Deck Stats

Sample Opening Draw:

  1. Swamp | Alternative is any or producing land

  2. Chrome Mox | Any or card to Imprint

  3. Lotus Petal | or

  4. Thassa's Oracle | Win enabler

  5. Demonic Consultation | Exile Library

There are too many other alternative opening draw combinations to list them all.

Alternative cards that can enable a Turn 1 Win:

Dark Ritual |

Gemstone Caverns | or

Mana Crypt + Sol Ring + Talisman of Dominance | or

Mana Crypt + Sol Ring + Arcane Signet | or

Mana Crypt + Mana Vault + Arcane Signet + Talisman of Dominance | or or

Mox Opal | or

Cards: Thassa's Oracle + Demonic Consultation


Demonic Consultation alternates: Tainted Pact

  1. Cast Thassa's Oracle
  2. Resolve Thassa's Oracle and triggered ability is on the stack
  3. Cast Demonic Consultation
  4. Resolve Demonic Consultation exiling your library
  5. Resolve Thassa's Oracle tiggered ability and win


Cards: Doomsday + Street Wraith


Street Wraith alternates: Gitaxian Probe, Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow, Brainstorm, Ponder, Preordain, Gush

  1. Cast Doomsday
  2. Resolve Doomsday creating a stack Gush, Lotus Petal, Thassa's Oracle, Pact of Negation, Nexus of Fate
  3. Cycle Street Wraith to draw Gush
  4. Cast Gush returning 2 Island to hand
  5. Resolve Gush to draw Lotus Petal and Thassa's Oracle
  6. Cast Lotus Petal
  7. Resolve Lotus Petal
  8. Activate Lotus Petal and sacrifice for
  9. Cast Thassa's Oracle (One from Lotus Petal)
  10. Resolve Thassa's Oracle and triggered ability is on the stack
  11. Resolve Thassa's Oracle triggred ability to win


Mana Vault | Combo and ramp enabler

24/03/2022 | Avg. Turn 4.95 | Combo 100% | Synergy 0% | Damage 0% | T3 Land 85%

Maybeboard Evaluation

Cruel Tutor | High CMC

Darkslick Shores | Enters Tapped

Doomsday | Low execution rate, about 1/20 games attempted

Grim Tutor | High CMC

Praetor's Grasp | High CMC

Online/Paper Differences


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