This deck's goal is to assemble infinite mana and use Kenrith to win. More descriptive, full primer coming soon.

This is a paper list

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A keepable hand in this deck revolves around which strategy you will go for.

First and foremost, never keep a hand with no land OR that is missing two of the three keys: 1. Two to three sources of mana 2. Interaction/Utility 3. Strategy building pieces

A hand with lands and ramp can secure an early commander play. Kenrith can become a heavy hitter on turn two or three. If you get him out early , you can buff and swing him in to a lot of things with trample and haste and +1/+1 counters. If this is the strategy you go for, keep a hand that allows you to cast Kenrith on turn 1 or turn 2 (Not that difficult to pull off). I would stay away from hands that have 5 or more lands as there wouldn't be much to do between rounds and would not help you forward a lead. Training Grounds is a great piece in this situation and I recommend tutoring for this if you end up going for this strategy. People will want to get rid of Kenrith when he is a problem, so I also recommend tutoring for Diplomatic Immunity , however, do note that once attached to Kenrith, you can no longer put +1/+1 counters on him, as he cannot be targeted.

There is a hulk line in this deck, which is the main strategy of the deck. With multiple tutors and card advantage, finding Flash and Hulk shouldn't be a problem. Keepable hands for this strategy have at least one tutor of some sort, a land that can produce WUBRG, and a counterspell. The rest of the hand can be anything else practically. You will likely draw in to more counters, tutors, or card advantage. The Hulk line is able to be done on turn 1. You get Vigean Graftmage , Incubation Druid , and Torch Courier . They all enter, Vigean gives a +1/+1 counter to Incubation Druid and then you sacrifice Torch Courier for haste. It's important that you have a land that taps for WUBRG because you can only make infinite mana that a land you control can produce. You can do it with U/W as well though.

With this deck being built specifically to my meta, if you plan to make a variation of this deck to play in your meta, there are some things you should know. Firstly, this deck is mostly and used to be a Tasigur, the Golden Fang control deck. It's far from that anymore, however there are still a lot of control aspects there. I brewed this deck to be a midrange/fast combo/control deck aimed more towards the fast combo. The reason is goes in so many directions is due to the versatility of Kenrith. Secondly, this deck is not 100% optimized due to it being a paper list and restricted to my budget, so there are a few lands and cards that the deck would need if you were building it fully optimized, such as, OG Dual Lands (i.e. Tropical Island , Mox Diamond , Imperial Seal , Timetwister , and perhaps a Yawgmoth's Will . Finally, this deck is meant for a competitive meta, so if you take this in to a casual game, your opponents might get a bit frustrated.

Thanks for reading the description! If you like the deck, make sure to upvote it!


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