Faerie Macabre


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters Common
Duel Decks: Garruk vs. Liliana Common
Shadowmoor Common

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Faerie Macabre

Creature — Faerie Rogue


Discard Faerie Macabre: Remove up to two target cards in graveyards from the game.

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Faerie Macabre Discussion

PayOneLife on Sure Hit

5 days ago

There are some really weird suggestions here, this thread has me scratching my head.

Firstly, I think your mana curve is a bit of an issue. You have 22 2cmc cards which is really too many. It means that currently you only have two cards in the deck to cast on turn one (Serum Visions) in an aggro deck which wants to race the opponent. That is a problem. Have a look at something like 8 whack - nearly the entire deck is 1cmc cards. It also means that you will usually be only casting a 2 cmc spell on turn three, when if you had a mix of 1cmc and 2cmc cards you'd be able to cast two spells. At the moment you go:

Turn 1: Land, pass.
Turn 2: Land, 2cmc rogue, pass.
Turn 3: Land, 2cmc rogue or 3 cmc card (you've got a 56% chance of hitting one of your 3cmc cards by turn 3 when you're on the play, so half the time you'll only play a 2cmc card).

You're on turn 3 and you have two creatures. If you increase your 1cmc rogues it will look like this:

Turn 1: Land, 1cmc rogue, pass.
Turn 2: Land, 2cmc rogue, pass.
Turn 3: Land, 2cmc rogue, 1cmc rogue, (or 3cmc card), pass.

You end up with 4 creatures in play on turn 3 instead of 2! This is extremely important if you want to get around your opponent's removal (and they all run a lot of it). It will also allow you to cast spells for their prowl cost a lot sooner.

Serum Visions is also not a good choice for an aggro deck as card selection is far less important to your plan than having threats. I think the first thing you should do is drop Serum Visions and possibly Morsel Theft or Inkfathom infiltrators for four Slither Blades. I would also consider playing Faerie Miscreant, as it gives you an evasive body with a minor upside. It can block fliers which can sometimes be necessary to staying alive. If you choose to play Miscreant you'd need to play the full four. If you were just going to play 2 and keep the Morsel Thefts then you'd be better off with Triton Shorestalker as previously suggested (Gudul Lurker is terrible though, not close to worthy of consideration).

I'd also cut Fireshrieker. I get that it gives you double triggers for combat damage, but it's just too slow! You can't equip it until turn 4, and if someone kills the creature you equip it to then you've just wasted all of your turn 3 mana and half of your turn four mana for no benefit. Cards like Sword of Fire and Ice and Sword of Light and Shadow are far more powerful and don't get played in modern because they don't do anything straight away. I like the idea of a single copy of Earwig Squad. It will usually cost you three mana (especially if you take my advice on bringing in the 1cmc creatures) and it's enter the battlefield effect is very strong against some decks in modern. Ad Nauseam combo only runs two cards as win cons, and storm combo usually only runs three. These decks use different cards to win so that they can't get beaten by stuff like Cranial Extraction, but Earwig Squad doesn't make you choose cards with the same name. If you resolve Earwig Squad against these decks you literally win. It's also a 5/3 on turn 3 which is pretty darn aggro AND it's a rogue!

Another card I think could be good is Smuggler's Copter. It helps cards like Frogtosser Banneret and Royal Assassin get in real damage and the looting efect is pretty handy. Also its name fits perfectly with rogues :P

I'm not sure about most of the cards in your sideboard, how did you decide on these? As for suggestions, I would substitute Terror for Doom Blade, which is strictly better and 25c to buy. I also like Faerie Macabre, which is a great uncounterable response to reanimator decks, Snapcaster Mage, Tarmogoyf and Delirium amongst others. It's also a rogue with evasion for the times you don't end up needing to hate on the graveyard. You might also consider Tormod's Crypt because dredge and reanimator strategies are going to be the decks most likely to outrace you. A few Dispel would help nicely against burn decks, Collected Company, Ad Nauseam, Chord of Calling, Cryptic Command and to counter your opponent's counterspells! Having two Negate and two Dispel will help a lot against burn. I would drop Diabolic Tutor, Inquisitor's Flail and Hands of Binding for some combination of the cards I've suggested.

