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Ok, first things first... save your Chaos Warp entirely for problematic enchantments, those things will wreck your day (I'm looking at you Solemnity and Rest in Peace ).

The deck is set up as both an aggro deck and to abuse ETB/Death triggers and is VERY aggressive with life as a resource. 19 lands and several creatures, artifacts, and enchantments cause you to lose life and you can always smack yourself with Flayer of the Hatebound , Goblin Bombardment , etc. (It's the right answer sometimes lol). Spellskite can redirect the same spell or ability on the stack as many times as needed to lower your life also.

I've never once comboed to win even though there are 2 (main) lethal infinites in the deck. I instead rely on tons of synergy and attacking my opponents resources for more of a war of attrition approach.


Ashnod's Altar + Flayer of the Hatebound + Sage of Fables for infinite damage and card draw.

1: Sac Flayer to Altar for , Flayer immediately comes back with a +1+1 counter and hits anything for 5.

2: Use the floating with Sage to remove Flayer's +1+1 counter and draw a card.

3: Rinse and repeat until all opponents are certifiably dead!

Plugging Mikaeus, the Unhallowed into this combo allows you to replace Flayer of the Hatebound with any creature that IS A NON-HUMAN THAT ISN'T A WIZARD.


Mikaeus, the Unhallowed + Glen Elendra Archmage + Goblin Bombardment for infinite damage (or replace Goblin Bombardment with Judith, the Scourge Diva and any other free sac outlet).

+1+1 and -1-1 counters cancel each other out... just keep sacing Glen Elendra (which comes back as a 2/2 w/o any counters) until the win is yours!

NOTE This can also accrue infinite mana if the sac outlet is Ashnod's/Phyrexian Altar.

Feedback, upvotes, and ideas are appreciated, thanks in advance. Please feel free to check out my other lists.

Animar, Gaea's Hemorrhoid

Narset, American Beauty

Edgar's Dega Vampires

Muldrotha's Madhouse - No Infinite


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