Ingenious Infiltrator

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Ingenious Infiltrator

Creature — Vedalken Ninja

Ninjutsu (, Return an unblocked attacker you control to its owner's hand: Put this card onto the battlefield from your hand tapped and attacking.)

Whenever a Ninja you control deals combat damage to a player, draw a card.

multimedia on Satoru and the ninja deep sea creatures

3 months ago

Hey, interesting concept, combining Ninjas with sea monsters. Well done if this is your first attempt at deck building, you have good card sense.

Some cards here that are not as good as the others that could be upgraded, even on a budget: Prismatic Lens, Doom Blade, Nemesis of Reason, Ambition's Cost, Commander's Sphere, Rogue Class, Tromokratis, Blade of the Oni.

  • 1x more Island --> Tromokratis
  • 1x more Island --> Nemesis of Reason
  • 1x more Swamp --> Doom Blade

30 lands is low when you want to get to at least four mana to ninjutsu with Satoru. Consider cutting a couple of the high CMC sea monsters that are not as good as the others, Tromokratis and Nemesis of Reason, to add a few more lands? Could just add more of each basic land or there's many other options that are more expensive price: Watery Grave, Morphic Pool, Drowned Catacomb, Shipwreck Marsh, etc. Some budget options are: Ice Tunnel (another land Marsh Flats can get), Temple of Deceit, Esper Panorama.

Prismatic Lens and Commander's Sphere could be upgraded to mana rocks that can combo with Hullbreaker Horror to make infinite mana. Astral Cornucopia and Everflowing Chalice combo with Sol Ring by repeatedly bounce/cast them with Hullbreaker to make infinite mana. Sol pays for itself plus 1 extra colorless mana each time you tap it before it's bounced by Hullbreaker. Astral is better because once you make infinite colorless then you can pay that colorless to cast Astral to make infinite blue or black mana. When you have infinite colorless then Arcane Signet or Dimir Signet can also be used to make infinite blue/black mana.

If you can create a copy of Hullbreaker from Thousand-Faced Shadow then this combo can bounce all your opponent's nonland permanents and keep doing this on each of your main phases.

Ingenious Infiltrator is a good Ninja for repeatable draw. Baleful Strix is a nice creature to enable ninjustu. Prosperous Thief is a Ninja for repeatable ramp who also triggers from a Rogue and there's many unblockable Rogues here.

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Umezawa of the Swamp

4 months ago

Hey, you're welcome. Nice changes, you've added a lot of cards not from the NEO set. That's the right approach if you have access to other cards since while the NEO set has many good cards it's a drop in the ocean compared to all the budget cards you could be playing in the history of Magic. You've upgraded to a robust/fun package of big creatures to ninjutsu with Satoru. Much better ratio of evasion creatures to Ninjas to big creatures :)

  • Sol Ring --> Slinn Voda, the Rising Deep

Sol is a budget mana rock that's the most played card in Commander and for good reason it's excellent ramp for only one mana. Unless it's banned in your playgroup all Commander decks you build could use Sol.

Slinn Voda, the Rising Deep doesn't work with ninjutsu since you can't pay kicker when you ninjutsu because you're not casting Slinn. The effect of ninjutsu is not casting the creature from your hand it's simply putting it onto the battlefield. This is the reason that a creature that's ninjutsu can't be countered by a Counterspell. The reason you're playing Slinn is to get it's kicker effect, but it will take 10 mana to do so which isn't worth it.

An area to think about improving are repeatable draw sources. When you control Satoru and ninjutsu it's pseudo draw, but you're counting a little too much on ninjutsu to draw. Nezahal, Primal Tide is an excellent upgrade you've made for a big creature especially in multiplayer Commander.

The first place to look for more repeatable draw is from Ninjas. Infiltrator is one of the best Ninjas because each Ninja who does combat damage to a player you draw a card. Hours is one of the original Ninjas and it's still just as good today. Only two mana ninjutsu for these Ninjas is another reason they're good.