Hope this has been helpful :)

JA14732 on This Deck Hates You

1 week ago

It's definitely a very good start. Cards to keep an eye out for:

Spirit of the Labyrinth. This is a must-have for hatebears decks. Halting your opponents from card advantaging you out is insane.

Vryn Wingmare/Thalia, Guardian of Thraben/Glowrider: Why not? Use your cheaper creatures to grind out your opponent. Also tax them for trying to stop you.

Aura of Silence: Again, tax your opponents. Also has an incredible rider on it.

Lodestone Golem: Big beater? Check. Taxes your opponent? Check.

Leonin Arbiter: Tax your opponents, yet again.

Rule of Law: Preventing combos, by the books. Curse of Exhaustion also works, but is single target.

Ethersworn Canonist: Like above, except also beats for 2. A great inclusion.

Hokori, Dust Drinker: Is it a Winter Orb that beats? Sure, why not.

Samurai of the Pale Curtain: While not as amazing as he used to be, still a beater that hurts graveyard based decks.

Dauntless Escort: Because who doesn't like a repeatable Archangel Avacyn  Flip? Bonus points for use with Karmic Guide + Reveillark .

Nezumi Graverobber: Okay, stealing creatures from yards, stripping them bare AND beating down? This guy just isn't fair. Also, Faerie Macabre does well, especially if you have to get something out of a yard.

Voidstone Gargoyle: At 5 mana, less important, but he can lock your opponents out of their commander. Or a board wipe. Or really anything.

Acidic Slime: Cheap, good, repeatable, also just generally good. Did I mention that he was good?

Eternal Witness: Semi-expensive rn, but if you have to get something back, accept NO substitutes.

Qasali Pridemage: Me-ow.

Vampire Hexmage: Opponent has an annoying 'walker? Got a Walking Ballista? Hangarback Walker? They playing Atraxa? Want something dead? Welcome our Hexmage overlords!

Phyrexian Revoker: Legacy staple, also beats for 2.

Dust Elemental: Save 3 dudes, get a beater. All-in-all, a win-win.

Hushwing Gryff: While it does turn off many cards, it also turns off your opponents. Use at your own risk.

Stonecloaker: Just do it.

Oblation: Just do it.

Soul Sculptor: 'Tis but a silly card, and one that really hurts some decks. Very, very badly.

Arena of the Ancients: Opponents relying on legendary creatures? Well fear not, because this turns them all off!

Most of these cards are sub-$2, but they may be somewhat hard to find. Keep an eye out, and your deck will quickly become terrifying.

Also, maybe 5-6 more lands?

Metroid_Hybrid on Mono-B(udget) Midrange

2 weeks ago

Here's what goes through my mind when considering Erebos's Titan in your list.. 1) It's first ability is extremely conditional, and therefore unreliable. (Not to mention opposing Dismembers are a thing).. 2) You have no way to trigger it's second ability at all..

So while Lashwrithe doesn't add Devotion, it does stick around and grow bigger & bigger.. A Godsend(lol) when you're in "top deck mode", and you draw a small creature; even better when it's a Deathtouch/Lifelink..

You actually make a good observation about Flaying Tendrils.. In that case you should keep the pair in your sideboard.. (Myself, I ran a mainboard Mutilate and a Damnation in the side).. However Protection doesn't apply to most Boardwipes in general, because they don't Block, Target, Damage, or Enchant.. (example: A Mirran Crusader can be taken out by a Drown in Sorrow)..

