Thanks guys for all the suggestions! It's been awhile since I've played. Anyone out there wanna pitch some stuff from the newer block? :O

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