Summoner's Pact


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters 25 (A25) None
Modern Masters (MMA) Rare
Future Sight (FUT) Rare

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Summoner's Pact


Search your library for a green creature card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

At the beginning of your next upkeep, pay . If you don't, you lose the game.

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Summoner's Pact Discussion

SynergyBuild on The Abzan Enchanter's Essential Style Collection

1 week ago

I understand that you already went over Femeref Enchantress in the comments, but I want to make a case for just because I have loved using it.

I wouldn't classify it as protection in a normal sense, unlike a card like Greater Auramancy, but it does deter casting a Disenchant, that otherwise might have been cast. The card I believe has other uses.

It, at least in my variation of the deck, is part of the Replenish Package I run.

Vessel of Nascency, Seal of Cleansing, Seal of Primordium, Aura of Silence, Solitary Confinement, Gaea's Touch, Sterling Grove, Font of Fertility, and Seal of Doom all allow for value when being sacrificed with a Femeref Enchantress. You run 3 of those.

With Cast Out and Commune with the Gods to help fill up my yard with enchantments, Replenish-styled effects, can bring them all back, just to have them be sacrificed. I have drawn 10+ cards in one turn with Femeref Enchantress in that method.

I use Seal of Cleansing/Seal of Primordium/Aura of Silence a lot of times on my own enchantments, because if they are going to be Return to Dusted or since I run Starfield of Nyx/Opalescence for the synergy (Ay! My Name!) with Earthcraft, when an opponent Merciless Eviction and name creature thinking my board will be exiled, then I sacrifice my Seal of Cleansing targeting Opalescence and suddenly I have no creatures in reponse, it works out.

Otherwise, you don't need to run it. I just think a more replenish-based list would work well for gaining value.

Thats my whole thing about Femeref Enchantress

Onto ramp, Overgrowth works really well, I'd suggest you use it. Wild Growth, Utopia Sprawl, and Carpet of Flowers are must-haves in enchantress, seeing play in the most competitive and most casual lists.

Gaea's Touch and Font of Fertility are for the Replenish/Open the Vaults/Femeref Enchantress's gameplan, but that is fully up to you too.

Other than that, Weirding Wood is an interesting card, that I have been back and forth with. It is basically a big Abundant Growth.

Now onto card draw Sylvan Library is a must-have. Imagine if Sensei's Divining Top decided it was its own man, and was going to trigger when it wanted too, but as a cost it was going to cost an extra . Sound's bad right, less control and more mana? Well its in the big world, and it is going to draw all them cards! Suddenly you are drawing 2, 3 cards a turn, and sure, it costs some life, but yes!

If you'd rather have it's child, Mirri's Guile is a great addition too. Both of these cards see play in the real legacy enchantress.

Mana Bloom is good at fixing, and since it bounces back to hand, you can keep recasting it, getting more enchantress triggers, along with triggers on Sigil of the Empty Throne, Celestial Ancient, Blessed Spirits, Doomwake Giant, Thoughtrender Lamia, Agent of Erebos, and Blightcaster

Last but not least, this seems like an aggro deck, which is strange for enchantress, I'd suggest Parallax Wave/Opalescence combo (Starfield of Nyx works as well), Squirrel Nest combo with Earthcraft, and Altar of the Brood for an instant win with either.

Solitary Confinement, Ghostly Prison, and a higher removal count (Banishing Light, Journey to Nowhere, Seal Away, etc.) along with ways of slowing down your aggressive opponents (Authority of the Consuls/Blind Obedience) all lead to a much better set up, and Teferi's Protection/Heroic Intervention can be blowouts.

I'd also suggest you up your enchantment count to around 40~50, and run a lot more tutors. Vampiric Tutor, Imperial Seal, Idyllic Tutor, Eladamri's Call, Sylvan Tutor, Chord of Calling, Summoner's Pact, Grim Tutor, Recruiter of the Guard etc.

NapoleonBonaparte on R/G breach

2 weeks ago

Also keep in mind that Worldspine Wurm leaves behind 3 5/5 tramplers thanks to the sacrifice clause on Through the Breach. You can also Summoner's Pact for it

xyr0s on R/G breach

2 weeks ago

You could add Blood Moon to your sideboard, or maybe even mainboard, depending on what you expect to play against. It wouldn't bother you much with some more mountains anyway.

And you could exchange a couple of your most expensive creatures for Summoner's Pacts. There should be enough ramp that you can pay it without any real problems. Speaking of ramp Kodama's Reach is an arcane spell... so you could splice your Through the Breach onto it, to gain a few more uses out of it, if you wanted.

SynergyBuild on Tatyova landfall

2 weeks ago

You do know you can run Llanowar Scout and Walking Atlas as more effects of that nature, and Altar of the Brood helps the whole mill strategy too!

Worldly Tutor, Fabricate, Whir of Invention, Sylvan Tutor, Green Sun's Zenith, Chord of Calling, Summoner's Pact are all able to be run for increased consistency and speed. Finding a Hedron Crab, Lotus Cobra, Patron of the Moon, or Sakura-Tribe Scout, Cloudstone Curio, maybe a Storm Cauldron or anything you need require the right tutors tin the deck.

Amulet of Vigor is a card I greatly suggest, it works wonders with Scapeshift, Splendid Reclamation, Bant Panorama, Evolving Wilds, Terramorphic Expanse, Simic Growth Chamber, etc.

SynergyBuild on Tatyova Landball

2 weeks ago

Sylvan Tutor, Worldly Tutor, Green Sun's Zenith, Chord of Calling, and Summoner's Pact all are good tutors in my version, they normally fetch out Lotus Cobra, though sometimes a Sakura-Tribe Scout if I want to go off with Retreat to Coralhelm, speaking of which Walking Atlas, Llanowar Scout and other such options exist for the combo. Fyndhorn Elves seems like a card the deck might want to look as too.

On another note, Altar of the Brood probably deserves a spot in the list. My list runs it as a back-up wincon to Laboratory Maniac, and I have found I can commonly set up a combo with it in many times that I would fail to combo out with Laboratory Maniac. For instance Retreat to Coralhelm, Sakura-Tribe Scout, and Oboro, Palace in the Clouds can be set up as a wincon.

The way the deck is currently set up I wouldn't run it alone though, if you want to run it, I'd suggest Oboro Breezecaller. I normally can make 20-30+ mana with it and draw 10-20+ cards with it and a Gaea's Cradle, as you can bounce a land to make more mana. Then I cast a Patron of the Moon or Summer Bloom, etc. to drop a bunch of those lands. You can go infinite mana with it very fast. Altar of the Brood allows very easy wins like that, even if you commander gets killed too many times to be reasonably cast.

Grunyarth on Lose - Turn 1 Edition

4 weeks ago

Good catch my friend goblinguiderevealpls! As much as Monkey- would be a solid Summoner's Pact tutor target (as it will have a very hard time winning the game) it is in fact illegal, so it has been replaced by Progenitus one of the fastest game enders in magic, made even faster by Summoner's Pact :)

Grunyarth on Lose - Turn 1 Edition

1 month ago

She could be a powerful loss condition, but alas, Summoner's Pact is a green only tutor =( I did put in Monkey- to make sure you have a creature to tutor for with it that has 0 chance of winning you the game...

Chasmolinker on Lose - Turn 1 Edition

1 month ago

I dig it. The 1 of Ornithopter is rough though. Maybe a Phage the Untouchable would be better suited here. That way I have a shooper shweet creature to fetch with Summoner's Pact

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