A collaborative list of lands that are accepted in the cEDH meta. These lands enter untapped or have a contingency to enter untapped. They could also be lands that don't tap for mana but have strong abilities. This is a budgetless list of lands that the cEDH would use.

These are the lands that make up a good starting land base when making a cEDH deck

City of Brass

Command Tower

Exotic Orchard

Mana Confluence

Reflecting Pool

Ancient Tomb

TL:DR - Fetches first, then OG duals, then Shocks, then Pains, Checks, Tainted, Bonds.

Follow with every fetch land that your color restrictions allow, but be aware of your mana requirements. For example, if your deck is , you could run 9 out of the 10 Zendikar/Onslaught fetches, but if you're heavier on green spells, you could exclude the fetches that only get blue or only get black. These will be used to increase the land quality on your field due to them being able to grab a multitude of lands depending on the colors you need at the time, specific land subtype, etcetera.

If your budget allows it, or if you're using proxies, you're going to want to run all the OG Dual lands as they're the best resource cEDH has for fast, strong, and versatile lands. If not, the shocks are very widely accepted as a budget option. From there, using the OG duals and shocks, if you still need more lands, try using Horizons, Pains, Checks, Tainted, and Bonds. They are the next most widely accepted to be fast enough. Once you start picking from other slots, the potential to come in tapped go up.

Most of your deck will contain basics, however, you should still use Ancient Tomb as a fast source of mana and take a look in the utility and colorless tabs for a look at what you could potentially run

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