Faerie Macabre confused me at first too.. You see, this card can technically go into any deck, (I actually run this in Modern & Legacy colorless Eldrazi) because you never actually Cast it! It just chills in your hand until a Snapcaster Mage comes down & targets a spell, or they try to turn-1 reanimate a Griselbrand, or something else scary out of their Graveyard (even yours!).. You then say: "While that is on the Stack, I'll respond with discarding Faerie Macabre to exile X & Y.." Super sneaky & cutthroat as hell, but I will concede that it is strictly worse against Living End. But such is life, and why you want to build a varied sideboard..

Here's a link to my old list: Devoted to Obliteration.. (Note: I haven't updated the Primer in forever)..

IlGuale on Mono-B(udget) Midrange

2 weeks ago

First thing: thank you, really, that wall of text is what i was looking for in this weeks of deckcicling.Talking about the deck, is Lashwrithe strictly better than more Erebos's Titan in my deck? It doesn't count for devotion (am i wong?) And i can't abuse it as an equip without Obliterator's trample. Well, i still have my vampires after all... I suppose that, in the end, you're right about Flaying Tendrils, but I still like it for some reasons: it removes what it kills (so no more Kitchen Finks, Voice of Resurgence, Relentless Dead, ecc); it does not kill the majority of my creatures; it has devoid, so it is not affected by Protection from Black (it's not so much, but it is still something).

Coming to the side, i was thinking too to Pithing Needle, Ratchet Bomb and Go for the Throat (maybe Geth's Verdict if Boggle gains popularity), but i am perplexed about Faerie Macabre and how can it be better than Nihil Spellbomb which make me remove the entire graveyard and draw a card for one mana less. Is it because of the body, meaning that it can attack and provide devotion?

Metroid_Hybrid on Mono-B(udget) Midrange

2 weeks ago

Because because of the color-greediness of the spells this deck runs, and the fact you're not running any 6+CMC or X-cost spells, means that Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx really doesn't have a place here.. I'd just replace it with another Swamp..

Flaying Tendrils isn't going to hit enough in the format, except a lot of your dudes.. Mutilate, although costing -more, is strictly better as it scales in power with the game..

Necrogen Mists.. I've never played with it, but to just randomly use it as a "budget LotV" just seems bad.. You're not building specifically around this kind of effect, so I would cut them for a 4th copy of Gifted Aetherborn and something else.. Have you ever considered Wrench Mind?

A general rule of thumb in Magic: anything that gives your opponent choices is bad; therefore Desecration Demon is a lot worse than it looks at first..

Also Erebos's Titan seems cute, but I think you should really take another look at Lashwrithe. Not only is it a body that scales with the game, but it hangs around and turns your creatures into huge game-enders for "free"! I would run AT LEAST 2x, if not more..

Finally for your consideration are the other two main Delve creatures: Gurmag Angler and Tombstalker.. The former actually has a home in Legacy Grixis Delver lists, however I recommend the Demon due to this being Mono-Black..

For your sideboard: As a Mono-Black deck, your options are limited.. That being said, you need 3-4x Pithing Needles and 3-4x Ratchet Bombs for things that tends to have a hard time with.. Faerie Macabre also makes for some effective budget-friendly graveyard-hate that catches people off guard, and is effectively un-counterable (the sole exception in the format being Disallow)..

You may also want to keep some alternative options for Victim of Night, just in case you DO happen to face a Zombie or Vampire deck.. Hero's Downfall is a thing sometimes...

Sorry for the big wall of text & suggestions.. Mono-Black Midrange/Devotion has a special place in my heart, as it is the deck that I really used to learn the Modern format & MtG in general.. I love my Obliterators though..

Fluecki on 5c living end

2 weeks ago

Would swich out Glassdust Hulk for something else, like Faerie Macabre. You are never going to cast one after Living Ending and even if multiples hit the battleground at the same time, they will not be able to attack that turn.

Metroid_Hybrid on Best modern Grave Hate

2 weeks ago

I'm a fan of Faerie Macabre..

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