Prosperous Thief

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Pre-release Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Standard Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Prosperous Thief

Creature — Human Ninja

azja on Yuriko (Optimized) Primer

11 months ago

@Agieryna Apologies for taking so long to reply! I play edh less frequently these days, so I didn't have enough reps with my new Yuriko list to get back to you until now.

Starting with the ninjas, I've been very impressed by Moon-Circuit Hacker and Prosperous Thief; They have powerful combat damage triggers and cheap ninjutsu costs. I've also been liking Inkrise Infiltrator and Thousand-Faced Shadow which are easy to hard cast and evasive. I ended up cutting Dokuchi Silencer because I often didn't have a creature I wanted to discard, and if there is a problematic creature on board I'd rather just use a removal spell. I also found Nashi, Moon Sage's Scion pretty underwhelming, but I think it's reasonable to include if you play it with the Enter the Infinite/Thassa's Oracle combo.

I've also been pleased with Memnite and Phyrexian Walker. I didn't play them before because they don't have any evasion, but the tempo advantage they provide is so much higher than a 1-mana enabler that they're worth including. Network Disruptor has been amazing: A 1/1 flyer that also taps down a blocker is really powerful.

As for the evasion package, Cover of Darkness is much stronger than it used to be due to the higher number of playable ninjas, same goes for Wonder. And like you mentioned, Entomb is strictly for grabbing Wonder. I haven't run into the situation where I don't have a target for Entomb yet, but that's something you sign up for when you play a tutor that has only one good target.

I think that covers most of the new changes, let me know if you have any other questions/comments!

Epicurus on Always Loot the Bodies

1 year ago

dfbenj Thanks for the comments!

First off, you're spot on with Dauthi Voidwalker; Reanimation is the major theme of the deck, and exiling kills that plan. There's a similar issue with Mari, though that one could be interesting. Most of the fodder for reanimation is gained through mill, so it wouldn't necessarily be counterproductive the same way that the Voidwalker is. Worth playtesting.

I definitely want to make room for Prosperous Thief, and will be looking into something to cut for that. However, Grim Hireling is really just one mana too many for me to feel comfortable about considering it to be ramp. To reference an analogy, I had a brief love affair with Smothering Tithe, because yay white ramp. But after running it in basically every deck I made with white I noticed that by the time I started to benefit from it I really didn't need the mana. So a lot of the time it was a dead draw. I could forsee the same issue with the Hireling.

As for the staples you mentioned, in this particular deck Drown in the Loch is a better card to have than Counterspell for many reasons, and while the other counters I have in here cost more they also feed the theme. If there was room for another counter, the OG would be the top choice. For that matter, if milling was a major wincon (which it is not), I would include Arcane Denial.

Finally, I abhor Cyclonic Rift. I refuse to use it, ever. If I was building cEDH, it would be an automatic include. But, then again, so would be a lot of things. Rogue tribal is not competitive enough to do stuff like that.


dfbenj on Always Loot the Bodies

1 year ago

Really fun decklist and deck name, haha! I was curious what you've thought about these Rogue rampy cards - Grim Hireling and Prosperous Thief and Mari, the Killing Quill? I'm also generally a fan of Dauthi Voidwalker, but could see the exile causing bad synergy with reanimation

Spirits on Yuriko, Shadow of Fate EDH

1 year ago

Hey Virlym,

Thanks for all the great information, very much appreciated.

I've removed River of Tears and replaced with Tarnished Citadel. I prefer not to rely on an Island or Swamp for something like Drowned Catacomb (Not a T1 land) or Choked Estuary. Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth is out, likely helps opponents more than me anyway. Can't decide if Ancient Tomb any good here or if it's better than Tarnished Citadel, I think the T1 is more important than .

Wingcrafter T1, and then Commander Ninjitsu doesn't give it flying? T3 it's paired with Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow. It's unlikely it won't have a target to attack T2 though without flying, not 100% but pretty likely.

Tormented Soul totally makes sense with the number of cards that need to pitch blue cards, and with how many CMC1 unblockables there are.

Prosperous Thief feels ok with the treasure, but only creating one is borderline. Am I missing any other key ninjas? There are a couple with ninjitsu with CMC1 which isn't bad for the draw, but their own abilities not that exciting?

Scheming Symmetry in Fallen Shinobi as you suggested or even a Opposition Agent or Nashi, Moon Sage's Scion will deliver maximum value for after Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow punches for 12 damage.

