Ninja of the Deep Hours

Ninja of the Deep Hours

Creature — Human Ninja

Ninjutsu (, Return an unblocked attacker you control to its owner's hand: Put this card onto the battlefield from your hand tapped and attacking.)

Whenever this deals combat damage to a player, you may draw a card.

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Ninja of the Deep Hours Discussion

taylorfisdboss on U.S.S. Deathstar: NCC-1701-FU (Paunza)

4 weeks ago

oops! @Gattison came back to mention I found another Psychic Venom effect and realized I totally missed your bigger message on the 9th. The place holders make sense and the Ninja of the Deep Hours Balustrade Spy combo honestly sounds legit! also makes sense to run preordains or some other cantrip action to filter for important pieces. Ninja also combos with Jace's Phantasm's for some early draw to find key pieces so I like that addition even more!

The card I was going to mention was Erosion. seeing the color break down for the deck makes me less hopeful for it, as is a tough casting cost in multicolored pauper decks : /

I'm not sure how well it would play either, but a critical mass of "ouch my lands hurt" cards and land destruction seems to be one way to build this deck and that card works for both! My excitement to make suggestions aside it is more mana, more color requirement, and less damage if they don't sac it.... so.... and we can't stack it on lands with other damage effects without making them more likely to sac it.... which might be bad? Either way I saw the card and thought of you XD <3

Gattison on U.S.S. Deathstar: NCC-1701-FU (Paunza)

1 month ago

taylorfisdboss: Had some time to fiddle with this deck some more, and this is where I'm at currently. I could only find 1x Contaminated Ground, 1x Destroy the Evidence and 3x Psychic Venom in my collection. So I'm using 4x Singing Bell Strike and 3x Ninja of the Deep Hours as placeholders. I like the ninja's ability to let me re-use Balustrade Spy, so he may stay.

(My LGS isn't good for pauper singles, so next time I buy cards online... I'ma spend like 80 bucks on 10 cent singles. At least I'll get my money's worth lol)

Beyond that, Duress and Dark Ritual didn't work out as well as I thought in "playtesting", I felt like I needed to be more of a dick and have some legit removal, so Vapor Snag is back. Preordain is back because this is turning out to rely heavily on a few key cards, which makes it combo in my mind, which in turn means I either need to find redundancies to use as backups, or add draw power to find my pieces on time. Since there are no redundancies for Balustrade Spy and Destroy the Evidence in pauper, I went with draw. It's not enough though, so I'm back to brainstorming. Not using Brainstorm the card, just you know, using my brain.

My bad for the wait for a response. Also, I assume you're last sentence that got cut off was something along the lines of "love what you've done with the place." To which I say, thanks!

privatepook on Ninjas to Beat You Black and Blue - Modern

2 months ago

Thanks, Grubbernaut! I especially appreciate you letting me know about Ninja of the Deep Hours . I am considering adding that, and possibly Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow , as I can then maybe build this up to a Commander deck in the future? You got my brain going...

Grubbernaut on Ninjas to Beat You Black and Blue - Modern

2 months ago

Wall of Frost , Eternal Thirst , Underworld Dreams , and Tragic Fall all seem out of place; they don't really add to your gameplan (and Fall will almost never be turned on).

I would add 4x Ninja of the Deep Hours and some removal like Fatal Push .


timtasticc on This Island Earth

2 months ago

Love that you took mono blue and made it a fun interesting deck to play. I think an easy power upgrade to this deck would be Ninja of the Deep Hours as it’ll give you good card draw and in a pinch you could unsummon it to use it’s ability again. I think a good sideboard option would be Echoing Truth . I can’t imagine this deck would be able to outpace the top tiers like squirrels or elves, so having a good cleanup option would do wonders in the matchup. And I think Silvergill Douser is a better card in this deck than Fleeting Distraction it comes on a body and won’t give you a card, but I think it’ll completely shut down large body’s and will be more effective than simply giving it -1/-0. Love the concept of this deck and now I want to make mountain walk dwarves

Grubbernaut on U/B Faerie Tempo Control

3 months ago

These are all generally good cards, but the splits are going to make having the cards you want at any given time more difficult; I'd suggest focusing in on which cards you find most useful and trimming the others.

For example: I'd definitely go up to 4x Spellstutter Sprite , and cut The Elderspell for something else like Bloodchief's Thirst or Eliminate . The 1-of Cryptic and Grief probably aren't doing much, either; since T1 is important, and this isn't a deck that necessarily wants to go down on cards, I'd swap in another 1-CMC discard spell over Grief .

I'd also strongly recommend Ninja of the Deep Hours over Fallen Shinobi . The ninjitsu cost of Shinobi is prohibitively high for modern, in general.

I'd also swap Clique for a second Borrower; you can still bounce a Bitterblossom , if needed, but Borrower is a more generally useful card at 2/3CMC.

I also find Riptide Laboratory to be too narrow and slow for a land that only produces colorless; especially if you go to 4x sprite, at least Mutavault pads your faerie count.


lagotripha on Blue/black modern budget that isn't …

1 year ago

On a 50-70 budget, I reccomend focussing spending on lands. Your spell selection will be good so working around that with a card advantage tribe like ninjas is a solid plan.

River of Tears is cheap and modern legal, and it lets you t1 duress, t2 mana leak, or t1 Changeling Outcast, t2 Ingenious Infiltrator/Ninja of the Deep Hours/Walker of Secret Ways.

U/B has Sunken Ruins which fixes a lot of problems with budget manabases. It can have trouble in a deck with checklands, but still works good when you upgrade, which checklands don't- grab checks and painlands if you are gonna stay budget, or filters and shocks if you are gonna look to upgrade eventually.

Card advantage from ninjas also helps smooth out draws, while 1-1 trading with counterspells/hand pruning gets value and limits threats. Exactly how you balance those things is a meta call- just make sure you have answers for those turns 1-2 creatures and you'll do great - even if its just Unsummon.

Mimiru_ on Unblockable Ninja (feedback welcome)

1 year ago


Your deck looks interesting ! I will try a ninja deck soon so I'll probably take some ideas from your list.

You should consider Ninja of the Deep Hours the buddy of Ingenious Infiltrator. Also maybe as sideboard card Murderous Rider to deal with planeswalker instead of Murder.

Also since I have too cards from modern horizons I will give a try with Cunning Evasion.

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