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Food Chain Prossh

Commander / EDH*




FCP Post-Mulls

Maybeboard is cards that you can play for budget or meta calls. Sometimes you need to play 30 lands instead of Gatecreeper Vine and Sylvan Ranger.

How to Food Chain in two sentences: Food Chain turns every creature into a Pyretic Ritual for creature mana. Turn 1 Land, Elf, turn 2 Land, Food Chain, exile the elf for 2 creature mana, use that mana to cast another creature for +1 mana, and repeat until you have cast Prossh, then cast Prossh and demonstrate the loop, then cast a creature wincon with your infinite mana, creature ETBs, and deaths.


Updates Add

-1 Skullmulcher +1 Walking Ballista

-1 Goblin Bombardment +1 Final Fortune

-1 Treasured Find +1 Noxious Revival

-1 Toxic Deluge +1 Fire Covenant

Will reply to comments eventually. Might also document these changes but probably not.

Remember to eat all your Kobolds so you can grow strong like big Prossh!

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