Search target player's library for a card and remove that card from the game. Then that player shuffles his or her library.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Extract Discussion

griffstick on I need help choosing another …

2 months ago

You could just exile it all together with cards like Sadistic Sacrament , Praetor's Grasp , Bitter Ordeal , Extract and Slaughter Games being my favorite ones.

slmochie on Tymna Sakashima No Turns

3 months ago

I was wondering if it would be worth considering a card like Extract to try and remove your opponent's alternate win cons before proceeding with your plan.

adw92 on Darude-Saistorm

3 months ago

Have you considered something like Extract or Long-Term Plans to tutor up Mechanized Production ?

PabloEsco666 on Zur, Master Alchemist [cEDH]

3 months ago

Nerdytimesorwhatever appreciate the feedback - got some responses for ya.

Vindicate (in my opinion) has more value in this deck as it removes any permanent without causing a loss of life that could be spent elsewhere. Anguished Unmaking is a great suggestion - now you've got me thinking about making the switch.

Illusionist's Bracers (again, personal opinion) has been pretty powerful in this deck, allowing you to tutor two enchantments at once (duh) and usually win with that interaction. I will agree, it is a bit slow/clunky for cEDH, especially with the 3 mana equip cost, but I've been able to consistently get it out turn 1/2 and have it equipped before Zur swings turn 2/3. All that aside, it is almost useless to draw into turn 4/5 unless the board gets wiped. There are a couple other targets for equipping this as well, with Dark Confidant and Hullbreacher coming to mind.

Diplomatic Immunity is usually the second enchantment I tutor out (after Necropotence of course) and has always provided additional security for Zur. It also combos well with the other equipment in this deck, and the nuances of shroud when Zur tutors out an equipment.

Daybreak Coronet , All That Glitters , and Phyresis are essentially a back-up plan for the Thoracle/TP/DC win condition. The look on an opponent's face when you swing for 20+ infect in an esper deck is always amusing as well.

Extract is almost exclusively a meta-include, with a bunch of the people I play with running Food Chain or Underworld Breach decks. Removing their win-con turn 1/2 is pretty effective.

Great point about Tainted Pact . Four Islands has never gotten in the way of it working for me, although you are absolutely right that in some cases that would stop it completely. I'll definitely have to revisit this and make some changes.

To be honest, this is the first time I've ever seen Spell Snare - need to add that ASAP.

Shimmer Myr is an excellent card, but this deck doesn't run any lines that win with artifacts aside from the obvious Isochron Scepter . Maybe I'm missing something, but most Shimmer/Zur decks focus more on artifacts than this does.

Been debating adding Necromancy or Reanimate to this list for a while - might be the time to do so.

I've got a vault copy of Mox Diamond , but am too scared to use it at the $800 price point. Proxying might be the move for that.

Miscast is another I've been debating, but haven't found a spot for it yet.

I decided to use Mystic Remora instead of Rhystic Study exclusively due to the mana cost, but that card has been floating back and forth on this list for a little while.

I threw Drannith Magistrate in here almost immediately after it was release to support the stax(ish) undertones of this deck - completely agree how absurd that card is.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Nerdytimesorwhatever on Zur, Master Alchemist [cEDH]

3 months ago

Vindicate , but no Anguished Unmaking ? Is there a reason?

Illusionist's Bracers This is not a competitive card, especially not in Zur. What function does it serve?

Diplomatic Immunity I love this card, but it doesn't have much purpose here. It seems to me like an additional counterspell would just be better in every scenario.

Daybreak Coronet , All That Glitters , and Phyresis ? Is this a voltron build?

What purpose does Extract serve?

You are running 4x Islands, and Tainted Pact , with a ThOr/Labman line. TP wont exile your deck for you.