I think Thassa's Oracle will be the main win-con, and Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow damage with control/turns will be the alt. Avoid diluting any more cards. If Thassa's Oracle is exiled, likely games over before could get to a second anyway, Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow is always there and can be taken advantage of.

Should Moon-Circuit Hacker be in here too for another drawing ninja? Or just try and tutor the best ninjas and try an win?

Kaito Shizuki feels wrong tempo / timing for the deck to me. I'll let others test him lol.

Scry 3 seems good, adding the Augury Owl to my maybeboard.

I'm thinking this is v1 for testing? Any glaring misses I should fill before spending a million bucks ehre lol.

multimedia on Satoru and the ninja deep sea creatures

1 year ago

Hey, interesting concept, combining Ninjas with sea monsters. Well done if this is your first attempt at deck building, you have good card sense.

Some cards here that are not as good as the others that could be upgraded, even on a budget: Prismatic Lens, Doom Blade, Nemesis of Reason, Ambition's Cost, Commander's Sphere, Rogue Class, Tromokratis, Blade of the Oni.

  • 1x more Island --> Tromokratis
  • 1x more Island --> Nemesis of Reason
  • 1x more Swamp --> Doom Blade

30 lands is low when you want to get to at least four mana to ninjutsu with Satoru. Consider cutting a couple of the high CMC sea monsters that are not as good as the others, Tromokratis and Nemesis of Reason, to add a few more lands? Could just add more of each basic land or there's many other options that are more expensive price: Watery Grave, Morphic Pool, Drowned Catacomb, Shipwreck Marsh, etc. Some budget options are: Ice Tunnel (another land Marsh Flats can get), Temple of Deceit, Esper Panorama.

Prismatic Lens and Commander's Sphere could be upgraded to mana rocks that can combo with Hullbreaker Horror to make infinite mana. Astral Cornucopia and Everflowing Chalice combo with Sol Ring by repeatedly bounce/cast them with Hullbreaker to make infinite mana. Sol pays for itself plus 1 extra colorless mana each time you tap it before it's bounced by Hullbreaker. Astral is better because once you make infinite colorless then you can pay that colorless to cast Astral to make infinite blue or black mana. When you have infinite colorless then Arcane Signet or Dimir Signet can also be used to make infinite blue/black mana.

If you can create a copy of Hullbreaker from Thousand-Faced Shadow then this combo can bounce all your opponent's nonland permanents and keep doing this on each of your main phases.

Ingenious Infiltrator is a good Ninja for repeatable draw. Baleful Strix is a nice creature to enable ninjustu. Prosperous Thief is a Ninja for repeatable ramp who also triggers from a Rogue and there's many unblockable Rogues here.

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Umezawa of the Swamp

1 year ago

Hey, if you're looking for other potential cuts then look at the amount of removal you're playing. I count 19 removal sources including counterspells. That's a lot of removal and some of it could be cut for more draw and ramp.

Having a more balanced ratio of draw sources to ramp sources to removal can help gameplay. 10+-10-10 (draw-ramp-removal) is a good start. Overall more draw than the rest, with ramp sources potentially being less since on a budget there's not a lot of good ramp options in Dimir. More draw can replace some ramp since it can help to find lands. I don't consider Ecologist's Terrarium and Armillary Sphere ramp since these effects put basic land(s) into your hand not onto the battlefield. This effect is more draw than ramp and both of these could be cut for ramp, Terrarium is better card than Sphere.

The current ratio here of these three areas is 11-4-19 (draw-ramp-removal). Other than Nezahal, Primal Tide and bouncing Baleful Strix with ninjustu most of the rest of the draw is coming from one-time effects. One-time effects are fine, but repeatable effects are better. Number of ramp sources here is low. Prosperous Thief is in NEO set and it's good ramp for Ninjas since it also counts Rogues and many Rogues here are unblockable. It's two mana ninjutsu can be helpful for a potential turn two play after getting creature turn one.

Twisted Embrace, Essence Capture and Clawing Torment are some removal here that are worse than the rest. If you're getting Kaito Shizuki that's great, Twisted Embrace could be cut for him. Negate could replace another removal spell if you want to play it, it's better than Essence Capture, but If not I don't think you need it.

Limo on Anowon, the Ruin Guy

1 year ago

Thoughts on the new Prosperous Thief? I think I love what it can do for dimir in the early game.

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