Grazilaxx, Illithid Scholar has two effects that are good with Ninjas. First effect is repeatable draw, but only one card no matter the number of creatures who do combat damage to a player. Second effect is excellent with ninjutsu because it can return creatures you control to your hand and it can give you more ninjutsu to trigger Satoru. If any creature you control is blocked in combat then you can choose to return it to your hand to then ninjutsu it again right away if you want to. Most Ninjas don't have evasion therefore after ninjutsu they may not be able to safely attack for fear of being blocked. This second effect takes away that fear because if the Ninja is blocked then return it to your hand which saves that Ninja in combat letting it ninjutsu again.

lagotripha on Exhausting Mistbinds (Faerie Stax)

5 months ago

Most modern faries lists I've seen in the past have been looking to exploit Spellstutter Sprite, vedillion and borrower with Ingenious Infiltrator/Ninja of the Deep Hours (or before mh, Familiar's Ruse), with snappy to reuse good black/blue stuff.

It used to be really solid, but its fallen out of favour. Currently listed as tier 3, and from a quick dig into the metagame lists its having trouble. Lots of people trying things to make it work, no consensus on what it takes to do that. Most all use brazen, bitterblossom, snappy and stutter. I think people are leaning on Faerie Seer instead of miscreant where they want 1 drops, but most are just stutter, borrower, vendillion and lots of spells.

What I saw was some mix of cryptic/counterspell package, thoughtsieze/inquisition - the usual suspects in blue/black alongside tribal stuff, adjusted for whatever curve they feel fights the metagame. Some are leaning hard on ninjas as card advantage to keep up the barrage of spells.

I also saw a couple tempo lists using Scion of Oona alongside Curiosity/obsession, and a wild list using Elder Deep-Fiend to have eight mistbinds - its a throw at the wall and see what sticks situation right now.

Best of luck with the build - test lots and have fun with it.

Optimator on Yoriko and Some Tricky Ninjas

6 months ago

Fallen Shinobi might be worth a slot. Most of the MH1 ninjas are worth a look. Ingenious Infiltrator - Throatseeker - Phantom Ninja - Moonblade Shinobi - Mist-Syndicate Naga

Dream Cache and Brainstorm are some of the only ways in the whole game to put cards in hand on top of your library. Worth noting at the very least.

Durahan-Brewer on Dimir Ninja-Fae (Modern)

8 months ago

wallisface Thank you for such an in-depth comment! Sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner Dauthi Voidwalker is very complimentary for the deck, there are some parts of the card that aren't as well however. BB hard recast and after a Ingenious Infiltrator requires BBB. I am practically also always losing DMG when I nin off Dauthi Voidwalker. Multiple copies aren't particularly strong unless already good against the deck, it's graveyard utility paired with unlockable 3 ticks (and if needed nin target) still make it a great card, just not one I'm seeking to have more than 1 in hand of.

I have since taken Dismember out! Bloodline Culling would be what I'd run instead also testing some copies of Bloodchief's Thirst unfortunate its sorc but deals with over Fatal Push ceiling + Planeswalkers.

Bitterblossom is a card I seem to always be off and on considering. I can see the merit, because it brings a lot to the table. The things that stop me are the mainly 1). Life drain, since no life gain and can be out-raced. 2). If I T2 Bitterblossom I dont actually get a ninjustu off it until T4 which seems kinda big.

The land count has been something that has been working perfect for me, sometimes I flood even.

Teferi, Time Raveler and Prismatic Ending could be something worth looking into Spellskite Actually has a lot of applications, like blowing out Boggles or any equip deck (Hammertime). Its a decent side into Stoneforge Mystic decks too since you can take their equipment at certain times, or even prowess its decent into as well. Love that card, isnt defender so can nin off it too if theres an opening

multimedia on Processing Throat Pain with Yuriko

10 months ago

Hey, you're welcome.

The first cuts to consider are Temple of the Dragon Queen and 3 other lands since 40 lands is too much. In place of some lands add some lower CMC scry/draw such as Brainstorm, Augury Owl, Preordain, Telling Time. The idea is these cards can replace lands because they're one or two mana, easy to cast, that can help to find lands if you need a land, find/draw other cards or most important help to setup the top card of your library for Yuriko. The scry 3 of Augury Owl is nice since it's a flying creature to return to your hand to cast again.