Spell Snare *, Shimmer Myr , Necromancy , Mox Diamond , Miscast , Rhystic Study , are all notably absent. If you aren't going for a fast build, Drannith Magistrate is absurd

*Spell snare stops: Tainted Pact, Thassa's Oracle, Drannith Magistrate, Dockside Extortionist, Underworld Breach, Neoform, Isochron Scepter, and many more relevant game ending targets. I recommend it highly.

enpc on Booby trap

3 months ago

I would look at using cards like Praetor's Grasp and Extract so that A) you can get a good look at your opponent's library to help you pick cards and; B) this will help cut down the number of options of cards your oppoent has to draw, making it more likely that they will hit the card named with Booby Trap .

jaymc1130 on Opposition Agent needs a preemptive …

7 months ago


We've already addressed the "just use removal on it" angle and conclusively determined this is not a viable solution to the problem OP Agent presents. Now, you should want to run more spot removal in every deck once OP Agent is released because you will need the threat of spot removal to force opponents to hold onto that OP Agent until they can both cast it and protect it at the same time, but as a general solution to the problem the card presents (which is two fold: there is the game play pattern aspect that is extraordinarily powerful, and then there is the extreme degree of meta warping that will occur because the card is so powerful that every viable deck will be required to run it). Reacting to the second half of that equation and running more spot removal to help answer the first half of that equation does not really provide an answer to the second half of that equation, just reacts to it. This is why we can summarily dismiss the notion of "just bolt it" as a solution to the problem OP Agent poses, it doesn't actually solve the problem and only reacts to the situations that arise from the core of the issue.

This is exactly the argument people used for Flash for the longest time before the entire community finally gave up, cried uncle, and demanded the card be banned. The community at large was too lazy to find a true solution and instead opted for an ever increasing arms race of adding more and more cheap/free interaction to lists in reaction to the issue posed. This helped a little bit and forced the meta to shift slightly into longer and slower grindy style game play patterns because selling out to go for the turn 3 win every game became a sure fire way to lose the game on the spot just for attempting the line of play in such a greedy fashion. But none of this changed the meta warping effect of format that was allowed by the existence of Flash and this lazy attempt at a "solution" was utterly ineffective at addressing the core issue of the meta becoming a stagnant homogenized thing that people eventually became bored/annoyed with.

Now, with Flash, there was indeed a true solution in the form of the Inception style strategy that solved both halves of the equation to the point that Flash based combos became so useless the entire concept disappeared from the most competitive possible metas. Flash concepts have an inherent weakness that they are not card slot efficient and tend to devote 20-30 cards in the deck toward the deployment of a single combo win line that requires unique pieces that do not have existing duplicate effects (Flash, Protean Hulk, Narcomeba, Dread Return, etc). The solution was quite simple as it turned out: simply exile one of these critical points of failure faster than the Flash based concepts were able to employ a Flash based line of play as the removal of any number of these unique critical points of failure would cause the entire line of play (and thus the 20 or 30 cards devoted to it) to fail entirely. Extract was the solution, with an assist from Praetor's Grasp and targeted discard spells (at least until the printing of Veil of Summer that hosed Inception based concepts pretty hard) as this Inception strategy would dismantle opposing Flash strategies so consistently a turn, or even 2 turns, faster than the Flash concepts could deploy a Flash combo line that the Flash combo decks completely disappeared from the most competitive metas that adopted this solution to the problem. Now, most of the community never even attempted this solution, laughed at it outright, and went on ranting and raving about the existence of Flash to the point that a card that didn't really need to be banned for power level reasons was banned for power level reasons (I was perfectly happy with the ban myself, but purely from the standpoint that it would help diversify the meta as Flash based concepts had already proven they weren't overly powerful).

