Final Fortune


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Seventh Edition (7ED) Rare
Classic Sixth Edition (6ED) Rare
Mirage (MIR) Rare

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Final Fortune


Take an extra turn after this one. At the end of that turn, you lose the game.

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Final Fortune Discussion

cdkime on 4 simple favors & I'll ...

6 days ago

Platinum Angel, though it's a bit difficult to cast without ramp.

Gideon of the Trials, though it's subject to being able to keep it alive.

Angel's Grace - the End Step (when Final Fortune's ability triggers) occurs before the Cleanup Step (when Angel's Grace's effect wears off).

WhatevWorks on Initial D Ramos

1 week ago

Hey 4doublexx, thanks for the feedback. Yes, the win condition is tazing people with Aetherflux Reservoir. As far as the cards you suggested, here's your irony for the day: Epic Experiment might be pretty good (41 instants/sorceries), and Empty the Warrens and Grapeshot aren't really necessary. Epic Experiment will probably hit 3 free spells for x=5, which is a fantastic mana sink if you ever activate Ramos. I was already thinking about cutting Final Fortune, and the experiment is probably taking its place. As for the silly fun cards, hit me the heckin' frick up. I'm all for it.

antipopes on The Grind Never Stops | Zada Storm Primer

2 weeks ago

Dreamweav3r, thank you for your suggestions!

I'm not a fan of Altar of the Brood at all. I've had a lot of games end because of this card, and not with the Altar player winning. If you stick it early, it fuels graveyard decks like crazy, and if you wait until the combo turn then you're still playing solitaire. I am running Aetherflux Reservoir as a wincon in addition to Fiery Gambit, and this deck also has the ability to simply attack for large amounts of damage.

I've run Final Fortune in other mono-red combo decks before and not found it particularly exciting, but it might be worth a shot here. If only this deck could play Sunforger.

I'd be interested to see your build! I'm always into looking at other people's versions of Zada.

gminnick on Infinite Etherium

2 weeks ago

This list looks very streamline. I like it a lot. I've never seen Final Fortune and Sundial of the Infinite combo in a breya list before. Super cool. Check out my Sydri Combo Cannon deck if you get a chance. I'd like to hear your feedback.

Dreamweav3r on The Grind Never Stops | Zada Storm Primer

2 weeks ago

Been playing Zada for years, few things. Altar of the Brood, people really hate solitaire, so least give them a quick death. Although killing with 60 Gambits seems hilarious, I find that people can often times have ways to make the kills difficult, or if I've been storming off for awhile and I don't want to make people wait too much longer, or if I'm just feeling lazy. Also sometimes they're building pillow fort or they cant be targeted. Final Fortune gives you that one turn you need to combo off, and to me it makes the experience more hap hazardous and fun. (I usually use it well before I know for sure if I can combo off, trying to make it more fun for the people watching too.) Sooner or later I'll put up my list too, interesting to see others! :)

Ocelot44 on Kamahl, Pit Fighter

2 weeks ago

If creatures aren’t totally out of the question, Godo, Bandit Warlord could have some synergy with your equipment and your vigilance enablers

I feel like a piece of crap for recommending this, but Decree of Annihilation is infamous because it’s instant speed MLD, and since cycling it is an activated ability, it can’t be countered - it has to be stifled instead

Lastly, if Final Fortune effects are your thing, if you ever wanted to run more, there’s also Last Chance and Warrior's Oath, and Glorious End also has a similar hilarious effect :p

Driemer84 on Zada Storm

4 weeks ago

I'm really loving this deck. I threw it together and it lead me to a couple of minor questions.

Does Forgotten Cave have a spot over a mountain? This is super minor, but does the downside of a come into play tapped land outweigh the upside cycling it away later in the game if you're running out of gas?

Have you considered Dark-Dweller Oracle? I've noticed sometimes you don't always find gas to keep the engine running. Dark-Dweller provides a way to dig a little deeper in a pinch.

Lastly, in what situations do you cast Final Fortune. Taking another turn seems anti-synergistic with Aetherflux Reservoir. It seems like Final Fortune would want to see a card like Reliquary Tower next to it, even though I don't think I would really want to see Reliquary Tower in a deck like this. Red sources are pretty important.

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