The more lower CMC creatures who have evasion or can give itself or another creature evasion you add the better the creature base will be for Yuriko. There's a large amount of budget creatures to choose from therefore there's really no reason to play many nonNinja creatures who don't have evasion.

Some other cards to consider cutting:

A more complex budget interaction is Cunning Evasion or Grazilaxx, Illithid Scholar with Yuriko and other Ninjutsu. You keep bouncing Ninjas who are blocked and then Ninjutsu them while still in combat. This is helpful with Yuriko and other Ninjas because they will not always have evasion. Any Ninja who has a trigger when it does combat damage to a player such as Ingenious Infiltrator benefits from being able to be blocked then bounced and then Ninjutsu while still in combat, before combat damage step.

Some other cards to consider adding later on that are a little more expensive price, but still budget:

  • Arcane Adaptation: this makes all creatures you control a Ninja as well as a Rogue. This is a powerful effect because then each creature who does combat damage to an opponent triggers Yuriko.
  • Varragoth, Bloodsky Sire: it's a Rogue who's boast ability can tutor for any card and put that card on top of your library. You can activate boast at any time after Varragoth is declared as an attacker thus you can set up the top card of your library in combat before Varragoth dies if that is what is going to happen and before you do combat damage to a player.
  • Fallen Shinobi: Ninja with a potentially busted trigger when you do combat damage to an opponent, but the power of it depends on what cards you exile from the top of your opponent's library.

multimedia on Processing Throat Pain with Yuriko

10 months ago

Hey, well done so far on a budget for your first Commander deck.

Command Tower, Sol Ring, Arcane Signet are some budget staples to consider adding. Some budget Rogues to consider adding:

Budget cards that have high CMC, but can be cast for much less mana then their CMC are good with Yuriko. They can do lots of damage by revealing them with Yuriko and then cast them later on for less mana.

Dig and Cruise have Delve which lets you exile cards from your graveyard to reduce the colorless mana of the casting cost. Discovery/ Dispersal is a Split card and the CMC of it is the combined cost of both sides. It has a CMC of 7 and you can choose to cast either side, but only one side. The other two cards have Aftermath and just like Split cards the CMC is the combined cost of both sides. Commit / Memory has a CMC of 10. You first cast Commit, then if you want to can cast Memory from your graveyard, but then exile the card.

More budget cards that can let you manipulate the top card of your library give more control over what card you can reveal with Yuriko.

Brainstorm is powerful for one mana instant because if you have a high CMC card in your hand you can draw three cards and then put that card on top of your library before you attack.

Walk the Aeons and Notorious Throng are budget extra turn spells to have another turn to attack again. Throng works with Rogues when any Rogue does damage to a player you can cast Throng for it's Prowl cost to create Faerie Rogues and take an extra turn.

If interested in any of these suggestions I offer more advice including cuts to consider. Good luck with your deck.

Durahan-Brewer on Dimir Ninja-Fae (Modern)

10 months ago


I appreciate your suggestions & input, thanks! I've been teetering on swapping Mana Leak w/ Counterspell for awhile, but due to lack of tron players here I hadn't made the change yet. I am committing to swap, thanks! Familiar's Ruse I've ran before and it is nice, but often is also not optimal either particularly early.

I.e turn 2 negate/or against removal heavy decks. Plus Ingenious Infiltrator on board if being stonewalled, still good since Changeling Outcast can net me draws w/o committing any mana.

Dauthi Voidwalker I have ran before and have mixed feelings since almost never want to actually nin off of him (losing dmg most of time + turning off exile and hard BB recast) The card has good utility against certain decks and is nice w/ Brazen Borrower as 3 ticks to speed up clock.

Drown in the Loch I can't run w/ Dauthi, and is also not a card I want to see early game unfortunately (where this deck needs to be establishing something being more Mid-range) maybe if I ran Thoughtseize

I am thinking Counterspell is here to stay as you said Blue leaning. Testing Dauthi Voidwalker again since grave hate is good in current meta, if Dauthi was a ninja would be too clean. Excited for what return to Kamigawa (Neo?) will bring !

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