I relate all of this similar situation information to make a very specific point in relation to why such a solution cannot be found for OP Agent while it was found for Flash. And that point is very simple: it was easier to tutor for and play Extract than it was to tutor for and play Flash+Protean Hulk so the solution worked very effectively because the play pattern and deck construction techniques used to employ the counter strategy were significantly more efficient. This type of solution is not a possibility with OP Agent because the mere threat posed by it's existence negates and precludes the potential to use tutors to consistently and reliably find cards that could answer the threat it poses that are included in the deck. Counter strategies that employ specific cards to preemptively solve a problem before it arises are not a valid fix here, and as Flash conclusively proved beyond any shadow of doubt simply upping the interaction count in an every increasing arms race is also not a viable solution because it simply isn't effective, merely slows the pace of play, and a slower pace of play is an advantage to decks playing grindy OP Agent based strategies.

None of these above statements is in any way an "overreaction". This analysis is simply an accurate portrayal of the coming meta shift deduced and derived from the implications of a single card. It's less of a "Chicken Little the sky is falling" type of proclamation and more of a "the pace of current global climate change is incompatible with continued human existence and will result in the eventual extinction of the species and most life on Earth unless it's effects are halted" type of proclamation. Should people be concerned with going extinct tomorrow? No. But people need to be aware of the fact that the current trajectory of climate change will inevitably and invariably lead to that eventuality. Similar to OP Agent, humanity can do a lot to stop polluting the environment and actively harming the planet, but there is no true solution for a population growth rate that will even more quickly cause the planet to be uninhabitable. There are a number of ways to counter or remove an Agent, but there is no true solution to the coming stagnation and homogenization of the format outside of simply banning the offending party in much the same way there is no true solution to exponential population growth aside from expanding humanity's presence to other habitable worlds.

dingusdingo on Commander Legends card is going …

7 months ago

Can the posters in this thread please post your 100% off-topic posts elsewhere? I don't want actual discussion to get buried in your silly goose time. The thread is clearly marked "cedh", not "off-topic".

TriusMalarky I disagree with your evaluation of Opposition Agent. That card will see far more play than Jeweled Lotus and make a far bigger impact on games when it resolves.

  • It doesn't just block a tutor, it steals a tutor. Compare to other tutor hate that simply blocks a tutor. Opposition Agent effectively replaces itself, but with any card you want from their library. The card is itself effectively a tutor stapled to a hatebear. When the format is heavy with 1 card win conditions like Ad Nauseam and Intuition, stealing a tutor can be game ending.
  • With the most common tutor hate Aven Mindcensor and Leonin Arbiter, some tutors can still get through even if they are less effective. Opposition Agent is a hard stop to all tutor effects, always.
  • A resolved Opposition Agent on the board will still warp gameplay harder than other tutor hate. With a Leonin Arbiter, players can still get their fetches and tutors through. With an Aven Mindcensor, I have seen some players still crack their fetches and pray they can find one in their top 4. Opposition Agent completely stops any tutors of any kind, and a fetch cracked just to shuffle away a bad topdeck will not just be a loss for the player who cracked, but a gain for the owner of Opposition Agent.
  • Pilots will now have to be more aware than ever of how a single point of failure can ruin their game plan. If someone is playing Food Chain.dec and has no back ups, a resolved Opposition Agent that steals the food chain has now completely stolen their chances of winning. This will be even more disgusting in BUG Food Chain decks, that are also able to run Extract and Praetor's Grasp, being able to yoink 2 or 3 different key cards to neuter entire decks.
  • Every single competitive deck runs tutor effects. I don't mean this figuratively either. Every single competitive deck runs tutors, hard stop. This card is always live. It singlehandedly hates out entire decks, Godo, Sidisi, Yisan, Vannifar, anything with a tutor in the command zone. Also consider how many decks will run lower removal count because their tutors double as removal with layering. Now, those decks running 3 or 4 catch-all pieces of removal don't have any access to it. Also consider how a dead tutor in your hand is wasted opportunity cost. Having a Demonic Tutor in hand while an Opposition Agent is on the board means you have a dead card that does absolutely nothing while the Agent is on the field. Even if it gets removed, delaying your tutor by even a single turn can change your win into a loss.

Opposition Agent is absolutely bananas, and its ability to steal tutors will swing games.

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